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April 2012

There’s Nothing Left!


Most of the following short articles have resulted from dialoging with beautiful Spirit beings in various parts of the world.  All such correspondence has taken place in the first few months of this present year—2012.  Permissions were sought and gained in each case to publish these joyous co-created articles.  These tidings are offered for the reading pleasure of all to whom they come.




Page   1—   Letter To A Friend

Page   6—   Self-realization In The Dream

Page   9—   An Observation            

Page 12—   Apparent Journey Of The Dream Ego

Page 12—   The Unique Purpose Of The Hopi

Page 15—   Correspondence With A Friend

Page 21—   Detachment

Page 24—  Do Performing Artists In The Dream Create    Their Own Reality?

Page 26—   Guides?

Page 27—  Where And What Is Free Will?

Page 30—  Consciously Ascended Beings Interacting On The Play-ground Of Earth

Page 32—   Sciences Of The Dream

Page 34—Bouncing Back To A Friend-On Relationships

Page 38—The Blessed Story Being Told On The Earth Stage


Letter to A Friend


I have often pondered a scenario that is so similar to the illustration of the platform, the train and the spaces of rich essence between the cars you wrote of.


Often people mistake my writings for instructional material and myself as some sort of teacher.  Neither of which is what is actually transpiring.  So I often have invited the readers of my material to focus not so much on the words which they read or hear spoken, but on the energy that flows forth from the spaces between. When this is done no misrepresentation is possible.  When the words are the focus it is so easy for one to begin comparing or trying to decipher their meaning.  This only leads to apparent confusion and to perhaps coming to either rejecting or accepting the imagined meaning of words.  Either way produces chaos—like the drama you speak of in the train cars. 


Everything is about energy!  And if there is a higher significance about this very time in the sequence of Dream, it can be summed up by the intuiting of the energy that floods the silence and the apparent empty spaces.  Some have described this as the void.  Thus the saying has it—cease avoiding the void.  What this is saying essentially is that words if—dwelt upon alone—tend to tie people in knots.  All so-called seeking in the exterior does the same.  The text of my writing may be thought of as a confirmation within the context of dream, of the futility of relying on exterior devices inclusive of human languaging (words), etc, etc, to reveal Divine Truth.  Such further constitute a statement that Divine Truth is never revealed, for none actually exist to make reception thereof. All there Is, is Truth.  Hence, impossible it is that there could be existence outside of Truth. 


My readers generally, at least at the outset, tend to express a feeling of despair or discouragement upon confronting these writings.  This is because such indicate that every last effort expended by the false self or ego to comprehend Truth is utterly futile.  The ego supposedly seeks a map to God and Heaven, to enlightenment, to self-realization, etc, etc.  When the ego is informed that it has no more reality than the material matrix it perceives to be its home, it recoils.  This is what produces occasions for many egos of dream to call Light darkness and Truth error, for this is not the sort of light and truth egos are interested in.


The Primary Essence being told in the Story of this Grand Divine Play is the progressive exposure of the fact that the ego or so-called human mind is an impostor, that such is not real and therefore can never be realized, enlightened, awakened, ascend, evolved, or become something that it is not, nor ever was. 


It’s really a Fun Play where no actual harm or suffering is possible.  The Divine Cosmic Play is an Awesome Production and the Producer is none other than That Sole Infinite Consciousness which alone exists and is Embodied as All Radiant Reality Beings who are joyously poised behind every last actor/actress within the Grand Drama of Earth. 


In this Story the ego at least at the start, imagines that it is capable of accomplishing anything it can conceive.  It is cast in such a role where it imagines that it is in some way the off-spring of God and therefore will somehow experience a conscious return Thereto.    Many such are apparently performing actions of the most deplorable and atrocious description upon their fellowman and their environment.  Most egos even imagine that they can build a paradise of world peace and oneness via acts of war or so-called morally structured violence, otherwise termed international police-action. 


Not all egos do roles of this nature but the ones that don’t generally pride themselves on some level for not being involved in such unrighteous or indignant behavior.  Even the so-called good on the earth stage is only a more subtle manifestation of the very evil it assays to protest.    Others play roles purporting to stand aloof from both the subtle good and the evil of the dream, offering healing and instructional measures for the so-called ignorant and diseased masses, but invariable for a price—imagining that the laborer is worthy of his hire.  


Everything imaginable is transpiring on the Planet Earth Stage.  All seems so incredibly involved.   But year after year seems to pass into obscurity and century upon century vanishes into the distant past and yet apparent war, unrest, love, hate, sickness, death and violent exploitation procedures continue as the prominent identifying marks of those who rule as well as the ruled upon planet earth.  


Millions of books, speeches, methods and devices are offered assaying to bring the long sought after and hoped for utopia.  All such have not merely failed utterly in the present age, but in all former ages as well.   Blindness is the outstanding characteristic of the ego of dream.  Although it maintains a consistent track record of utter failure regarding it’s designs and accomplishments for the betterment of man throughout seeming millennia, still never does such see or acknowledge its utter incapability of ever realizing its goals.


Now is the Grand Showdown in the Amazing Play of Earth!  Now is the time when all egos are to come to their Scripted end.  But to such end no ego ever did or could bring itself, nor have egos had any interest in such an end.  


However, now is a different time, even a time when earth egos in mass find they are capable of considering the idea of their very own unreality and thus incapability or attaining any of their formerly imagined wild accomplishments.  Such is the apparent point of destitution to which all have been brought who are said (in the lingo of dream) to have attained Mastership.  When apparently nothing is left the Divine Magic is said to transpire.   Such is a depiction of an event that far exceeds all ego conception of a so-called dark night of the soul.   Whenever this termination of role event has transpired down through the time-line of the Dream, the ego had so utterly and irreversibly vanished that absolutely nothing was left to ascend, awaken, become enlightened or evolve into mastership. 


What then is the nature of a so-called Ascended Master? In actuality ascended masters exist alone within the distorted perception of egos of dream.  In Reality, no such entities did ever or could possibly exist. The Reality Master Being behind each and every acting role on the earth stage is simply said to be in manifestation in that place from which the ego mirage of dream has irreversibly disappeared.


