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Rainbow Family of Living Light


Dear Blessed One,


 I have wanted to inquire to you, have you ever attended a Rainbow Family of Living Light forest gathering?  I have been directed to the last two national annual gatherings—first in an Enchanted forest at the base of Mt St. Helens in WA State in 2011 then this year in the Cherokee National forest in NE Tenn.  The World Gathering is to take place throughout the entire month of Dec 2012 (the High Day being Dec 21-winter solstice) beginning in Brazil then migrating to Palenque in the Yucatan of southern Mexico.  I wish to attend this as well.  I always just watch how the Beautiful Universe that We all Are unfolds things in the moment and proceed accordingly.


In my observation the Rainbow Family of Living Light is the most outstanding manifestation of the fact that an incredibly huge mass of Free Spirit Beings is in place in this very time.  These Blessed Ones are highly focused on the Glorious final Ascension of mankind.  The US government, after 40 years of attempting to stop these lovely peaceful gatherings in the forests of this country, now stands back assisting instead of resisting this massive annual Cosmic Event.  To me, this is the greatest single event that is indicative of the fact that we are incredibly close to finish line of the Grand Cosmic Play upon this Earth Plain.  This people are so entirely focused on man living as One and making as full a detachment from the status-quo as is possible—realizing that all the institutions of the material world are the dark spots to be intentionally avoided in this time more than ever.  This is inclusive of the political, religious, financial, medical, processed food industry, etc, etc.  This is an Earth loving and respecting throng who see the beauty of keeping in full balance with The Divine Mother and the entire Universe beyond.  This Tribe—as it is referred to, enjoys family forest reunions each year that have been exceeding 20 and 30 thousand beautiful Bright focused and loving Free Spirit Beings whose purpose is to send sweet waves of Peace, Love, and Oneness to all the world.


Perhaps you already know all this my very Dear Friend.  It's just when I think of you and the Bright loving Spirit that I see you Are, I see you as another caring Cosmic Entity who is part of this great Divine Family that swells by many numbers year by year.  We all feel that 2012 has some sort of climactic event in store for the human race.  We see it as a most blessed and vital time.  The Hopi Elders were actually involved in the inception of the first Rainbow Gatherings some 40 years ago together with Great Souls of the white race.  The Hopi to this day know we have arrived at the final end of the great purification bringing the termination of what they refer to as the 4th cycle or the material world matrix as all mankind know it.  The Rainbow Family embrace these very strong feelings knowing too that we are living in the End Moment of Our Glorious Play of Earth.  Such a Grand Time is THIS!!!!   There is much cause to celebrate with our entire Loving Beings.  THIS is a time like no other!  I feel it. I sense strongly that you feel it.  The entire Rainbow Tribe feels it.  I intuit that millions all over this planet feel it.  To me it's a time to stay in our Sacred Hearts at all times not straying to the left or right but moving as Spirit straight forward into and as all the Bliss that IS.   


All Love,



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