The Five Steps Needed For Putting Articles Into Action

During your time in college, you would be required to do a lot of academic writing. Since every student is not a born writer, this task can get daunting. There are certain requirements that your academic paper has to meet: it should be original, succulent and neatly structured, and also balanced, properly referenced, and obviously from typos and spelling mistakes. Furthermore, what makes an academic write-up stand out from the rest of the submissions in the class is that it should be engaging and interesting. It needs to impress your instructor enough to give it an A or A+ grade.  Academic topics are generally dry in nature but, a little ingenuity and originality can breathe life and soul into the dullest of essays and papers. Here are five steps you can take to make your academic writing lively and impressive while still staying within the confines of the defined parameters:


Exhibit Interest and Passion

Passion begets passion. If you find the topic dull and boring, it will reflect in your approach and write-up. Consequently, your unenthusiastic writing style would bore your instructor too. On the other hand, if you develop an interest in the assigned topic, you would embrace the researching and writing task more enthusiastically.  It’s not always easy to feign interest in a dull and boring topic, but if you adjust your mind frame and keep the objective in mind, i.e., writing not just to be read but impress so that you can get a good grade, you would be able to dedicate more effort to the job at hand.

Find Interesting Details  

Interesting information and facts can liven up the dullest of topics and pique the reader’s interest. This can be factual information or a human interest angle. For this purpose, you have to carry out your research in a more involved and mindful way. Make use of library resources and EssayServiceScanner. Don’t state the obvious; try instead to find facts and references that are not easy to come about. It’s time-consuming surely but so worth it.

Develop a Unique Perspective

Littering your write-up with mere facts and references isn’t enough; you also have to add your unique perspective to the topic. Most students feel shy or uncomfortable with sharing their own thoughts and perspective on a given topic. They feel that they might be judged negatively or that their instructor doesn’t really care about their perspective. This isn’t true! The purpose of an assignment is not just to check your knowledge on the subject but also your unique stance and perspective, i.e., how do you feel about something.

Use the Active Voice

In the past, scientific literature used to be reported in an objective, passive, and generalized tone to show objectivity but the trend has changed over the years. The passive form of writing is not only boring but also shows a depersonalized approach towards the subject. Beyond a certain point, writing in the passive form tends to get monotonous and tiring for the reader. On the other hand, the active voice shows involvement, action, interest, a “here and now” feeling and engages the readers.

Use a Writing and Editing Software

Most students think that Microsoft Word can help them take out the typos and errors in their work. What they don’t realize is that it won’t help them improve the style and quality of their writing. Since editing tools comprise lots of stylistic checks and parameters, they not only highlight mistakes but provide explanations and recommendations to improve the quality of your writing. In this respect, Grammarly and the Hemmingway app are two great writing and editing tools. Grammarly’s free version helps you correct the minor grammar and punctuation mistakes, whereas the premium version will deeply analyze your work for clarity, precision, vocabulary, plagiarism and will give you suggestions related to improving your writing style.  The Hemingway app is more sophisticated and analyzes your text for readability, length, complexity, density, wordiness, and the use of passive voice.    

With a little imagination, effort, and attention to detail, you can write assignments that can bedazzle your teachers and convince them that your work deserves an A grade at least. Lastly, developing your writing skills won’t serve you well in college but also help you later in your professional endeavors. 

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