Ocala Gathering 2012 (Unofficial...just my story)

My computer and post,,ing stuff is new to me.  I started this in a discussion forum, it seems to me I should put it in a blog.

      To recap so far (for those thousands who missed the earlier comments.

      The opening vision was very well attended....again our thanks to Berry, Momma Donna, Marco, Chime.....and all the others who took the time and put in a lot of hard work for all us kids!

      Holding camps have sprung up all around.  I'm at Silver Dollar lake with a pretty large group.

      Crews went out yesterday to start the laborious task of cutting trails and opening space for places like Kiddie village.  There are some strong concern that the Walnetto's.....or is that Palmmetto??  whatever they are called...and cactus will be a safety issue for kids...and those who perhaps find their walking a bit compromised from...ever shifting gravity fluxes....  Another concern is that since the area was burned 18 months ago....that there will be a lot of ash dust....hmmmm.

     Speaking of large quantities of Alcohol....  The kids are 'putting down a few....toooo many.  I'm always sadly reminded how disturbing the angry voices can be when drunkenness diminishes one's to know when 'things are going out of control.  There have already been at least a couple fights.

      On a more positive not though.....a few of the past offenders have said to me that they REALLY do want to trade up to become peace makers.... This is good.  The problem can be of course that people who have been drinking for so many years...and in such large quantity, seem to lose the sense to know when a 'buz' becomes 'shitfaced'.   Alas....

     The gooooood, super dupper goooderest news is that I'm meeting strong, grounded hippie couples..AND a growing number of youngsters....(OH my God....I just realized I'm old enough to say 'Youngsters!!??),  that are very clear and industrious.  Lot's of goodish vibes.

      I continue with hope for the best gathering ever!   Peaceon Friends and Family.


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Comment by Rogue Phallen on February 24, 2012 at 2:47pm

Yo Franklin J.

     Thanks again for the kynd words.   Someday I hope to meet you and see first hand, some of those incredible homes you photo!  Did you meet up with Dave Burton?  A

rock shop? or maybe that was someone else......   Anyway... we'll burn one for the God/Goddess!!


Comment by Freewheeling Franklin on February 24, 2012 at 6:43am

No but I got a fatty,morning brada you were just as much a positive as was anybody else who chose to be, blessings to your energy the cyber connection was awsome maybe we could have a rainbow hotline at info,these indigos might be a little disconected, but they"are honestly searching and yearning for phamily and the urgency is very evident.Thanks for understanding without judgement for babylon dishes out plenty of that for us all to deal with.Suns riseing here on the beautiful oregon coast looking forward to another glorious day in paradise,take care bro

Comment by Rogue Phallen on February 24, 2012 at 5:42am

My internet connection has been very unreliable.....so this may be the last word here.

      Over all, a pretty nice gathering.  ( The very bad scene at seed camp aside)

I especially enjoyed spending stretches of time with family that I had met in previous years, but never had the chance to really get to know.  The depth and insight that I have had the pleasure to indulge my thoughts with have been inspiring and healing.

     I have grown more than any old dog like me could reasonable hope to expect.  My heartfelt thanks to the many friends here who make this majic all work.

       SEE YA'LL IN O'CALA....................LUVINYOU..........................Rogue

                              (Hey man,,,, ya got a cigarette? )

Comment by Rogue Phallen on February 17, 2012 at 5:51am

Thanks for your thoughts Freewheeling. The circle last night was OK. Not what I would call vibrant.....but not as discordant as the other night though. It's such a mix of hope and despair that it is hard at times to know what to make of it all. Sadly too, there is a lot of thefts as well.  I've had things taken on two occasions.  It makes it more difficult to feel safe and at peace.  these things have great sentimental value......and very little monetary worth.    ahhhwelll.

      I'm still often very uplifted by the meeting of fine....fine folks, that make it all worth the efforts and occasional cost.

                        "WAKE UP AND RAGE"...?     IS THAT WHY WE ARE HERE?

I hope there is more.........................Rogue

Comment by Freewheeling Franklin on February 16, 2012 at 7:07am

Why dose this sort of thing happen? the gathering has evolved into a rave,nightime charades and burned out days recovering to just do it again,the reason and purpose for our gatherings has been hidden,taken a back seat to the dysfuntional reflection of what we are trying to escape from.I was wondering if there was anyone else that feels this way?My purpose for attending is the focused group with intention for growth nurturing and respectful energy.I am having a hard time finding it anymore,these kids are looking to escape babylon but they carry the very ideals that babylon represents with them into our circle.Its time to purge this energy so we can focus on transitioning out of this dark vampirestic mentality.