Plainly speaking, Divine Masters are not evolved or made from earth egos any more than Real is made from unreal Light from darkness or Life from death!  Masters are Eternally and Immutably Such.   Impossible it is for a Master to have beginning of days or ending of Life.  Oh joy of joys, behind each and every last unreal earth role are the multiple Masters of which God is Eternally and Joyously Comprised. 


The Play Divine ends with the disappearance in total of all egos of Dream inclusive of every last fictitious material stage prop thereof.   It’s like the vanishing of a water mirage in the desert.  All that’s left is That Beauty, wholeness, love, peace, limitless abundance and Bliss Kingdom Absolute which Eternally and Immutably Is.  All joyous Reality Beings behind every performing artist of the Play Are That, always were That, and Eternally shall remain the Same.


What an incredible time on planet earth!   In a sense those performing now will see the glory of it all.  Which is to say, never was there a time when actual existing Beings did not see and rejoice in the Glory of All that Is.  It’s a time second to none in the entire Story of Dream!   The capability is here now to rejoice exceedingly in this!

"Divine Beings are only ‘in’ the Cosmic Play in a similar manner to which Julia Roberts is ‘on’ the movie screen when the actual Julia is simply sitting as a joyous spectator in the theatre seat!"  (quoted from The Script pp65,66)


“Since everything is but an apparition, Perfect in being what it is, having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection, you might as well burst out laughing!”   Longchenpa Of Tibet


Self-realization in the Dream


It may be noted how very unique it is that the mind-human cannot possibly allow for or easily deal with the notion of the elimination of a someone to 'get there' or 'become awakened' or evolve out of the dream of the earth play to a happy and endless existence beyond.   Someone must be weaned from something.  So attached is the dream-self to its idea of the eternal longevity of itself when all the while the Reality Being back of such, has Forever been and will Timelessly and Immutably remain only that very Thing.  


With the dream role termination picture the only thing that seems to change is the elimination of that earth mind which imagined the evolution of its species.   However, upon such termination naught is left.  Hence fantacity imaginings are no more.  In That Mind which remains no change whatever was made.  It is the same yesterday, today and forever!  Indeed, no one actually ever existed who did or could awaken, ascend, become something else, evolve from unreal to Real, exchange death for Life, get enlightened or Self-realized. 


Truly, if there could be any authenticity in the dream theory called self-realization it would be applicable alone to false selves getting clarity via the role termination Cue that they as such never did or could have any actual existence and dancingly disappear.   


“He sometimes pointed out that even to speak of Self-realization is a delusion—an illusory escape from an illusory prison.


          “B. ‘In a sense, speaking of Self-realization is a delusion. It is only because people have been under the delusion that the non-self is the Self  and the unreal the real that they have to be weaned out of it by the other delusion called Self-realization; because actually the Self is always the Self and there is no such thing as realizing it.  Who is to realize what, and how, when all that exists is the Self and nothing but the Self.’” (Obviously, from the perspective of the Real, there is no ‘they’ to be weaned or nurtured out of any delusion.)  Arthur Osborne’s The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi, page 175


          “Bondage and liberation are creations of Maya, superimpositions upon Brahman, imagined in the mind without any existence in Reality.  The Scriptures even proclaim aloud: ‘there is in truth no creation and no destruction; no one is bound, no one is seeking liberation, no one is on the way to deliverance.  There are none liberated.  This is the absolute truth.’ My dear disciple, this, the sum and substance of all the Upanishads, the Secret of Secrets, is my instruction to you.” Arthur Osborne’s The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi, page 172


          “The whole world is racing in the wrong direction for everyone is terrified of non-existence.  That is, in reality, the only certain refuge.” Rumi     


Human mind initially seeks, at all cost, to avoid the void—or the inevitable trek to the nothingness from whence it came.  As long as such survives it cannot but be intoxicatingly pre-occupied with much doing thinking to thereby build a utopia out of the chaotic relentlessness of the illusion of dream!  Such is the folly of the ages!  Just the so-called ‘other side’ of the non-existence of human mind and its unreal world of dream is poised—now as ever—That Kingdom of Boundless Bliss which Eternally, Immutably, and Joyously Is!  This is the “meeting Field” of which Rumi endearingly speaks!


"There is a field beyond right and wrong, good and evil, love and hate, heaven and hell, peace and war, god and devil, yin and yang, oneness and duality, etc., etc., I'll meet you there." Rumi-paraphrased.  Indeed, Such is The Field of Eternity from which in actuality, none have ever left!  Hence, impossible it is that any could ever exist who have yet to return or arrive in any manner Thereat!  Aside from This Reality Absolute there is nothing—non-existence!  To Live is Being the Christ, hence the earth-mind death is gain! 


“The Masters of the East never say anything less than that America contains 130,000,000 Masters.  That means that everyone is a Master.  That is, of course, true of the whole world.  It is world-wide to them.  Every individual is a Master.  Even man’s limitation is proof to them of his mastership for only a Master could make himself to appear that which he is not.”  (Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East by Baird T. Spalding, Vol. 4, p119)


It’s an incredible Script and Story!


An Observation


Theoretical volleyball seems to be significant.  Since such is present here obviously it must form an intricate part of—perhaps, a divine play? or whatever is in progress on planet earth.


It has been said that limitation is really not any more actual anywhere any more than is birth or death.  However, these, along with a seemingly endless list of other similar considerations are said to be present on the Earth Stage. 


It seems very apparent that all performers on the stage of dream start out with the conscious perception, that no alternate reality exists except for those which may be imagined in the mind only.  However, none of these have ample substantiation or proof of existence so to speak, to cause such to prevail or be acceptable as an authentic optional reality.  These may range all the way from ET’s coming to save the race or at least the righteous of such, a Messiah returning with the same purpose, or simply mankind evolving out of a world of painful separation war and greed into a grand and harmonistic Utopia.    


