The Pearl

“The Person seeing Perfection is the Master.”

(LTM Vol. 6, pp62,63).

 This is not a teaching—it is merely a joyous Self-portrait.




I AM never involved in teaching or healing endeavors, for I forever see and know only the glorious Reality of the Divine Immutable Perfection and all-knowing Intelligence which Is My glorious Self. Besides Me there is no Existence.  Hence, ignorance and illness is not! Impossible it is that any being thing or one could ever exist that is other than That which I Immutably and Eternally AM!  Truly, I recognize the cosmic earth play—My very own joyous production—which incorporates the appearance of a so-called human imperfection consciousness.  One of My exciting activities in this regard is to project into such, in accordance with My pre-scripted design, the Divine Ideal—even the Cosmic Beauty of That alone which is Real and True concerning My Self.

And although appearances seem to the contrary, I do not so project with the thought in mind of inspiring earth role-playing entities to a better life. Because there is no real consciousness besides Me, there are no actually existent beings capable of receiving aught from Me.  However, an earnest effort to reform ones ways is the seeming result.  But this is so only because it is thus scripted within My Divine Play.  

This is to say plainly, that performing entities upon the earth-stage have no actual life or existence.  Humans are not real beings! Earthlings are mere shadow entities and therefore at best, can only be likened to animated figures as in earth cartoons. Hence, there is no actual life or condition to improve. Such is highly evidenced by the recurring chaotic events upon the earth-stage inclusive of all that transpires in the name of spirituality—old age or new. Frenzied control dynamics and pride of opinion demanding impassable boundaries, seems rampant everywhere. 

However, all earth appearances inclusive of so-called evil, suffering, and separation are really non-existent and so occupy no actual place within the measureless expanse of the everywhere present loving Infinity that I AM. A pretend Story only is being told.

My Earth Story Divine

This Earth Story presents an apparently chaotic world of on-going fragmentations of every description, insidious manipulations, birth, aging, unrest, disease, pain, lack, wars, and death.  Not a trace of such is actual or real!  But this dark scenario eventually gives way to the glorious picture of an Eternal Paradise wherein love and giving without any cause, and the harmony of all timelessly abounds.  In My Story, earth entities appear to awaken one by one into and as this Eternity of Bliss—a return, in a sense, to the joyous reality of their True and Real glorious Self—which Is Me.  However, all such is merely an appearance which is never the way things actually are.  Such is the beautiful Theme of My harmless fun Play.

In My Story, I have further designed that this projection dynamic be the object of pursuit by all earthlings or shadow false selves, providing an apparent catalyst for such to embark upon the so-called spirit path. But this path—contrary to proffered and scripted opinions upon the play stage, does not lead to eternal bliss, but rather to disillusionment and the irreversible demise of the ego false self of My Story. Hence, an ever-increasing but never ending relentless struggle begins. That is, the goal to become whole or to evolve what has no reality into That which Is, is never achieved. 

It is in this sense that My projection is said to be as the straw, so to speak, that breaks the camel’s back.  That is, such is the mechanism and sole path designed to bring all earth entities to the sense of total disillusionment.  It is at this point that such conclude their own unreality and thus encounter pre-appointed role-termination. Hence, the little non-mind or human ego drops and the Mind of Me appears in its place.

Among the hints I have injected along the way regarding the unavoidable destiny of the ego false self of My Story, is as follows: “The whole world is racing in the wrong direction for everyone is terrified of non-existence.  That is in reality, the only certain refuge.” Rumi I AM    

It is at role-termination that uninterrupted bliss is said to take the place of the former misery and pain. But such is merely the joyous pre-scripted play event which transpires when the unreality of the false disappears allowing the Fun and all-knowing Bliss Mind which always Is—even the Infinite Mind of My-Self to be disclosed to view.  This is by no means a sudden and new appearance, but rather an unveiling after a sort, of That which was always really present.

