Vision Council, We the People and where will We go from here

regardless of which specific Rainbow Gathering any of us went to this year - when the Great Spirit in infinite wisdom decided to break us up into a group of mini-Gatherings so our prayers could be heard from many different locations and directions all at once...

there are some very simple facts

1- our location decisions are ALWAYS made at Vision Council on the Land during the annual July Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes

2- many years there were people who disagreed with the consensus reached by those who attended the Vision 

3- none of those disagreements mattered a damn, except that 2 years we had split Gatherings.  the Kentucky-Alabama split and this year.  and communication between the 2 camps that 1st split year resulted in a consensus that worked for everyone.  this year the Black hills Vision Council invited and was attended by representatives from some of the other July Gatherings.  other camps decided not to show Respect for Rainbow traditions and Council consensi over and over again from years past.  

4 - the Black Hills Gathering was chosen according to our time-honored traditions

5 - therefore the Vision Council that took place at the Black Hills is the ONLY Vision Council representing the Rainbow Family of Living Light

6 - the division that Rainbow might be experiencing now is, hopefully,only in the eyes of the folks who don't know, don't understand or those who have been trying to make Power Plays for years to take over and eradicate the natural flow of how WE Rainbows are led by the Great Spirit.  the vast majority of Gatherers will go where the Vision Council on the Land decided to have us go... including those who (like me) will find it very physically difficult to do so.

I love Texas and have nuclear family and extended family there. I love My Texan children, friends and siblings.  if I show up at the thanksgiving event there to gratefully break bread with my Family, I hope that nobody there tries to pretend to have any right to create a different Vision Council vision for the tens of thousands who cannot make it there.

If that happens I will do everything in my power, short of violence, to block it from even beginning...  there is no doubt whatsoever that the attempt by a few to change things on behalf of all of us is disruptive, divisive and manipulative... nor that the peaceful and harmonious Gathering in the Black Hills last month was the Great Spirit making certain that what was supposed to happen DID happen.

unlike Scottie, I don't have any irons in this fire (am I mixing metaphors here?) due to past hashes and rehashes with Mr Cheney or the rest of the folks claiming the right to decide for anybody other than themselves.  My only concern is in seeing what is right for We the People and the shame I am experiencing in reaction to the machinations of people I love who care more for their own egos than for the Family.

May the Circle be unbroken.

Wakan Tanka Kici Un

Ometakuye oyacin


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Comment by sour daddy on October 12, 2015 at 9:52am

peace to you brother

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