A common denominator underlies all such theories: namely, none seem to bear anything other than a barrage of idol words in support of their authenticity.   However, this in the final analysis is really never good enough.  When it comes right down to the bottom line, no one really feels there is sufficient reason that they should take another’s words as adequate ground that what they report is actually so.  It may be so for them but if they have no other supportive documentation than simply their many words, the utterance of such really amounts to naught but a waste of energy and time.


It is due to this type of scenario that many of this time, have concluded that the anciently clung to and revered idea called faith is unquestionably obsolete.  Clarity additionally and unanimously declares that the present is a time in which the age old trend of seeking gurus among the world of men is over and done with.  For after prolonged and deep analysis the realization surfaces that—nothing but much talk, the formation of endless study groups, the seemingly endless mental gymnastics of those newly arriving on the scene thinking to play the role of savior but equipped only with more so-called great and cunning words of wisdom in attempt to solidify these so-called time-honored truths of the sages of old—is the sole fruit of such mentality. Attention to such scenarios seems to be rapidly approaching entire deletion.


Such is the manner in which human mind processes on the stage of the Drama of Earth.   It all comes down to the basic fact that simply everything must produce the so-called type of evidence or proof that the human sense system can validate or such is tossed aside as worthless.  In other words, if such validation is lacking, entire conscious rejection is in order as the only feasible recourse.   


Such is the apparent predicament of the mind of dream.  It is left with no alternate means of dealing with all issues no matter their level of importance, than the very mind itself that perceives it lives in the midst of such issues. For in the final analysis, where is the evidence that any so-called path to enlightenment and paradise has truly benefited anyone?  


Whew!!!!!!!, one says!  Does any hope really exist for the survival of the multitude of so-called humans, i.e., separate little selves on planet earth?  


In the arena of this very earth mind, is another notion capable of consideration?  Namely, is it feasible to perceive in all this apparent chaos a wonderful design at work bringing the human ego to entire exhaustion and extinction at last?  The sole hope of the ego is that such has no hope! 


Having a second look, these words may not be so strange after all:

The whole world is racing in the wrong direction for everyone is terrified of non-existence.  That is, in reality, the only certain refuge.” Rumi   


Apparent Journey of the Dream ego


The journey of all egos through the realm of the unreal is as follows.


1) Firstly it seeks to nurture itself by exploiting the world.  This done...


2) Next it seeks to save the world.  This done...  (All dream drummers—teachers and healers—fall under this category).


3) Next comes the awareness that since it cannot save itself how can it save the world.  This done...


4) Next it seeks someone to save itself.  This done...


5) Next comes the acknowledgement—how can there be salvation for what has no reality?  This done...


6) There’s Nothing Left to think about or do. This done...


7) Sudden Ascension transpires—the ego is no more.


 The Unique Purpose of Hopi


Often I ponder much about my Hopi friends and how they apparently hold such a unique Spirit place here on this planet.  The multitudes seem to get caught up in such mundane materialistic considerations concerning things that seem so far from the mark of what this very time is all about.  Truly, such is the current Script for them.  In striking contrast to this are the Traditional Hopi who constitute the only people I am aware of who attempt to maintain a constant focus on their role as heralds of the end of the Age.  But by no means do they function in a proselytizing manner.  Very much on the contrary, they are a people of few words. It’s more an energy-emanating with them.  I always feel so at home among these beautiful warm and kind Beings. 


I realize there are many other indigenous cultures that as well share this very focus but it is with this unique Tribe that I have formed a deep bond here in North America.  It is my candid observation that the Hopi lead the indigenous world in this Cycle Ending focus.    To keep afresh the vital consideration of this climactic event is the end to which their annual ceremonial sequence is faithfully dedicated.    Such is the Divine Script for them.  Many indigenous Spirit entities have traveled far to meet with Hopi elders including the Dalai Lama.


Are these people presently commanding the attention of the earth’s masses in vain?  Not likely!  There’s too much unique energy attending their presence.  The meaning of this phenomenal consideration, especially in this time, is certain to surface with crystal clarity to all.


Truly, clarity is here and now!


Dialoging with a friend


I remember visiting the Hanuman Temple in Taos a couple of years ago and enjoyed sitting at that little paradise area near the garden.


Truly, serious preoccupation with these institutions for many of us is only a fleeting memory of that place in time called the pastNow seems to be the time of global exodus out of all that's unreal inclusive of the dream self which out of a seeming desperation, made pilgrimage to that which in its distorted perception appeared as various paths to enlightenment. 


What a delightfully beautiful thing it is to be in the here and now!


An empathetic white brother, who enjoys close association with Hopi Traditionals, has offered the following observation in response to reading—An Observation— (page 9).


“The mind which doesn't exist finds solace in beliefs (all are false). Just now, I have friends over at the hanuman temple paying homage to Kali. Now I like Kali. I had a girl friend once I lovingly named Kali. But I found the invitation I had to this event (on this the darkest night of the year), a bit much and maybe too many personalities for my fragile state of existence. Fragile in the sense of: bugger off mate! (grin)


“Faith is that which cannot be proven, but needs to be held dear, for to do otherwise would lead to annihilation. Don't want that do we boys and girls?


“Our hurt is our most precious jewel. We do not want to let go of our most precious jewel. We will kill to protect our most precious jewel; our hurt.”


“Sitting with Martin (the current Traditional Hopi spokesman), trying to think of interesting and/or important things to say to him, to get some favored response. Then it all comes down to his saying, ‘The wind will come and blow it all away,’ as he glances off into the distance with his still clear eyes. And later, he repeats it again, ‘The wind will come and blow it all away.’”


 “I do believe, as our friend said, ‘The wind will come and blow it all away.’

It's gonna be a wild ride----

‘and it all came tumbling down’.”