Hence, I, in and as all My boundless Bliss, am truly never any farther away than the vanishing of the ego in My Dream Play. This can be likened to the dissipation of the water mirage causing the sand which is always present, to come back into view.  The water is never the sand and the Play shadow-false self is never Me!  Hence, the one never becomes the other! The one must vanish giving place to Fun loving-Me!  All who comprise the Eternal I AM Bliss World have immutably done so—none could possibly be diminished from Such nor any added Thereto—all ego conjecture within My Earth Play to the contrary.  What unspeakable fun We as I AM are always having!

I once said in reference to the imperfection shadow consciousness of My Play: “It is expedient for you that I go away.”  To fabulous earth consciousness, I AM invariably perceived to be underground or unreachable, so to speak.  Be that what it is.  I AM well aware that when I do surface, humans who don’t ever really see Me, perceive Me either as a fearful devil to be ridiculed and/or maligned, or some superior avatar figure to be iconized and worshipped. In the latter case I AM prevailed upon to teach and heal. 

But since I know only the Reality of the Infinite Perfect Whole and the Cosmic Equality of all beings and things which I AM, I must always necessarily decline. Hence, often I AM judged as cruel and dispassionate by the masses of the dead who are busily tending to and burying their dead.  Of course, there is really no such dead-anything, but I have ingeniously made many magical things that are not to appear as though they are.  The fun never ceases!

However, when sufficient of the false are replaced by the Real of Me—even if it’s as the Mind of Me alone, more of My Self in Mind and Body, will appear on stage to play.  It’s all such great Fun!   None are ever really harmed or die. Such is an utter impossibility!  I know well of the pure child-art of pretending in order to tell incredibly interesting and very fun and entertaining stories.  All is in flawless Order as My earth-play advances onward to its grand finale—wherein the remainder of the unreal role-terminate precisely on time.  All that can possibly remain is simply the All that eternally and magnificently Is Me!  What an indescribably fun time that will be!

I play only in the Fun Arena aptly illustrated by Rumi’s Field. Indeed, no other place exists in which to play!

"There is a field beyond right and wrong, good and evil, love and hate, sickness and wellness, ignorance and wisdom, acceptance and rejection, heaven and hell, peace and war, god and devil, birth and death, yin and yang, human and divine, oneness and duality, etc., etc., I'll meet you there." Rumi-paraphrased.

Indeed, Such is the I AM Field of Eternity from which in actuality, no part of Me has ever or could ever depart—for truly, I AM everyone, everywhere, and everything.  Hence, it is quite impossible that any could ever exist who have yet to return to or arrive in any manner Thereat! 

And assuredly, to say there is a field beyond the cosmic drama of a so-called human existence—even though I have made that perfect in being what it is too—is simply more fabulous amusement as well.  For The Realm that Is Me is beyond nothing!  I AM All and the All Is Me! There is simply no place or so-called dimension existing for Me to be beyond.  Hence, no part of Me is waiting for others to show up, nor are there any in route to where and what I AM! All who Are and all that Is, is Me!

Rumi’s thought is well echoed by another embodiment of My happy Self.

“Since everything is but an apparition, perfect in being what it is, having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection—you might as well burst out laughing!”

Longchenpa of Tibet


True, false, or neither:

 To address an evil we wish for extinction,

 instead gives power increasing its distinction.


The dream says ‘the opposites’ are cause for inspiration,

where the presence of darkness provides Light appreciation.

But ages of treating evil having failed to bring good,

should suffice to question how such theory has stood.

To ignore adversity the dream mind calls delusion,

while Heaven Ever declares—Perfections’ beyond intrusion! 


Seeing Perfection no human can endorse,

attending to what’s broken is claimed the true course.

The Works of God naught but God doth achieve,

where the ego of dream exists not to conceive.


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Comment by tikoo on January 16, 2016 at 12:22pm

Well , let us read your play-script . I enjoy dialogue . Opera , too .

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