Top Ten Common Prejudices about Essay Writing

When it comes to writing, there are half-truths and truths about commandments that work and those who will ruin a good day of creative flow. And, while you may have spent years trying to get your hands on a Pulitzer, the truth is that writing is a journey that can be painstakingly difficult or even discouraging. You’ve got to buckle up real tight, ready and set for a different kind of rollercoaster ride. That is why dealing with essay writing prejudices is a tough battle, unless you learn how to cope.

Thus, a lot of questions often come to mind. For example, do you need review to edit and proofread your paper if English is not your first language? In this post, get ready to discover some of the most common prejudices in literary composition.  

1. The problem of religion

According to, religious prejudices have for a long time, taken a toll on essayists.  The prospect of getting published within some religious boundaries, for example, dwindles if you do not ascribe to a particular faith.  Things may have changed since 1998 when Naguib Mahfouz, a famous Egyptian novelist won the Nobel Peace Prize, but, they haven’t got any better.

2. Sexism

In her explosive publication, Scent of a Woman's Ink, Catherine Nichols added salt to injury to an existing wound-Sexism in writing. Twenty years ago, an expose by Francine Prose had confirmed that women are less likely to get published, a predisposition purporting that men write better. And, while there have been significant milestones into present age, some women authors have admitted to getting published after disguising themselves as men when submitting essay manuscripts.

3. Native speakers write best

You may not want to revisit the many times your essay was rejected because of misplaced prejudices in modern age such as native English writers do well in writing. But, that’s the reality many non-natives face when bidding for writing jobs. There are clients who only hire native writers, a specification they make known in job posts.

4. Only men write better on matters politics

For ages, women had been regarded as less informed on matters of politics. In spite of the 28th Amendment in American constitution following massive protests in Pennsylvania, DC on 26th August 1977, and its ripple effects in other countries like the United Kingdom and Canada, gender biases are still a manifest when deciding who becomes an Op-Ed in political columns.

5. The pen is no longer mightier than the paper

The advent of Desktop Publishing was certainly going to change things in essay writing, but, with it came prejudices. The truth is that while typing hastens the speed of content creation, the pen is still mightier than the paper. The more handwritten manuscripts dwindle, the more they become precious.

6. Good writers are born

If you do not write well for the first time or so in the next few assignments, a story that goes out there is that you aren’t born a writer. The truth is that some of the most celebrated essayists had to learn the basics of grammar and spelling before putting pen to paper.

7. Only University graduates people churn great essays

You wouldn’t want to know how many people have given up their promising writing careers because of someone prejudiced against their less education. Some of the world’s renowned authors never even stepped into college, and it only became a secondary necessity afterwards. If your instincts say you can write, give it a try, and it will turn into a celebration. You only need to have your way around with words, learn basic and intermediate grammar lessons to get started.

8. Without money, you cannot get published

Many would attest to countless times they have their manuscripts rejected because they cannot foot publishing bills.  But come to think about it. If a good copy gets to see the light of day, wouldn’t it be good enough to take care of everything? Money shouldn’t be the basis of getting your essay to the world. Skills should!

9. The client is always right

If you haven’t been harassed by an overbearing client, then you must have been born with a silver spoon. For someone who writes essays for third-party clients, prejudices that threaten to one’s spirit are sometimes the order of the day.

10. The problem of perfectionism

For a writer who has had to revise an essay tens time over and it still got rejected on flimsy grounds, perfectionism as prejudice towards essayist gets real. Coupled with the fear of losing an opportunity, you would want to keep writing even if it is low paying.




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