Cuz: sorry dale but hippies also do not work so how do they live?
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Dale  Hmmm... I think there's been some mischaracterization of what hippies are like:. I've met plenty of hippies who work, including doctors and lawyers.
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Dale: My latest hippie friend is a military wife who does property management. They are just like you and me but try to live more harmoniously.
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When I was a hippie hitchhiker, I lived on faith and survived by the grace of god. For five years. I didn't have a job and I didn't steal, beg, or borrow either. I would wake up from my camp under the freeway overpass or roadside grove wherever I happened to be, thank god for my blessings (health, happiness, and very basic needs), then I would go stick my thumb out. I never asked my rides for anything but a ride. Most of them offered something though, spare change, a meal when they stopped to eat. I never went a day without food and this was without asking. I was always kind and pleasant so was good company for their drive. They got something out of it too. Well that is no model for an entire society of course. Hippies aren't trying to take over the world. We just want to allow a creative enough environment that if someone is called to the mystic pilgrimage path as I was, that they can do that. That you can be you and I can be me. The core of the whole philosophy is deep neighborliness.
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Dale: I've been a hippie ever since too and... Planted a million trees... Managed a recycling center... earned a Bachelor's degree with Distinction... hippies work and hippies work damned hard too. Now there is a subset of hippies called "bliss-ninnies". They think the tribe owes them a living and don't help out like they should. They even get on the hippies' nerves but we put up with them because they learn best by example and outgrow the bliss stage pretty quickly when they realize that the lazy don't get laid.
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Dale: Which of course leads into the next criticism of hippies. Their immorality. Drugs, sex, and rock and roll. Well, there are also Christian hippies who eschew all of that. The hippie phenomenon is as diverse as the rest of society. They are in no way all the same. They have the good, the bad, and the ugly just like any other community. Heck, I'd been hanging out with hippies for a couple years then got myself a haircut. Wouldn't you know, I was discriminated against for having short hair! Wore it short ever since in protest.

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Comment by Old Jules on January 11, 2012 at 8:21am

Maybe it's a little late in the day to be trying to herd groups of human beings into single words that don't end up having any meaning.  Hippies were never the same person hammered into a mold, any more than rednecks, white trash, street people, beatniks or cowboys [whether they rode horses or just danced with honkytonk angels in the cities and never mounted a horse].  The people who were called hippies never embraced a single ideal, single taste for lifestyle, a single political philosophy, a single religious or spiritual preference.  Any more than those other groups mentioned.


About the only group of people you can generalize about with any accuracy is tweakers and blasters.  They seem to share enough common traits consistently enough to be allowed to be wadded up to be thought of as one individual, regardless of all their other traits, behaviors, genders, etc.  IMO

Comment by Wajos Awasos"Mountain Bear" on January 10, 2012 at 10:03pm

   To  1 DALE :  For the record I ain't no hippie ; but I grew up in the 1960's ; Hippies are like minded people ; much like my self ; ... I have long hair ; it pisses people off ; It goes with my personal belief's , I have an attitude ; if long hair pisses you off in your judgement of others, than I haven't wasted my energy with words ...  I an old tree huger , the kind that would shove an old tree it where the sun ain't been , so far there be a couple limbs under the lump you'd ball-some from .  Y- I got hair on my face too ; not kissing anyone ; least of all you !   If you judged me by my ugly looks , like so many others have , you'd swear I'm lazy , useless , even out of shape ... well that might be true , I don't work like I used to do but I'll bet by the end of the day ; you'll be eaten every word you had to say .   I don't work for no one unless I want to do the work ; and I don't work for people I don't like ; I can get so ill tempered , it would include me . I don't have to look for people for work ; people look for me to work   everyone of them have one question when will I have time ; to do something for them ?  If I say I'll be there in two or three days . I am there in two or three days ; the next day is somewhere between 9 to 10 ; When I start , I don't stop until the work is done or it's dark ; I don't bring a lunch ; just water.

I don't use machinery ; I cut and pile brush by hand , if I forget gloves I work without , scrapes & cuts go with the job; there is only two reasons to stop #1 you broke something or #2 it's the end of the day .  I don't consider my self a Hippie , I've just lived over 40 years of my life in or near the backwoods , I'm not saying I got any skills I just know how to survive and I think I know what real work is : DALE .       Be - Well    "Mountain Bear"



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