So Totally Groovy Is Our Divine Movie

Truly, all things- events and circumstances happen for a glorious divine purpose. 

Appearances seem to loudly declare that our earth-life path is as a training ground or laboratory in which we seem to be getting important things figured out—remembering that which was forgotten, etc.    The so-called Spirit life seems to be a process of elimination where one is progressively dumping old habits, thoughts, beliefs, etc. that prove no longer to be of value. Many say this is the sure path to enlightenment.  But is this a truistic picture of what’s actually transpiring within the Earth Drama Divine?

Assuredly, all are the most profoundly beautiful Divine Beings in and as the True and Actual Omni-loving Self. Such is the absolute truth of all!  However, the earth matrix seems to very well portray a race of people who apparently have no clue concerning this Reality Identity Picture.  This Pure Divine Essence seems to be totally blocked from view-not merely in others with whom each interact, but in every one’s estimate of their very own self as well. 

It’s like a water mirage in a desert place.  So long as the unreal mirage of water appears, the dry sand, which is what’s really there, seems obscured from view.  The elimination of the unreal in this case means the sudden appearance of the real.  The unreal and the real are by no means one and the same thing. The water is not the sand-hence, never forgot that it was!  Interestingly enough, the apparent role of the water is to dominate and to invariably and persistently masquerade itself as the sole reality, thus seemingly hiding from view the actual reality of the sand. 

While the real Divine Identity of all is portrayed in this metaphor as the sand, the water can very fittingly be thought of as representative of the human ego of the earth-dream.  Hence, it seems reasonable that in order for the Real Divine Self to come forth into view as the lovely truth of us all, the obscuring essence of the false-self must disappear. 

Hence, the grand purpose within the dream matrix, obviously is all about the disappearance of the unreality of the ego or false-self in order that the Beauty of I AM shine forth in all Its Radiant Abundance and Magnificence.  It’s not about re-educating or changing in any way that which has no reality and trying to assimilate such into That which Is. That which is unreal never becomes real.  The unreal must drop.  Only then will That which Truly Is, remain, just like the desert sand. 

Therefore, human egos can attempt to better themselves—throw off old habits, beliefs, and thoughts— reform, re-organize, awaken, become enlightened, clean up the old in order to evolve into or become the NEW from now until doomsday, and never will any worthy end be achieved thereby.  Things just don't work thus in the Earth-Matrix Divine.  After all such so-called spiritual gymnastics are accomplished—the water remains the water still! Obviously, all roles are designed to be thus performed.  And yet, assuredly, all roles constitute the sure path to the irreversible demise of the ego of dream.  

Uniquely and amusingly enough, all paths are marked at every step, by two opposing factors battling for supremacy.  While the false self is ever seeking validation for its supposed strides toward enlightenment, the same is simultaneously plagued with an ever-increasing sense of the futility of all human effort to succeed.  Although these fabulous dynamics struggle against each other as armies on the field of battle, neither ever win!  In the end, the false and unreal must irreversibly go down—inclusive of its train-load of cunning tricks. There is no other destiny for the unreality of dream!  In actuality, the water is not never was and never will become or hide the Sand!  Appearances within the fun theme-park called earth are never the way things really are.  Such is the magical Way of the Divine Cosmic Play!  

The foregone conclusion of the whole matter, is, that all events and circumstances of life on the earth-stage, in each individual case, are pre-calculated to lead each fabulous performer to eventually and irreversibly disappear.  This done-all that can possibly remain as beautiful and eternally blissful as ever, is the Universal God-Self of all.   Impossible it is that Such was ever or could ever actually be hid by a watery illusion called the ego-false self of a dream!  Truly, there is no enlightenment—there is only the Eternal Radiant Light of I AM.  All Is That very Thing!  None ever did or will awaken to become or return to being That! This is the Joyous Knowing of us all. There is but One Eternal Knower—We Are That One!  Naught else ever did or could exist!  And amusingly enough—no need have We to remember that We never forgot aught!

With entertainment the likes such as this,

naught can prevail save absolute Bliss.

Causing to appear that which is not,

brings fun and a laughter that’s truly beyond thought.

Evil is not and harm cannot be,

this is the truth of the One who can see.

Hilarious themes- a quality sublime,

such is the heart-art of the Lover Divine.


The Song of Solara

“This Planet is merely a playground for Gods and Angels.  Some of us are playing the roles of ‘good guys’ and some of us are the ‘bad guys’, but sooner or later, this Play is going to be over.  After the make-up and costumes are removed, who is going to remain?  Just some Celestial Beings of Light who finally completed a Grand Adventure, a tiny Cosmic Play.

“In the meantime, during those days that find you grouchy and mean, or sobbing with tragedy, try to remember what is really happening.

“We are being called upon to let go of and complete our entire cycle of earthly embodiments in just a few short years!

“Honor the progress we have made.  Bless those emotions and experiences.  Soon enough, you will be graduating from the human condition.  And who knows, maybe then we’ll discover how much fun it was and be sorry that it is over.”

The Star Borne, by Solara, 3rd ed., 1991, p109


Longchenpa of Tibet

“Since everything is but an apparition, perfect in being what it is, having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection, you might as well burst out laughing!”


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Comment by Fink Tuttle on March 5, 2016 at 2:57pm
So the theme is that the eyes see more than can be imagined? Good argument! The enlightened ones give thanks and praise. I think they are imaginary warriors for preserving the integral truths within us all. Fighting shananagans from loud children that turn into monsters that torment and alienate us from love. I suppose the enlightened ones then to be knights in shining armor, but there is a monster or wound in me that pits me against many things. I hope to find more punks and hippies who can enlighten and/or heal me.
Comment by Cryst Aqueous on January 14, 2016 at 7:16am

I love you forever my beloved Rainbow Spirit Brother.

Comment by Freewheeling Franklin on January 14, 2016 at 7:08am

sacred wisdom for my heart blessings to you my beautiful friend

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