Correspondence with a Friend

(In Reference to the Interview with Crystaqueous at


The question:

There is one question that came up while watching your interview with usunlimited on Vimeo. Why so much emphasis on the dissolution or ascension of the body? It is and will always be a dream body, won’t it? And would it mean that someone is not enlightened if he or she leaves behind a body? Ramana Maharshi, the great Indian sage, for instance, appears to have been completely self realized, as far as I am able to judge… yet he left behind a body, maybe because he didn’t want to frighten them by its disappearance… I realize this is a dream question, but, well… I have witnessed the last breath of several dear Ones, and although there was something appalling in their withering away – and sometimes a rather gruesome death struggle – there were also profound moments of deep love, light and sharing. And after their deaths what remained was an empty vessel and the realization that the spirit was gone from it, yet not from the One Presence… Big hug and love, ……




This is a worthy question.


It is essential that this communication begin with the following:


The Crystaqueous Disclaimer


This is not an instructional note as there is no one in existence who could possibly fall into the category of “needing” instruction.  Hence these utterances offer not a whit of hope to any, for none exist who need hope.  Such alone constitutes declarations of That which Joyously Is. Of a surety, there are no beings that can come to know That which Is.  All that Is—Is Eternally and Immutably That!  Consequently, never are these utterances advanced as an attempt to change the minds of any or to divert play acting entities from the visions that each hold in their own heart.  Such can never actually be done anyway even though it may appear to some to the contrary.  All writings constitute simple statements depicting the nature of the Drama Divine as related to Reality Absolute.  That which is written obviously is known by All, for the All is the Sole Eternal Knower.


The thing that instantly comes to mind is: in the Dream Scheme there are only two ways a dream (make-believe) body disappears—but disappear it must. The first is by apparent death as you so plainly pointed out.  The second is by Divine Cued Ascension such as has characterized all Play entities that have ascended. Jesus, Babaji, St. Germain etc., etc. are examples in point. With these, no so-called dead dream body was ever found to be deposited into a hole in the ground. Such is simply the fun nature of the Divine Play. Where did these "bodies" go?  Nowhere—not any more than dream bodies going into the ground and allegedly disappearing under the dirt.  But the difference is this: only in reference to truly ascended situations (for lack of a more fluent way to language it) where a dream entity is said to have reached the ultimate Spirit goal, is there no body found to bury. 


Its like Jesus said: "Let the dead bury the dead."   Of course, in actuality there is no ascension, self-realization etc, etc.  All of what God Is is Reality!  Hence, impossible it is that any part of what God (The Absolute Reality) Is, could ever fall, forget or descend in any way shape or form!  Besides God there is nothing!  The Earth Play is all make-believe.  These things you know well ...... 


Probably the most effective manner in which to language this (not that there are any existing who did or could benefit from a most effective manner of languaging anything, is to portray all in the sense of a water mirage. The water seems from a certain perspective, to cover up the sand which is what’s really there all the time.  When the water disappears so to speak, most certainly it doesn't become or evolve into the sand.  The water is not real. 


It is acknowledged that it is very difficult for the mind-human to grasp the thought that many of its so-called prized gurus, who were assumed to have been so-called fully "self-realized" beings, were not such at all.  The ego paints a picture it can conveniently deal with as its straw man so it can feel justified in its self-styled method of attaining enlightenment.  None of such makes any difference.  Such are the myriad game roles of the dream none of which are contrary to the Pre-design of the Play Script.    


However, we have now come, in the Great Cosmic scheme, to that place where the ego has absolutely nothing left to hold onto.  All its pet theories are disappearing at lightening speed; nothing remaining save the realization that there truly is no way to God or Heaven period!  There never was.  All that God and Heaven Are, always was, and never has changed one iota. There is no salvation, no redemption, no deliverance, no enlightenment, no self realization, no awakening, period.  There are only multiple play-egos coming to nothing—non-existence, the Reality God Beings behind each remaining as ever The Eternally Unchanged Reality Absolute that Such Infinitely Are.


Now is the Joyous Time of all remaining egos of Dream to die, disappear like the water, and only the Sand, God, remains as Ever It Is and in the very place It Always was.  There is no place or thing that God is not.  God Is All, All Is God.

The ego of dream up until the present has been powerfully and primarily characterized by its tenacious determination to build a heaven here in this illusion world.  To evolve, become, ascend, become God-like enlightened etc, etc, etc.....  This is the funny Story being told in the Earth Play.  Interestingly enough, so-called millions of years and/or life times in the dream have been fraught with egos, trying to build a divine utopia and achieve world peace.  At every moment the ego feels it is at the closest point to actually achieving this goal.  But never is it reached because that is not the goal in the Script of the Divine Play. 


It’s like the carrot tied to a stick that's strapped to the side of the horse.  The delicious prize dangles just two feet or so out in front of the horse.  No matter how long or fast and hard the animal runs the carrot is not attainable.  In the final analysis it is clear—there is no carrot and there is no horse!  Strange—the shapes that wording takes to depict these dream things. 


It is for this same reason there is no "True" teaching. There is only a barrage of theories that the ego thrives on and promotes to take up space and time along its journey to the land of nothing left!  Such is the way of the Glorious Divine Play.


Again Jesus said those strange words: "woe unto them who are satisfied."  The ego is said to be satisfied that it has a hell to shun and a heaven to win and rests assured that via the myriad methods marked out by other seemingly more ‘enlightened’ egos it will be carried to this imaginary goal.  Interestingly enough, only when there’s nothing left for the individual ego of dream upon which it may rely or rest satisfied, is the Divine Magic said to happen. 


But again, to this end no ego can bring itself, nor is it initially interested in such.  It requires nothing short of a Divine Act or the Timed Cuing of Infinity to bring each dream ego to such a seemingly hopeless state.  In my writings this is termed stage-one role termination whereat the erroneous human mind sinks, is utterly obliterated, never to again arise.  To such play acting entities stage two or ‘body’ termination is inevitably soon to transpire. 


Not many, in relationship to the common masses along the time-line of the dream, have been brought to this full termination.  Such is by no means owing to any lack on the part of the actor on the stage.  This is simply the way of the Cosmic Play or the Pre-designed Script of the Earth Drama Divine.  The throngs of earth egos are too busy doing some great work, following some great path or teacher, in order to create a heaven of world peace within a material matrix which was never any more real than are they themselves. 


