invitation to settlers. I'm putting out there... Please share... I'm looking for up to three adults to share my three acres in ideal survival area weather wise. gardening zone 7a and not too far from Uwharrie forest in NC. two hours drive from black mountain and four hours drive to the ocean. county living within walking distance to main street. damned lake and two major creeks. the land has a low volume artesian spring providing year round. close neighbors are tolerant and good people. no minors. no debt. up to three mature adults invited to inquire of mutual agreements... serious minded only please. repairs, sparse, close to primitive conditions due to neglect, composting, gardening, maintenance. if you're already familiar with the piedmont section of NC the better.... private discussion by phone. contact me initially to provide your phone number and I will call at your convenience. Only those free to relocate with a personal income need inquire.   No investment is required but we get what we pay for and earn through our labor.

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Comment by Countrypagan on January 7, 2012 at 1:05pm

mountain bear, thank you for adding to this discussion.  Yes, it's a beautiful area and I so I boast.   otherwise, It's just a place to be and do...  And as you know, it doesn't matter how nice the area, folks around my age are not likely to relocate very far from "home".  Frankly speaking, I don't have any reason to believe it will happen ( i'm too analytical and practical thinking ) but if this sparked some ideas then it was worth the time to create.   I'd like a combination greenhouse with solar shower.   Have you seen plans for such a set up?

Comment by Wajos Awasos"Mountain Bear" on January 7, 2012 at 11:51am

      The activity line to the right of the page caught my attention . Settler's needed : .

 I have been in the Piedmont area of N.C. a nice area of country . Reading your blog on this subject ;

I had noticed you have only 3 acres ; I have 5 ac. in a remote area of Minn. No spring but a drilled well , that is pumped by solar power ; as I am off the grid ...  My own thinking has been along the same lines , as your's is but I haven't got enough established ; or so I thought anyway . I also felt I truly don't have enough land to suggest the whole idea as something as is do-able . 

 I haven't got a garden established , tried and failed , I've come up with the idea to place two pick up box liners together to make a raised bed , garden ; also just this last fall , I was given a Green house to move as a trade . With every thing to go with it ; less potting soil & plant food . Although pots of all sizes to grow stuff in . I have not figured out how to model the idea ; you have something of an idea , I would be interested in hearing what you had come up with , that may work for me ; would you let me know .... Thank You : "Mountain Bear"  In the Native language : Ada(or)Wa jo  Awasos : Be-Well

Comment by Countrypagan on January 7, 2012 at 10:41am

Yeah, I forgot to add...  there is no exchange of money.  you supply for your personal needs/stashes.  communal meals are communally supplied.    

Comment by Countrypagan on January 7, 2012 at 10:11am

About me for the like minded settlers match.   I am a straight peace loving pagan crone.  I am not political.  I don't compete.  I like to walk. I'm an herbalist.  I honor the land and other creatures.  I like to pick up trash at the lake once a month.  I enjoy soulful discussions. I like to celebrate seasons.  I like food like potatoes, seasoned greens, onions and cornbread.  I like the NC mountains and beaches.   I like long walking journeys.  I would like to make my own travel journal and used to do crafts and would like to do crafts again.  I have trouble organizing.  I enjoy simplicity and sounds of nature.  I enjoy gardening.  I am attuned to the sun moon and sunset and sunrise.  I talk alot. 

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