Smiling People With Awkward Reputations/An Idea For NM 2009

I had a vision/idea today that could be a fun and wonderful social experiment. Well actually it is something that has been with me for awhile but today the idea roared in me like a lion making it fresh and new like springs happy foot.

Ok, you decide but here goes...Btw, this is for those that plan on making it to New Mexico rainbow...

So lets try something different this summer where the guys come in suits,tuxedos,finger snapping good slacks,etc and the ladies in fine dresses(flapper,etc) and extravagance. I don't mean to imply to shop at expensive stores but rather support your local thrift store. Most thrift stores have something dressy and formal and usually can be purchased for under 10-15 dollars. Or for 20-30 you could easily come out of there with enough clothes for your stay at the gathering. Or have a clothes swap party with friends, hit up flea markets and well you get the idea on how to do it with pennies.
If many of us arrived wearing "nice" clothes I am sure the media,local community,the feds,etc would have such a difficult time using the hippie tag that certainly something positive could result from all of this. All in all, I am sure the local community would have a hoot and the feds would be dumbfounded.
Guys if you don't know how to dress snazzy then ask a girlfriend or your sister or mom or whoever can tidy you up. And ladies, I am jealous of your choices at thrift stores and there is certainly no reason for you to disappoint. I know you won't.
I am laughing as I write this but I am for real. Just think about it and give the idea a chance. It is an inexpensive and harmless opportunity that could have a huge sociological impact, and hell, this life is so short what do we have to lose?

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Comment by tenali on March 21, 2009 at 1:18pm
Let me add that if anyone is into this idea then help will be needed...Tell your friends via email,blogs,etc and also tell those that don't use the net...Imagine if hundreds or thousands of us arrive in dress and suits. I know many won't participate but then again if your gonna dream might as well dream big and besides we already know what the media and Feds will say "Rainbow is aging hippies that began almost 40 years...blah blah blah". Lets give them something else to talk about.
If this does take off the age old pigeon hole of what "rainbows" are will be greatly avoided. Help stir the pot because the soup has been needing it for some time....
Comment by Chris Tinney on March 21, 2009 at 9:25am

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