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late on tuesday night My good friend susan b, who has been like My sister since we met in 1978, drove 7 hours in from south arizona so she and I could go wed afternoon to the Guild theater to watch an independent movie called saint misbehavin' which stars the clown Wavy Gravy whose name used to be Hugh Romney when he first began his activism. Wavy is a friend of ours, though rather distant. the flick is about him and the entire hippie movement from our own perspective (that is those of us who never stopped being, who never "co-opted" out.


and the music and the story and the scenes were so mind blowing I cannot describe them... but maybe listing just a handfull of the hundreds of folks involved in the movie would give you an idea - bob dylan, buffy st marie, ramblin jack elliot, jerry garcia and bob weir,jackson browne, odetta, patch adams, ram dass, ... no, that doesnt help. how about the words of a song that wrote itself through Wavy -


human need

human need

doin' what comes naturally

way down

in the garden

where nobody is apart

when down (way down)

way down (way down)

in the garden of your heart


or lines like 'sharing not comparing'

and 'do all your good where it does the most'


anyway, doesn't matter.

except that on thursday susan and I brought together 2 lawyer friends (and one wife thereof) all 3 of whom are straight folk singer musicians, and a hippie and his wife from the east mountains (also musicians) and a hippie and her husband from taos- they are university profs, and an artist hippie lady from santa fe (before that from chicago) and susan and I (bringing together some of our oldest new mexico friends from two different groups who did not previously know one another) and we all ate vietnamese food together and then we joined several other folks we barely knew and melded into an audience of about 60 people to watch saint misbehavin' again... and susan laughed even harder at all the same places where she laughed the first time... and she played spoons during all the singing and I sang and clapped and we got the whole audience doing so in spite of the fact that the guy sitting in front of susan was so uptight that he kept his hands in this wierd configuration the entire 90 minutes of the movie and asked her semi politely to not 'make noise'...


if it costs My last money Iam going to buy a dvd when it is available and I am going to make umpteen copies of saint misbehavin and I am going to share it with all the folks I love


and then I will bring it to washington d.c. and kidnap all the national politicians and make the m___f___ (scused My latin) watch the entire thing at least 4 times.


the scenes most memorable (I cannot remember them all)(hahahaha) included this caravan of 2 hippie busses and a few support vehicles, the buses had a bunch of colorfully dressed hippies sitting on the roof, the buses were painted in more dayglo colors than even G-d ever saw before... driving from Paris to the border of east pakistan to bring food and medical supplies to help the people who were devastated by horrendous weather stuff, only a war broke out and the hippies couldnt get over that border so they went to nepal instead and were welcomed by people who were still living in the 12th century who took em into their homes...


so wavy began doing fund raisers with the grateful dead and so many others, and began the seva foundation which has so far done 250,000 free cataract surgeries for people in nepal, india, tibet, afghanistan, etc...


and the scenes of old toothless laughing people dancing in the dirt roads of the villages with the hippies


and the time they were all camped in a spot in europe where gypsies often camp... and awoke surrounded by tanks and the soldiers asked what can we do to help you, we wish we were soldiers in your army and wavy told them we need socks and next morning awoke under a mountain of socks! and the hippies and the soldiers exchanged clothes and took tank rides and so on, I mean it was so wonderful


and woodstock, where wavy gravy and his hog farm were the "security" so they opened a free kitchen and fed all the broke folks there and after the rain deluge fed "breakfast in bed for 400 thousand people" and their version of security was cream pies and water-misters


I am simply gushing.



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Comment by Moonshelle on August 12, 2011 at 5:01pm
Comment by Moonshelle on August 12, 2011 at 5:00pm

LOL! Now there is a "Like" button and I clicked it. If I could, I would click it for Kenneth and Rahbin.


But this story does make be feel envious. I really appreciate my youth, but I would love to be older just long enough to have some memories like this. Did you know this was history when you were making it?


Yea, you did. You knew it. That's why you did it.


I love you.

Comment by Kenneth Paul Maese on April 5, 2011 at 10:28pm
I agree with Rahbin
Comment by Rahbin on April 5, 2011 at 12:25pm
If there was a 'like' button i'd click it :)

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