In the spirit of giving I wanted to share with all of you here a small piece I wrote recently, I hope you enjoy!
Guilding Lights written by Ronda Jane for Visions Magazine Online as a readers submission.
I have edited this post so that the piece may read here, I just really liked how the pictures added that visual feeling to the piece. I put the url in a comment I posted below. Lots of Love, RJ

..Guiding Light
..Count each sparkling and speckled stone beneath the light covered waters, so are the ways of being between the ..mirror and the sun.

..Guiding Light? No, not the soap opera, but you. Everyone we come in contact with is a guide on this plane of existence, everything we touch… reaching for the knowledge within that object, the sacred knowledge within… the vibrations that dance with wisdom, purpose, and truth. Taking for granted that it is understood the inherent value of perhaps… a spoon as it cradles nourishment to our lips or more common throughout existence the rock, silent and strong wearing the weathered edges of existence itself. Just as the inanimate holds for us meaning, purpose and knowing, so too should every living being be revered.

..Every animal, bird, or insect tells us another way of being, each of their own design according to its environment and the inherent knowing of how to be in harmony with the world it finds. It does not find itself separate from the world but acutely in tune… breathing, listening, and balancing as a spider on its web with each vibration feeling, hearing and sensing volumes of information from the world around. Each leaf, sunray…drop of morning dew fulfilling its purpose and sharing of its energy unconditionally.

..The natural give and take of every living being endowed with its own gifts or grace with the means for life and the ability to create, transform and adapt to sustain life. All with inherent value, purpose and knowing, as are all unseen ways of being. Yes, I brought it here… to the microcosmic level of cells and quantum possibilities or to the astronomical level of the macrocosm, that is to the stars, galaxies, black holes, and universes abound, or to spiral vortexes, dreams and the place where time and space as constructs do not exist. Know all this too reaches the spider’s web. So in the face of all this purpose, knowing and being how is it we as a species are left feeling so disconnected and lost.

..Deep sigh, this is where I hesitate, I mean the fear creeps in, I hear anger and judgment in the voice of my thoughts, I do not want to judge, I am a seeker of truth across all realms, the chance for survival of anything real, innocent or pure finding its way through the filters of my perceptions and experience, the many labyrinths of construct provided so discreetly for me by the way of beliefs, systems of thought that pervert true vision and knowing… I might be reduced to falling into… No, I will not judge another anymore than I would want to be judged or to witness you judged my friend.

..We are all divided by the many separations that occur through our “belief systems”, through the unnatural constructs that do encompass and attempt to redefine how we view the natural world and our true place within it, on this planet, this vast and wondrous wealth of beauty, balance and harmony. Whether those beliefs be cultural, political, religious… sorry for using the boxes, the one word that is supposed to sum up the whole of one mode of thought, ahhh… but the boxes I think I dislike most are the “ism” boxes, classism born of greed and want, racism a weapon smelted out of ignorance cutting invisible lines of segregation so that sacred knowledge is never shared, this I believe is the reason for the genocide of the tribes. Judgments passed upon human beings for the amount of money or perceived power one has over another or even more ridiculous by the color of one’s skin.

..This names only two, never mind nationalism, patriotism all the “isms” used to brainwash the masses to create wars, to feed classism which needs racism to justify all there isms in the first place. The greatest war tactic ever construed was divide and conquer. So if you look back into history the place where all these divisions occurred and see the progression through the ages, climb a mountain and view the forest above the trees, you begin to see the grid. Whew, and you wonder why the fear and hesitation… yet deeper down the rabbit hole she ventures to the mysterious world of religion. Relax, breathe, okay, I’m just kidding. Not today anyway.

..Today I just wanted to acknowledge the guides of light in my life through true knowing, through just simply being without labels or boxes or beliefs, just you whoever you may be that crosses my path, thank you for the shared wisdom of your experience and for being. I offer unto all the same unconditional presence that you offer to me and I am grateful for the graceful ways you are you, assuring me that I am as well. This is inclusive to the negative as well as positive aspects because both have purpose and wisdom and both are necessary for the push and pull that creates a spark.

..I bow now to you as a partner in this grand arena, hoping that in turn you enjoyed my attempt to grab hold of your hands and spin with dizzy delirium my quick take on this dance we call life, peace and knowing to all that tango, twirl and twist within this web created cyber space. Please know there are no separations, just as the leaf touches the web which sparkles in the light sending out vibrations that dance with wisdom, purpose, and truth. … dance with everyone you meet, share of yourself, connect and receive… even if it is merely a twinkle of knowing in your eye. This is my revolution and my gift to you. Ronda Jane


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Comment by Moonshelle on January 31, 2010 at 10:14am
Thank you RJ
Comment by Ronda Jane on January 30, 2010 at 10:02pm
Dear one you have all that you need inside of you, you are the golden heart of the universe.
Comment by Moonshelle on January 25, 2010 at 8:53am
In this time of confusion, I want to grasp for something. It needs to be strong enough to bear my weight until I pull myself to safety on the shore.

I know I cannot trust prejudice, or anger or vainity, but what do I grasp?

A "belief system" offers some sense of solidarity. Would I be able to use something like that to bear me free? Could I use a philosophy or religion, to bear me to safety?
Comment by ☯ Firelight ☮ ♥ ☼ on November 5, 2009 at 8:48am
awesome, totaly AWESOME!
Comment by JIMMYK-7733 on October 21, 2009 at 10:04am
You are a gifted wordsmith and passion abounds. Thank you for the lovely thoughts.
Comment by Ronda Jane on October 15, 2009 at 7:36am
Okay, sorry about that, the link did not show in the post,, perhaps this will help, peace.

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