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"The Kingdom of God is within and all around you--not in buildings of wood and stone. These are the hidden sayings of the Living Christ. He who discovers these sayings shall not taste death." The Gospel according to St Thomas.  (A quote from the classic film—Stigmata)


Of course, much dream lingo is in play here as there is no such thing as an actual human mind in existence, much less one that could discover anything regarding the Realm of the Real.  But nevertheless this is the fun lingo utilized here on this earth plain. Alone at role termination stage one does that bogus mind which perceives such vanish from the dream stage leaving not the slightest trace. Only That Mind which Is remains having the full knowledge that so-called death is but an unreal stage prop of the Earth Drama Divine.


But interestingly enough we might think of sayings such as above and those which are to follow, as concepts in code, which are framed in such language as to never be de-coded by the mind of dream.  And true it is, that upon stage one role termination the hidden language is not merely de-coded but said to have never been clothed in mystery to the One Eternal Mind which resides within and all around that dream body from which the ego or earth mind has utterly vanished. How unique to contemplate such things in this glorious consummation Age of the Grand Cosmic Play!


The following are related concepts offered by Lillian de Waters' in Atomic Light. (The 'concepts in code' are obvious).


"The coming of the end of the world means the coming to an end of the diabolical belief that we are a human race. Every doctrine, belief or teaching, identifying or classifying us as mortal, humanity, mankind or humanhood, with human minds to be elevated or put off; with bodies which are human, temporal and material; will be (indeed are Now in the Sole Existing Mind) perceived and known as imperfect knowledge; and shall be rolled together as a scroll, and shall perish from the earth." p17


The cry of the mind-human so long as such survives.

"The cry of today is for something that will bring results into human experience--end wars, put money into purses, health into bodies, and happiness into personal affairs. Such longings as these, however, proceed from the fallacious belief and teaching that each is a separate being, and that all live together in a world which is external. Accepting this wrong premise, one excludes oneself from seeing and experiencing the true World in which Wholeness and Happiness forever abide." p74


Will humans construct a utopian world?


"What does it profit one, though year after year he takes human footsteps to bring Spiritual Perfection into a huiman existence, if in the end, he discovers that the whole set-up of human existence is rooted in a fallacy--the fallacy that we are someone beside God, living in some place beside the Perfect World." pp128-129

""Those who call themselves human beings cannot find a solution to their human problems." p135

"When one adopts the idea that he must bring Truth into expression, he overlooks that fact that the Self Is Mind and Manifestation as One.

"The very word demonstration is thought of as the practice of Truth over error; the use of Truth to heal disease, sorrow or sin.

"One of the old sayings of the East, is that 'Satan is the science of demonstration'.

"As a human being, one seeks and prays for the things which are already his as Spiritual Being." pp138,139

"God is not the source of anything. God Is Everything. As This Mind we know there is no humanhood, no mental influence, no material mindedness, no traditional beliefs, no Adam-race, no personalities or human beings; no error that has existed down the centuries or centuries to elapse before Truth will be universally expressed." pp143-plus.


Bless this time of Role Termination in Mass—leaving naught but That World wherein the Knowing abounds that no Real Beings ever actually descended hence none ever return thereto.


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