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[The following is transcribed from a video that was taken on October 11th, 2010. I had ingested some consciousness-enhancing substances set up a camera to record what would happen, since this was the first time I had partaken in these chemicals alone. While the video has since disappeared, I was able to save a word file that I made when transcribing the video into text several days later.  This is part of my speech made to no one but myself, after experiencing a transcendental moment of clarity. It has not been edited and some parts are disjointed, as anyone with experience of consciousness-alteration knows eloquence is not the easiest thing to master while your mind is swirling.]

 These experiences are the only thing - wait, not even - these experiences are the very definition of life, aren't they? One experience to the next, one human being experiencing another. If I experience this day with one other person, who experiences it with two other people, who experiences it with five other people, we're all sharing the same day. The same sigh, the same smile, the same frown, the same hunger that you feel around 2:30 is the same hunger felt by those continents away. That smile that you get when you look into the eyes of your children or your loved ones is the same smile on everyone's face when they see the same sight.


You know, we like to put all these different labels on people. We need to de-label ourselves. Like, you can't just say "American," because that would imply "white American." You have to say "African American" or "Latino American." But it's so so stupid. Why aren't we just people? What makes me any different than any of the other 3 billion women on the planet? Or the other 7 billion homo sapiens on the planet? I am one of 7 billion homo sapiens on a planet literally teeming over with an almost infinite number of living organisms from single celled amoeba all the way up to, I would say we're probably the most advanced, but I don't know. Maybe they have a computer way more advanced than us somewhere in Tokyo. <laughs> But what makes us so different, really? We go through the same stages, we seek a mate, we procreate, we perpetuate the societal norm, whatever it may be, however it may be defined. And we live our lives. We live our lives the best that we can and we've done this since before consciousness. Literally from before we were even conscious, we were doing this just for sheer survival. On instinct alone we did this. To realize what we've accomplished and what we haven't is really staggering, when you realize that potential.You realize that it's almost like a glimpse of godliness. And not in some egotistical, narcissistic sense, but in the sense that truly comprehending, you can understand and fully realize how unified every single thing that can be scientifically categorized as living in our world - how unified we all are. You can feel it and it's just not something that is ever subject to doubt.


But yet you can also feel that for all this realization, for all of this, we have shown nothing but disregard to the very planet that sustains our very existence in the first place. We, her humble and in fact, ungrateful inhabitors, can't even honor her, which...most mothers will kind of avert their eyes to the gaze of an unruly child in regard to themselves, but a mother will intervene when her children are squabbling among each other. It's like we don't even have the respect for the earth, which we should have, but when she says "That's ok, that's ok. But my children, what are you doing to one another? Why haven't you learned yet?" I feel like she keeps telling us, she keeps telling us and giving us all these millennia and she's not going to instruct us how to stop fighting. She's going to give us as long as it takes for us to figure it out ourselves. The unfortunate thing is while most people would outright reject the use of any sort of psychedelic or even have anything positive to say about it, they need it the most. They keep us polarized in our political and religious ideologies. And who cares? Let's stop focusing on this external bullshit, ok? It's just bullshit! That's all it is. It's even less than bullshit. It's just so external and it's the most conniving thing I can imagine.


Because all of these little categories that we have for each other, you know, we have the whites and the blacks and the Jews and the Latinos and the Asians and the so on and so forth and it's just as if that isn't compartmentalized enough, then we can throw religion into it and when religion gets involved now instead of just having whites and blacks, you know have Lutheran, Protestant, Mormon, Catholics, etc. and the list goes on for miles with how many splits are in the Christian Church alone. But...and that's just among the consensus for white folks. Add in black folks. How many practice Protestantism or Catholicism or Islam? How many whites practice Islam? And we just keep compartmentalizing ourselves so much more and so much more and it's just bullshit. The government has decided to keep our minds occupied. If they say "We, the religiously tolerant people of America wish to extend our financial aid to less fortunate countries than our own." if they were that open ended about it, then we'd actually see progress. And they can't see progress so instead it has to be "If we white Mormons give to the African American Scientologists then it would violate the teachings of blah blah blah" and we get so aggravated about it and we go on for days in the media: when there's religion or politics involved it can turn into war. Decades long war, or even in centuries-long war. But all of this little nitpicking is all it is. If we take each label off, if we can remove all the labels from one person, we can do it for everyone.


And then the government would be in trouble because the minute I can say "Here is a very right-wing, ultra conservative, pro-life Baptist white woman" and I take away each thing...what difference does it make if she's left leaning or right leaning? So what? In regards to what? Whatever the moral standards are of the day? And those are completely irrelevant due to their subjectivity and tendency to change, so we can toss that out the window. What's left? Pro-lifer? You can get rid of pro-lifer because, again, it's arbitrary and subject to whatever generational time-span is going on at the moment. So we can knock that off the list. What's next? Oh right, Baptist. Well that just means how she reads a certain holy book of her time. There have been probably as many holy books as there have been civilizations and whether or not they're true, everyone has their own opinion on them. So let's stop arguing and throw that label out too. So now we've eliminated her religion, her politics, what's left? Her race. She's a white woman. But in regards to what? What difference does "white" make? Here it makes a difference because societal ideals for beauty are based mainly on the "white" look but in other parts of the world, there are Nubian goddesses or Indian goddesses, so women from all different colors and sizes are renowned for their beauty. So ethnicity and ethnic features are of no importance whatsoever outside of what is aesthetically pleasing. So we can throw that out too. So now she has no race, no religion, no politics. So what's left? Simply a human being. You can do that with one and all of a sudden you can do it to 7 billion in the blink of an eye.


Politics are arbitrary and don't matter because the only things that they're there for is to keep our minds busy, to keep our pockets empty, and to keep us distracted from the simple thought that none of us have to starve, none of us have to die from preventable diseases because we have the technology. We have advanced and evolved far enough to make famine and disease almost obsolete in almost every part of this world. And yet there are probably about at least 3 homeless people if I walk in a 10 block radius from here. And why? Because all those little labels are doing their job. Whenever you see someone homeless or destitute, or hungry and sick, remind yourself that's politics in action. Every little distraction, every flare up "He said Allah! He meant Jehovah!" All that is, is masterminded propaganda to keep us distracted from the simple fact that, if we demanded it, the governments would crumble. And instead of giving trillions and trillions of dollars to finance private jets and luxury ski lodges for the rich and famous 2% elite of the world, rather than paying for them to live their lives of luxury which we do as taxpayers, we would realize that our brothers and sisters need us and we can help them. But then there wouldn't be any private jets or fancy ski lodges for the wealthy. Then you can see why they keep us distracted. 


October 11th 2010 

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