But now is the Time—even the final scenes of the last Act of The Play of Divinity where every unusual event will so thoroughly hit the fan so to speak, that all earth egos will have simply every last prop swept—as in a flashing moment—from under their feet, bringing their erroneous support system speedily and entirely crumbling to the nothingness from whence it came.  


Thus the Play Ends!  The water mirage vanishes and all that's left is the Sand—The Eternal World of Peaceful Bliss as ever It Is.  This is why it is often said that when a dreamer awakes, such awakes as God.  But this is simply a metaphor.  No one ever awakes as God. God nor any part of Such ever went to sleep on a make-believe stage of Play.  Of a Truth, there is Only God.  Therefore, behind every last role of Dream no matter how atrocious or heavenly appearing—Is God!   The Substratum behind your dream role, dear reader, Is Eternally That very Radiant Thing.


The most inclusive of my eight small Reality Absolute publications that plays with these fun concepts is—The Ascension Illusion Unmasked And The Global Consciousness Shift.




Yes, whatever is coming our way in this time is best to be wholeheartedly embraced and not run away from.  The whole concept of detachment is far distorted on the dream stage.  This is by no means saying that such is out of sorts with the Script Divine.  Impossible it is for anything to be out of time or place here, contrary to many appearances and so-called human-mind notions.  Detachment is invariably in distortion when it is consciously planned and worked at by the dream mind.  Detached all will surely become—even from their very own erroneous self.  But such will occur only by the Cuing of Divinity—even while the mind human remains in its last-ditch attempts to halt all thought and effort toward this and having an acute awareness of its utter helplessness to achieve such.


What is getting clearer than ever in this time is the need to openheartedly embrace every moment and every event and every thought and experience that comes one’s way.  And to embrace it with love and joy and a complete sense of freedom as well.   If one still tries to resist anything for so-called spiritual reasons entertaining the idea of purifying oneself thereby, that (whatever it is) is going to return time and again until it is totally faced and embraced. 


Religious institutionalism has taught the masses to abstain from this and that etc, etc.  And obviously, this as well was an episode of dream history which was indispensible to the unfolding of the Grand Story upon the Earth Stage.  But now that page has turned never again to return.   Presently, we witness the collapse of religious institutionalism planet-wide whether it be main-stream systems of orthodoxy or the multitude of ashrams and monasteries etc., etc., inclusive of their myriad steps modalities and practices. 


Whenever a parent over-restrained a child or a government legislated its multiplicity of restricting laws, the child and common masses rebelled.  No one seemed to have a clue as to why!  All were taught that this was necessary for the “good” of all.  Multitudes beyond number in the context of religion were subtly taught to "willingly" submit to spiritual legislation which brought the same results deep in the subconscious, but which invariably expressed in emotions of unhappiness, stagnation and the feeling of traveling in endless seeming circles going nowhere.  All dictators and world conquerors as well as dream philosophers were among these legislators.   It’s all gone now due to the clarity that’s presently bombarding the Dream Stage.  The Last Act is upon us!  And the masses are shouting—"Bring it on!"


Obviously the roles of all the so-called “great” sages played a blessed part in the sequence of The Earth Drama Divine.  None are to be discredited in any way, shape or form.  Without their parts the Grand Story could not have been told.  For that matter nothing—not one event of the Divine Script—not even the Hitler episode is to be discredited for all are simply non-actual and harmless events on a make-believe stage where every detail and appearance never was nor could be the way things Really Are.  Impossible it is that so-called birth and death, inclusive of all the sorrow between, have any actual existence!  This is to say plainly, that behind all the unreality of stage performing are the myriad Loving Entities of which God is blissfully comprised, telling an incredible Story for Joyous Entertainment purposes alone.


Greatly beloved is the expression by Solara which I have entitled:

The Song




      “This Planet is merely a playground for Gods and Angels.  Some of us are playing the roles of ‘good guys’ and some of us are the ‘bad guys’, but sooner or later, this Play is going to be over.  After the make-up and costumes are removed, who is going to remain?  Just some Celestial Beings of Light who finally completed a Grand Adventure, a tiny Cosmic Play.


     “In the meantime, during those days that find you grouchy and mean, or sobbing with tragedy, try to remember what is really happening. 


     “We are being called upon to let go of and complete our entire cycle of earthly embodiments in just a few short years!


     “Honor the progress we have made.  Bless those emotions and experiences.  Soon enough, you will be graduating from the human condition.  And who knows, maybe then we’ll discover how much fun it was and be sorry that it is over.” The Star Borne, 3rd ed., 1991, p109.


Truly, now is a time second to none in the Dream!  And the masses sense a freeing up from literally everything!  All see the need to halt thinking altogether, but impossible it is for the mind-human to ever accomplish such.  This is the powerful and beautiful direction the Play is presently taking.   It’s Awesome!  Role termination—the oblivion of the dream mind in mass—is upon us!  All is incredibly wonderful and on time.


The Only Love



Do Performing Artists In The Dream

Create Their Own Reality?


There are multiple appearances in the Dream none of which are the way things really are. What I mean by this is that even though the masses find themselves intently believing and promoting this or that theory with the common belief among such that they thereby create their own realities, this too is simply among the appearances on the Stage of Dream.   All dream imaginings aside, every thought and action within the Earth Drama is in precise accordance with the Script of Divinity.  Therefore in the final analysis, all scenarios are the way they are, not because human mind makes them so but rather due to the fact that roles are all pre-scripted accordingly. Hence the dream axiom—“we create our own reality”—is never true regardless of how long it has been entertained to the contrary.   Oh, the unparalleled and joyous nature of the Divine Cosmic Play!


