Aug. 24 2010,

Dream # 1

Today I had a dream that I was sleeping and the Grey's (aliens) came into my room while I was sleeping and abducted me. It was a very graphic and realistic dream. The dream took place over the period of a week (dream time) and all 7 nights the Grey's abducted me while I watched my dream self. It was scary because at first I was completely paralized and could only think. I could'nt blink or even breathe. I somehow snapped myself out of it and was able to grabhold of my boyfriend who was sleeping next to me and scream to him "please help me, don't let them take me again, I'm scared!" But they were able to take me all 7 nights. In my dream it was like I was watching a movie of myself. But i could feel what my dream self felt when I was abducted. Also my consciouseness went dark when my dream self was abducted, I assume that my dream self was also "shut off" so to speak. By the last night it was as though me (the person watching the dream) and my dream self merged to become the same person and after watching this over and over I was able to stop it by the last time. I was able to stand up and scream at them to leave me alone and that they were not welcome here. Then I noticed I felt less scared and I looked at the door which was closed and saw that some object in the window (like a windchime or something similar) was casting a reflection on the door. The moon was shinning so bright in my dream that it reflected an image on the door. It was a pentacle. So I thought in my dream that it must be the pentacle on the door keeping them away. I kinda wana put a pentacle on my door tonight but my real door is made of beads so I can't :)

Dream #2:

Same sleep different dream: So I also had a dream that I found out that my mother was an alien and that we (me, my mom and 2 sisters) had to leave to go to our home planet. I remember when my dream mom told me I was part alien she said " and your father isn't one and can't come with us!" I was really sad. We were about to leave (me, my older sis, and my mom) when I said "WAIT! What about Tara?" that's my little sis. I said to my dream mom "we can't leave without Tara I don't wanna go without her." and I started to cry. Dream mom said "Ok go get her but we gotta get out of here" we were on a spaceship and she didn't want any humans to see us. So I left the ship and looked for my sister. I was able to fly which was really cool, and I had super strength and invisibility so I was flying through a feild. It was an organic crop feild and I was stealing from the farmer. But he couldn't see me so he sent his great dane after me cus dogs could see aliens. So I flew around with my organic carrots and beets and ate them while this dog chased me. Then I landed on a pole and tested my strength on the dog and I could hold back this bitting angry dog with 1 finger. I laughed to myself and went looking for my sis. I found her and told her everything so we flew up to my dream moms ship and we took off for our home planet, but i just remember being happy that my little sis was coming so I would have a fun time. Wish I could really fly :)

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Comment by Mark on August 27, 2010 at 4:03pm
Yes, seriously. I have had a lot of dreams that were very vivid about abduction or contact. Have you ever had dreams about shadow people?
Comment by Uncle John aka Longhair on August 26, 2010 at 8:00pm
I want what she's drinkin.....................
Comment by Peace_pype on August 25, 2010 at 2:24pm
Mark: Really?! At least I'm not the only one :) I have some pretty far out dreams, but usually they aren't as frightening :)
Comment by Mark on August 24, 2010 at 11:10pm
These sound like familiar dreams to me.

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