Comment by Rogue Phallen on February 15, 2012 at 3:44pm

Recovering from a long night at the fire.

     Some trouble in Paradise.   At least from my view.  A few people have commented to me that the energy at the fire was....."not good"?    I felt a sharp drop in the energy......discordance in the drums..... what?     AAAhhhh, them I smelled the stench.   DMT.   I encounter resistance when I try to explain the the family that this drug.....after all the fireworks and visions...... are over.....you are drained and empty.......or you begin to tap and steal the energy of those around you.   The circle was broken by 'black holes of need and hunger......for more glitter.  It is my experience that all that color comes at the cost of the inner eye's vision.    Yes, you keep doing it, and you will go blind.  

     I worry.  This is not the first time I have seen it's effects that lower the overall energy flow of the group.

     Pray for Wisdom.

Comment by Rogue Phallen on February 14, 2012 at 6:05am

     I would be remiss, if I didn't also make note that 'Fat Kids' kitchen is, as always a very strong group that not only turns out tons of food, but was a true force is site preparation.  Thanks to you folks, and all the others that work behind the scenes that I don't see.  You know who you are.

Comment by Rogue Phallen on February 14, 2012 at 6:00am


      Thanks to all the Gods it is getting warmer.  Nice pretty morning after an excellent night around the fire.

      In some past blogs, I mentioned some bits of trouble at the Silver Dollar holding camp,......well one of the key groups for "problems" was a group called the "Goat Camp".   They are turning out to be a pleasant surprise.  As it turned out one day while I was doing some 'Spirit Card' readings, one of the goat kids showed up and we had an interesting talk.  According to him, they were embarrassed by their own behavior.....more to the point, they were 'ashamed by their reputation.  They have decided to step up and fix it.   ......They are doing many things that are doing just that.  Their pressence is very strong.......... People collecting 'Pocket Trash' everywhere you go......it's getting so one can hardly fill a pocket with crap before these kids come along and ask for it!  Well done.

      But wait, there is more...... they have been serving food at main circle every night that I've been there.  That is a lot of work and effort...... my heartfelt thanks for both the deeds....and the intent.

If the goal is to earn respect....and gratitude..... they are winning me over.  Thanks Goat Camp!

     My activities are hardly note worthy in contrast, but I sure have enjoyed sharing my ideas and hopes for a stronger and happier rainbow family.  I can't even come close to giving back as much as I have received.  

     Wishing you were all here.    Especially one of the brightest lights on this site... Hippie Angle!  I'm going to announce it here and now.  I want to establish a fund for her to come to the US for a gathering....... for all she does in the hearts of so many.  Thoughts?  If there are a lot of responses, I'll start another Blog Title.

                Peaceon andon.......................Rogue        (every morning feels like....I just know there are presents under every tree and tarp!)

Comment by Rogue Phallen on February 13, 2012 at 1:49am

      Did I forget to mention it's cold?  My heart goes out to everyone out in this cold.  I'll have lots of Hot Coffee and Chocolate ready....it's not yet 5 am.

      If you are on your way......extra tarps and warm stuff?

Comment by Rogue Phallen on February 13, 2012 at 1:42am

       Kinda sad.......I'm not the eveready bunny! Jeeeze, I spend the day in trade circle reading animal spirit cards, dance the fire at night......then nap the whole next day.... Alas, I did have long drawn out illness this summer....so maybe I'll perk up over time. I sure hope so. I have so much fun meeting folks....especially the newbies that want to see Hippies in their natural habitat.                                          Cricket dropped by, but no sign of Shisha, my breakfast date......I've gone through six boxes of Blueberry pancakes already....you know, so I'd 'have em ready... :) If anyone has a deck of spirit cards laying around....? Will trade, mine seem to have flitted off to some dimension unknown. Sure miss them. Guess I'll have to clean house. Maybe they were to embarrassed to hang out in such a messy domicile.... Till then                                                                                                                                                                                  Peaceon andon...............Rogue

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