Probably the most prominent and rampant notion operative within the world of dream is the relentless determination to create a so-called better dream as all current ones appear to leave so much to be desired.  This frenzied pre-occupation seems to dominate all other considerations.  In this is portrayed the tenacious nature of the human ego to climb up out of its on-going seeming chaotic life pattern by its own imagined power of mind.  On and on does this endeavor continue until at last—in utter exasperation and due alone to Divine Cuing—the acknowledgment springs forth that nothing here is real and therefore one’s journey through the hypnotism of dream can never bring joy out of sorrow, peace out of war, light out of darkness, truth out of error.


Arriving at this level of clarity attended with the acute desire to be done with the erroneous practice of trying to change a world of illusion into a divine paradise—such intent being utterly contrary to its very nature—is alone the result of role-ending decreed according to the pre-determined timing of the Script of Divinity.  Interestingly enough, when this point of disillusionment with the unreal is reached, an inner peace of soul commences to permeate one’s entire being.  Such is the prelude to the disappearance of all that’s unreal.  Wherever such withdrawal occurs, Consciousness Ascension is inevitable.    Such joyous resolve is presently becoming common globally, as now is the glorious time of role completion in mass within in the Earth Movie Divine.


In one sense alone is it true that We create our own reality in the Earth Play—namely, from the prospective of Us as Divine Mind joyously having Play-written all the various roles from the outset before projecting them onto Our incredibly unique Cosmic Screen. 




Concerning guides— invariably those who encounter so-called invisible guides are inclined to the negative side of life.  Heavy anxiety and emotional pain marks every step!  Only when consulted, do I suggest a focus for full abandonment of this dualistic perception, which seems only to keep one “stuck” on the Play Stage until he or she breaks away from such strained dependency.  As well does the seeking of visible guides prove in the end, to be apparently profitless. 


One is on the Home Path when he/she seeks only the “inner” guidance or for that direction and wisdom which hails from within one’s very own heart.  That Guide and Wisdom is the True Spirit God-Self.  When this is practiced, very early on it will be realized (for lack of a more appropriate term) that there are not two—one seeking guidance and another to provide such.  There is only The One All-knowing Divine Self.  All Are That, always were That, and Eternally shall remain Only That Loving Divine Life and Light.  In actuality, there are none existing to realize anything, period!  That mind which thought thus has now utterly vanished leaving in its stead The Cosmic Force or Divine Mind which Always Is.   The only emanation that can possibly express is: “I Am The Way the Truth and the Life.  Besides Me there is nothing—no existence.  I Am the One II cannot possibly have a second.”


Having stated the above—all Stage Performers will continue stepping out their role destiny in strict conformity with the precise timing of the Script of Divinity.  Hence, contrary to appearances in the dream, there is no such thing as a human facilitator to alter or hasten that which is pre-designed.  So utterly Groovy is the Amazing Divine Movie!    


The One Love



Where and What is Free Will?


The profound uniqueness of the Play Divine has it that at role termination stage-one the True Master which has Eternally Existed just behind the veil of dream is said to  commence manifesting within the dream context—even via the not yet ascended dream body.  (But truly, the water so to speak, just got out of the way in order that the sand which is ever-present beneath be disclosed.)  Impossible it is for such an Entity to perform in a scripted manner as he or she interacts on the earth stage.  In other words, one having consciously ascended is, yes, in joyous interaction with scripted entities upon the Stage, but with one major difference.  Namely, that while there is no actual choice deviation from pre-scripted roles in the non-ascended context, there is total freedom of choice activity wherever Divine Mind is manifesting. 


This is to say plainly that Divine Mind is never scripted wherever Such is in manifestation.   And of course, there is no place in the Boundless Infinity or the Realm of the Real where Divine Mind or Consciousness is not present.  Divine Consciousness being the Sole Actual Existing Consciousness, consequently is the Sole Existing and operating active will.  Besides the will of God-no will exists period!  (Hence: not mine but Thy will be done). 


Dream entities being not actual or real appear to be exercising multiple choices daily.  However, such choices are all pre-scripted or pre-designed and therefore it is truly said that, contrary to appearances on the dream stage, there is no such thing as a human possessing free will. 

Plainly speaking and contrary to the general imaginings of dream-egos, false-selves of the Play have no will to exercise.  The fact of the matter is that the multiple minds represented on the earth stage are not actual minds—such are but Play minds only operating within Play bodies moving about in non-deviating roles within the make-believe Story cast upon the Cosmic Screen.     


It’s just like any movie within the dream.  The script is made up, the cameras roll and everyone performs precisely according to a set script all the while making many apparent choices throughout the story, but all of which are pre-designed into the multi-scripted production.  It would be utterly unacceptable in the industry of film to proceed in any other fashion.  Chaotic in-continuity would result and overrule!  


At such a time when a movie is finally readied for the big screen and projected thereupon, the real performers are not by any means actually bopping around on any such screen.   The actual performers are always elsewhere, in another reality altogether, such as at home enjoying their children, etc, etc.   So with the Cosmic Earth Movie—all actual Divine Beings are never on the earth stage—until at such time when the ascension process commences for individual performers.  In this feature the paralleling aspects between Divine and earth productions part ways.    And of course, behind every single actor/actress on the stage dwells the True God Being or Divine Self who is entirely untouched by Play Stage scenarios.       


Presently it is the time of ascension in mass in the Story of the Grand Play.  This means essentially that the earth stage will truly be full of Joyous Divine Masters just prior to the final ending of the Earth Drama Divine.   What an indescribable Joyous picture and time!  Truly, now is a time second to none in the entire Story of the Dream.  Rejoicing is the order of the day! 


The All-inclusive Love


Consciously Ascended Beings Interacting

On The Play-ground of Earth


Oh what joy We, the only We that actually Is, experience as we observe the re-run of Our Earth Play Divine, or what is generally described as a finished edited edition in the film world of the Dream.   Verily, all of us are Divine spectators laughing and being incredibly amused non-stop by Our Grand production as it plays out on Our Highly Unique Cosmic Screen.



Divine Beings are only ‘in’ the Cosmic Play in a similar manner to which Julia Roberts is ‘on’ the movie screen when the actual Julia is simply sitting as a joyous spectator in the theatre seat!


