Hello everyone! We are working as a group to get Medical mj decriminalized then completely legalized but it is going to take baby steps..here are the minutes I took while at the meeting..you can email me if you have any questions or if you would like to contribute to our efforts! endthewarondrugs@gmail.com

I. Present and Accounted for:
Christine Beems
Marjorie LeClair
Robert Reed
Tommy "Toad" Cauley
Day Brown
Ali Shanti

II. Agenda
To discuss our option for the Legalization of Marijuana

III. Reading & Approval of Minutes and Treasury Report
Christine Beems states Minutes from Last Meeting:
Objective to Decide on Legislation Directives
Christine Beems states Treasury Report:
As yet no treasurer and no moneys

IV. Reports of Standing Committee
Tommy "Toad" Cauley reported :
Toad tried to get in contact with the Attorney General. He appeared at the Public Policy Commission Meeting in Conway. Says there were approximately 90 people present at the meeting. He is in hopes to get them to help us. States that they are environmentalists. He has also been in contact with Eddie Hawkins- State Representative.

V. Old Business
<> Discussion of the group goals:
Previously stated goals:Our primary goal is to have a significant voice in the languaging of any legislation pertinent to anyone cultivation, imbibing or marketing marijuana; our overarching objective is to ensure that med-mj is freely available for therapeutic use and that citizens are free to cultivate mj for commercial or personal purposes the same way one would grow grapes, hops, corn or grains that are used to produce wine, beer, and hard liquor.
Agree to change our goal statement and to Rewrite our goal statement.
Suggestions were:
To separate industrial and person use of MJ in our goal statement.

<> Discussion of whether this group is ready to and will endorse a specific proposal.
Robert Reed made clear that we have 2 options (less 3)
A. Constitutional Amendment- stated sticky business/expensive
Rules and Regulations to follow: 364,000 signatures in 180 days @ $2.25 per
B. Legislation Proposal- stated sticky business/not expensive
Rules and Regulation to follow: No signatures and no petitions needed
Brought up by Christine Beems
C. Class Action Civil Suit
Must prove Marijuana Users are in a class of themselves, a minority with cause for suit through discrimination. Would need to meet with Lawyers.

<> Inventory of skills, talents, resources and abilities available both within and outside group.
Agreed: each of us have our own resources and peoples we can reach.

<>Discussion of strategy and assignment/undertaking of specific tasks related to any such agreed-upon strategy.
Agreed to take B. Legislative Proposal with option for gathering information for C. Class Action Civil Suit

VI. New Business
Naming our organization using acronyms for easy public identification of our group.
Ali Shanti to search for Acronyms and to email them to all

Phone Conference with Senator Randy Lavery
Mr. Laverty stated: Legislation for the Legalizing of Medical Marijuana. Mr. Laverty is very serious about the issue at hand. Mr. Laverty suggested we correspond and meet with Butch Stone, coordinator and promoter. If we are to pass the Legislation we will need advertising in newspapers, radio stations, phone calls, and speaking at local events, to name a few. Proposed meeting with Mr. Stone and Mr. Lavery.

<> Report from Day and Ali on ARkNORML
Day and Ali both agree ARkNORML are not taking the initiative to be "active".

<> Call for 'Any Additional Business; and/or 'Public Comments' and/or Announcements
Christine Beems stated: We should get a copy of the US Dept of Agriculture's "How to Grow Marijuana"
Robert Reed suggested: We should get a copy of the Popular Mechanics Magazine issue Hemp Crop Machine
Christine Beems reminded group about www.gozarks.com hemp time-line

<>Called to Adjourn.

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Comment by Leslie Lou on March 8, 2010 at 9:06pm
Damn proud work!
Comment by ☯ Firelight ☮ ♥ ☼ on February 9, 2010 at 11:08pm
good for you lil' sister! check out my last blog post (busy in New Mexico). Proud of you hun!

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