Come Join us...I am looking for land, 5 acres to start a Nazirite Community...Naw-Zeer Monks Number 6:1-8 in Northern Arizona..."Jesus Tribes...Rainbow Family of Living Light"

Mystical; union with God. Sin separated me from God. The Blood of Jesus washed my sins away and now I have union with God, through the shed Blood of Jesus...the Christ.

Mystical; union with God. Sin separated me from God. The Blood of Jesus washed my sins away and now I have union with God, through the shed Blood of Jesus...the Christ.
Pentecostalism; Evangelical Christianity that places special emphasis on having a direct personal experience with God through the baptism of the Holy Spirit
Mysticism ( pronunciation (help·info); from the Greek μυστικός, mystikos, meaning 'an initiate') is the knowledge of, and especially the personal experience of, states of consciousness, or levels of being, or aspects of reality, beyond normal human perception, sometimes including experience of and communion with God.
Being filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is to be filled up with Power of God and to experiences his presence in a personal be endowed with power to be bold witnesses

Luke 14:33 Laying it all down for the Salvation of somebody Else...
Living in Community...sharing everything needed...
A Egalitarian ...Loving People to Christ...

Pastor Rodney Burnap 928-273-5539 Share, Preach, God used a Donkey once, and He also Saved some of Us...
We try and live as simple as can be; living with as less as possible in order to reach as many souls as possible.

Goals and qualifications

1.) We are to be born again spirit filled Christians.

2.) We commit to reading our bibles everyday.

3.) When given an opportunity to share our faith we will do so with utmost love and as much scripture as necessary.

4.) We commit to praying on a daily basis.

5.) We realize that we are not promised tomorrow and that today may be the last chance for someone to hear the

good news of the gospel, before slipping into eternity.

6.)We are not a denomination: but a body of believers in Jesus Christ living in our Kings Kingdom.

7.) We believe that you should assemble at a local fellowship of believers of your choice, prayerfully, and financially.

What we believe

1.) We believe in The tri-unity of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, maker of heaven and earth.

2.) We believe that one must have a relationship with Jesus Christ or they are not saved in the

true biblical sense of it's meaning.

3.) We believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born of the Virgin Mary.

4. We believe that he suffered under the hands of Pontius pilot, was crucified.

5.) We believe the third day Jesus rose from the dead.

6.) We believe he ascended to the right hand of our Father God almighty.

7.) We believe he will return to judge the world of sin and unrighteousness.

8.) We believe that the church is a universal body of believers that meet and assemble collectively anywhere, anyplace, and at anytime.

9.) We also believe in the equality and essential dignity of men and women of all ethnic cultures and backgrounds.

10.) We believe that all persons are created in the Image of God and so should reflect a godly life in actions,

deeds, feeling and thinking: in their everyday lives at home, work and play, after acceptance of Jesus Into their life.

11.) We believe that men and women are to use their God given gifts for the good of the home, church, and society.

I am looking and praying for other Christian brothers and sisters to join me on this great adventure, journey, and ministry of discovering the beauty of what it is like to see a person changed right in front of your eyes; and having the blessed opportunity to be the vessel God uses to do so.



1.) Have you considered you can be the reason why a person will spend eternity with Jesus Christ.

2.) Have you ever told God you would do anything for him? Perhaps this is the thing he wants you to do.

3. Have you considered that we as believers really do need to die to ourselves and deny ourselves that others may live.

4. Have you considered the fact that yes: works wont save us, but our works may save someone else.

Have you ever considered that when you die there is something you can take with you? Someone else!

Matthew 4:19 Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.


Rap 777

1.We are "Born Again Spirit Filled Christians".

2.We commit to reading the Bible daily.

3. We commit to praying on a daily basis.

4.When given an opportunity to share our faith, We will use as much scripture as possible.

5. When given an opportunity to teach, We will use an Expositional or a Precepts approach whenever possible.

6.We have read Matthew Chapter 25 and we realize that this ministry is dedicated to the principle of serving. Whatever you do to the least of these you do to Jesus.

7. We will proselytize our faith with everything in us; Not knowing if, we might be the last chance that some body will have to here the Gospel.

8.We recognize that loving, giving, and meeting peoples' needs is the strongest way to share our faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ. We also Know that we have to share our faith by creating platforms and openly Preaching the Gospel......

9.We recognize that being a Christian Mystic is simply an opportunity to pour out the Love of Jesus Christ to the Rainbow and Needy Community.

10. We will minister to the whole world of People and Needy community regardless of race, creed, sexual preference or marital status.

11. We are not denominational. We are simply generic Jesus believing Yahweh loving Christians. When asked what church we go to we simply respond; wherever the Spirit leads us.

12. We attend and support a local fellowship of our choice faithfully and financially.

13.We do not judge the people we are called to serve.

14. We agree completely with the Apostles Creed:

I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth;
And in Jesus Christ His only Son our Lord:
Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary,
Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried,
The third day He rose from the dead;
He ascended into heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of God the Father Almighty;
From thence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Church universal, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.

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Comment by NormaL T. Joey on November 9, 2013 at 3:12pm

Practicing beggary; begging; living on alms; as, mendicant friars. Bicycle Touring Friar...Preaching the Gospel to any one that will listen...Send Love Offering to BROTHER Rodney " NormaL T. Joey" Burnap ...505 West Gurley Street Prescott, Arizona 86301 I can't do this with out you...please give I am Begging you in Jesus name..

Hell's forever, help me do something about it...The Great Commission is Not the Great Suggestion... I am willing to go, but I am Begging you to Help.

I am ready to ride around the world and Preach Jesus to every one that will listen...just don't have the resources. It's a minute to mid night it's past time to go, Jesus is coming ...Ready or Not here he Comes...
I am a Bagger at the Door of God's Mercy...

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