Often in the writings there is disclosure of that aspect of Our Movie Divine that entirely differs from and could not possibly be duplicated in the movie industry of the dream: namely, the joyous fun of re-entering as a Spirit Entity onto the earth stage so to speak, and interacting with an apparent unreal animation that is there in motion.  This is a uniquely Divine and unspeakably fun aspect that is among the limitless joyous capacities with which We play.


Hence, there is Scripted as well as Non-scripted activity transpiring on the Earth Drama Stage—but according to Our Design the former is not given to fully comprehend the latter within that unique dimension where the Story is being told.


It is also fun to say a word concerning the nature of such interaction. All who are present here having completed stage-one role termination and thus equipped with entire knowledge regarding the nature of the Play, see and converse with all apparent performing artists, but in recognition alone of the Actual Divine Reality Beings who are poised behind apparent actors upon the stage.  Hence the emanating energy: “you are every whit whole.”  In other words, never is there any direct acknowledgment of or dialoging between non-existent or unreal Play entities and Divine Spirit Beings.  To all Such naught but Perfection is known. There are only Divine Spirit Beings!   Such Beings from time to time, only provide disclosures within the Dream concerning the unreality and mechanics of its nature.  Such is the way of Our Glorious Divine Play!



“The Masters of the East never say anything less than that America contains 130,000,000 Masters.  That means that everyone is a Master.  That is, of course, true of the whole world.  It is world-wide to them.  Every individual is a Master.  Even man’s limitation is proof to them of his mastership for only a Master could make himself to appear that which he is not.”  (Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East by Baird T. Spalding, Vol. 4, p119)


“The person seeing Perfection is the Master.” (Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East by Baird T. Spalding (LTM) Vol. 6, pp62,63)


“We make no comparisons, we see only the Christ or God-quality in all at all times and in that way we are out of your (human) vision.  We see Perfection or have (and always are) perfect vision.” (LTM Vol. 1, pp88,89)


Hence, no agenda, nothing to explain, and none existing to whom an explanation is possible.  It is for this reason that so-called Scripted entities always seem to feel a highly positive uplift relative to Non-scripted Energy.


Fun in the Realm of the Real ceases not!


 Sciences of the Dream


The subject of astrology is a fascinating one. Truly, many roles are highly absorbed in this Play art in the capacity of performing readings or chartings etc, etc, or merely seekers of such.   It can truly be said, that this is among the many sciences of the dream in which all the while one is actively participating, one will not share in an ascension focus simultaneously.  It’s like having one foot in the dream while attempting to have the other in the Realm of the Real.  This can not be done. 


All earth science is the same whether it be religious, medical, political, military, archeological, astronomical, industrial or technological etc, etc.  The Play ego or mind-human has great difficulty dealing with this as such imagines that the sciences constitute the pathway for an evolving race into the Divine Reality.  This is part of the distortion which is uniquely programmed into the Divine Play.


Hypnotism is another interesting subject and is largely practiced in the dream.  Such is used in multiple so-called therapeutic programs.  However, so long as one is thus involved one will remain blind to the Ultimate Way of Spirit.  The Masters always advise that those journeying through the illusion of dream stay clear of every form of hypnotism—administratively and subjectively. 


It’s the same as when any are yet docked in some form of institutionalized religion.  Apparently, as long as any remain in such connection there will not be the ability to advance on the Spirit Path, but only a feeling of being stuck to a lesser or greater degree.  But this too is role-scripted for many as they journey.  Eventually individual journeyers find themselves throwing all these dream distraction-traps to the wind.  Every such scenario of the Play is necessary in order that the beautiful and profound Story be completely told.  It is --important that each one understand that in the journey—no judgment is to be made by one of another regarding the way of individual role procedures.  All is functioning on time and in the precise manner in which it was Divinely ordained or pre-scripted.  Therefore, all is always in the utmost Cosmic Perfection.


It is a fact in the Dream that so long as the mind-human or false-self survives and is functioning the body of any individual performer, just so long does the astrological and other sciences pertain or are said to characterize that individual.  In other words, it is very easy for all who practice mind and body sciences to know each dreamer’s behavioral life pattern almost to the very letter.  Many have marveled at this and consequently—in a form of mesmeric devotion—have come to highly revere the practitioner.  But this page too is now turning never to return again.


This simply means that the over-all focus on the Stage of Dream is now more than ever, on the glorious consideration of ascension in mass. Upon role termination stage one or what the writings refer to as Consciousness Ascension a profound alteration has apparently transpired.  Mind Divine is now present in the stead of the ego mind of dream.  Henceforth, one is said to be as the wind—none can know from whence he comes nor whither he goes.  No earth science can any longer pertain.


The Alone Love


Bouncing back to A Friend-On Relationships


Yes, …..  I will always delight in giving reflections to all who—from the heart—inquire after such.


In this area considerations are confined in a sense to the arena of the Earth Stage.  This you realize well I know.  But this can offer much fun too.  Actually all is fun from the only actual conscious perspective which we hold and share as the one and sole Knower.  Therefore, none of the following can possibly be foreign to you.


The mind human that’s on the edge so to speak of stage-one ascension, emanates many apparent cautions as it steps along in its narrowing path.  This is so because It acutely senses (more and more) that to bind together in relationships on the earth plain, cannot but constitute distraction—even if only in the slightest degree.  That is, distraction from its deeply intuited spirit journey goal.  This factor is uniquely inbred into the Script which all earth performers follow to the letter. 


But then on the so-called other side of this coin, performers desire intimate bonding especially with ones who also share a peak level of Spirit awareness.  This is all very subtle though because we detect intuitively deep down that we are looking into the water so to speak, to see the moon instead of gazing directly into the sky.  In other words, something deep down says that we cannot possibly achieve the truest satisfaction that we seek by forming a man/woman or same sex union. 


We really seek that union which we imagine to be the Ultimate Union—the Divine /human union.  But this is the best that performers here can do in the beginning and practically all the way down to the drop off point or role termination.  What I mean to say is that there never was and never could be the achieving of such an imagined union.  The seeker of such utterly disappears at role termination and all that’s left is the One.  There never were two—one to be joined or rejoined to some mystical other.  Such is the very unique Way of Our glorious Divine Play.


