I had a dream that it was the end of the world, the entire planet started flooding, the sea was all around us, people were drowning, and the water just kept coming, rising and becoming like a violent ocean with giant waves. Me and a few friends and family were swimming through the water to get to a buliding that was covered by water but a small part was sticking out like a platform. I remeber a man far to my left in the water was saving a small child that was drowning and I thought..."I'm glad he saved him cus I could not have made it in time" And I shouted to him as I was swimming through the chilly water "You got him?!" but he couldn't hear me. I saw him grab the child. Then, still swimming yelled to my friend Jojo "The current is really strong we have to be careful and don't stop swimming" I remeber my adrenalin was rushing and I am a pretty good swimmer, but I thought to myself "this is the hardest I have ever swam in my life, and I'm not going very far, I hope I can make it". We finally made it to the platform where we all looked around. There were bodies in the water and we could see water coming around all sides of us and what was left of the city, getting higher and higher, it was like the middle of a stormy ocean in the middle of a city. I said to Jojo "they had no idea this was coming, no one believed us. They had no idea, but we knew, this is it, this is the end, no one is going to survive". Just then we looked up to see a giant space ship hovering above us and turning around in the sky, it had lots af really interesting metal like structures like gems stones pertruding from its hamburger bun shaped hull. It positioned it's self in a strange way, and we all thought it was leaving so we started shouting and waving our arms. "Hey! Help US! Please save us!" we shouted and I though for a breif second what if they are bad creatures not good, and then changed my mind to its better than drowning. Suddenly a bluish purple (indigo) light can beaming from the ship and I knew we were safe. I blacked out and when I woke I was on a strange pre-historic looking planet where everything was really big, giant bug like creatures and docile giant almost dinosaur looking beings feeding on giant plant life. I was all alone, I thought am I the only one here? Did they save everyone else? Or did we all go to seperate places? I was sitting down and got up. The planet was very beautiful, the air was crisp and clean, I was wondering how to survive in sucha strange place, what do I eat, what creatures are harmful? I saw some strange abandoned building near a large tree, and never actually saw my alien captures or rescuers, but had a feeling they were watching from the buliding, like not in a bad way but, protecting me and studying me at the same time. I also sensed a creature lurking in the shadows, that was eying me up to kill me, I felt like this was an outcast of the planet, since everything else seemed so peacful there. I started to try leaving the area and I felt it coming up behind me, I started to run and so did it. The a light came flying through the sky and the creature flew up and chased it and a giant arrow came flying behind it and killed the creature. I thought I think it was them who saved me again, but I remember thinking, I am still alone and I hope everyone else was ok. That's when I woke up. :) really cool dream!

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Comment by Peace_pype on October 10, 2010 at 11:07pm
I <3 u Jeepgirl! U are awsome, if u see another ship send it my way! :) I gotta get off this planet ;) Oh ps, today is 10.11.10= 11:11 pretty cool get ur lotus pose on if u get a chance!!! :) Peace and love sister!
Comment by Jeepgirl on October 10, 2010 at 8:57pm
Yes, really coooooool dream. I had a neighbor call on Saturday. She delivers papers so was out @ 4:30ish am. We have a big Rockie ridge about 150 ft from our house, she said there was a light up on top. I first thought it was trespassers and it was an ATV. But a good friend suggested it was an alien ship. Spooky because if it was an ATV why would the light shine in one place and not move around. Plus she would have been close to a mile away from the light.......By the way I looked on the site today and you were the only one that mentioned 10/10/10........Happy meditating to you too!!

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