well , first the slime got shot with air . Stranded blops of splahh t clung unto momentary dots splayed out from the impact . Then squat flauts full of dots full of splats , sprung out anchors to stay put till they designed purpose . Hot gases -very spastic , organic strands floating and clinging , spayed and flayed , distressed and upheaval led toward clotting spires thickening . These gases coalesced ; sensing creation . Bright bling blings plummeted , squarely centered and vibrating great notes of purposeful flauts thoughts , creating vibratory evolutions that burst outward becoming words . Now the glands spurt -now the strands doubled : now the genes thought ; now the flauts found design of kind . Further shadows watched with envy - with lust for touch ; this becoming a transversity -a rehearsal of bling bling's already terse rejerksal . Two legged , genet massed , these gene stacked strands learned to speak ..." MINE ! "    Over and over this design spued out thru the times bling bling's found ; like eruptions of flauts become flaunts that had learned think "NO !"  Endless bantering's - forever clotting's , tore any disco joined terseness into shreds where the new strand gas glands with legs , grew heads . The new  'no ; mine' , bling blings with stings : strands with coats , watched as the stacks thickened . But the further shadows now wanted to become 'theirs' , so as to be spared - being scared . Thoughts reglandorated , but mysterilated unto themselves - this became a moment unending and repissilating .

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Comment by earth dirt on January 12, 2014 at 1:27am

                   thank you                 spring wings bright with new life . sparrows song sighting on each clouds quick travel -flinting , winging its song spinning and twirling .

Comment by Sparro Kennedy on January 11, 2014 at 2:14pm
The Weird Tier of Tired Mire

Hot gases.
squarely.centered and vibrating.
thought creating vibrating
bursting outward into words
now doubled
found design if kind
eruptions that had learned to live.
the new strands with coats
as further shadows
Stranded blops.momentary dots. played from impact.
Anchors to stay put.
for a designed purpose
further shadows watched with envy
lusting for touch
a moment unending

...I would be honored if I could design a performance piece based on this poem! In Ocala there is going to be a stage this year!

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