The great and overwhelming drive in the human to bond in love with a mate is how the earth mind interprets its deepest spiritual feelings and intuitions.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this practice!  Repeated failures in these relationships to bring the imagined happiness and heart satisfaction cause a most powerful degree of confusion to each involved and more so as the two are nearing their journey’s end.  This is what inspires caution on the part of both.  But it’s all good stuff!  Impossible it is for any to go wrong in this or in anything else for that matter.  All is a glorious journey bringing each closer and closer to the true goal.  But a goal that is not so clearly defined.  But that doesn’t even matter.  As there is no possibility of any missing the mark in the end. 


Humans also imagine that they are “learning” from their experiences in all these things.  But this as well is just another appearance within this Great Story and so not at all in accord with the designed mechanics of the Play.  But this doesn’t matter either.  Things get more sorted out as one draws near to his/her role termination.  That is, as you just mentioned, a suspicion begins to get strongly into place that things here must be very distorted in contrast to an obvious Bigger Picture pertaining to what is actually happenings on this Planet and beyond. 


It seems that this is why each acting entity eventually comes to that point where it is clear that nothing really matters and therefore thinking and acting as if it did seems more and more pointless.  It’s an Incredibly Great Production!  It’s got much humor too, but not very well seen as such in earlier stages of performance.


Each one acting out these various roles is truly an individual journeyer through the apparent wilderness of the Play.  Nothing transpiring here is true and actual, nor like any thing or condition in the Realm of the Real.  This is why as one moves closer to their journey’s end, they have less to say and adopt a more or less reclusive pattern of behavior.  This is so because such feel more and more, that they just don’t seem to fit in with most of what’s happening in their environment and so find it extremely difficult or impossible to hold conversations with many around them—the myriad realities obviously differing so greatly. 


The entire idea of “Soul mates” in the Play is very attractive especially to so-called highly aware beings.  This is indicative that one feels the importance of finding or attracting another who is similar in Spirit pursuit.  And this is beautiful too!  It’s all part of the Wonderful Unfolding of the Story being told.  Nothing can be put down!  Everything has great meaning and significance!  The closer one draws to the goal, the more fun such has playing with all these things.  This is also why a sense of “great seriousness” diminishes as one advances on the Path.    In the final analysis, one gets beyond the notion and paradigm of Soul mates.  Not putting it down, but just emerging to a clarity or intuitional depth that there’s something much more powerful beyond, of which the soul-mate idea is but a faint shadow.

There is an old Persian poem that goes something like this:


A prince who had an intimate lover went away on a far journey from his beloved and their castle home.  Much time had passed and finally he began his joyous homeward trek.  When he reached home, he knocked upon the door of his dearly beloved.  Her response came from behind the door: “Who is there?”  The happy prince replied, “It is me”, and spoke his name.  There was a dead silence and the door remained bolted.    Greatly wondering, the young man knocked again.  And the same question was repeated: “Who is there?”  This was getting very strange to the anxious prince.  He thought for a moment in silence, deeply concerned about what was happening.  Then a third time he knocked upon the door of his lover.  And again—came the same response: “Who is there?”  That was it!  There must be something very much out of order.  This thought sent the young man into the deepest contemplation.  Then it dawned upon him.  He knocked once more bringing the very same query from behind the door.   To this he immediately responded: “I Am You.”  And the door opened instantly.


I feel that this will not be confusing to you but instead will provide a happy bounce-back.  Oh what fun we all are having!  Truly, Fun Rules and ceases not on the so-called other side of the veil of dream.  But this fun is supposed to spill over now—big time.  Such is the joyous order of the day for a growing number in this exciting time upon the glorious stage of earth.



The Blessed Story Being Told

On The Earth Stage


Although all are indeed on their journey to role termination whether they realize it or not, I feel it’s healthy to keep a focus on the fact that an incredibly wonderful Story is being told which highly depends on every single role that's being acted out upon this earth stage.  And therefore there is incredible significance to every detail and every event transpiring here.  Very often these take the form of entering into a romance, breaking up from the same, protesting for peace at some government capitol center, taking a trek with one's sweetheart into a high and beautiful mountain on a delightfully sunny and warm day, writing a book, raising a child, getting sick and well again, teaching truth and healing the diseased, the hour commute to the work place, growing a garden, and making the matrix film, etc, etc, etc,. 


And how amazing are the developments in the Story! More and more are apparently tuning in so to speak to Spirit considerations.  And even though much distortion is present, this is really beside the point and doesn’t even matter. The Script being the profound intricate network that It is, there is no option but that all things be perfect just as they are. 


The collective consciousness planet-wide seems distinctly indicative that the masses are presently feeling the need more than ever, that all people come to live in peace and get aligned with Mother Earth.  There is a bumper sticker that's reflective of a rapidly expanding percentage of the people which says: World peace begins at home.  Movies and web-casts are coming forth in unparalleled numbers that lay bare the imperial network that has long manipulated the common masses both by extremely subtle and hidden procedures as well as outright and open atrocity on every continent of the planet.  It is very apparent that the goose is cooked so to speak for this apparently evil and tyrannical factor of dream.  It can hardly be ignored that on some giant scale, all are receiving what many sense as the final wake up call in the Earth Drama Divine.   An excitement never before known seems at present to be penetrating to the very heart-center of most every performing artist in the play.  I rejoice with all! 


Another joyous feature that I well enjoy and have expressed in one of the eight Reality books is as follows.  


Celestial Bulletin—

Date-line Cosmic Play:


Certain it is that the more disillusioned and thus detached from false living performing artists become, the closer is the representation to the actual Nature of the Pure Divine God Being behind the veil of Dream.  However, this too is but an appearance within the Play of Earth—none of which are the way things really Are.


Blessings and great peacefulness to all with the entirety of Love that is contained in the Blissful Infinity which everyone always truly Is.

Namaste, Crys



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