Those of you who know me, know I am a true believer in the Mayan and Hopi Prophicies and that 2012 will be a time of hard change for all. Not the end of the world, but a time of socio-economic change that will have major impact on all of us an most of it in a not very fun way.... All ya have to do is take a look at the idiots in DC and other govt's world wide screwing up as fast as they can to see the horrific changes coming.

     I am also a believer that we need to be self reliant and prepared for the worst.

     One of the issues that is probably going to affect us all in a major way right off the bat, is a huge increase in prices and lack of availability in food. When the mega corps no longer grow and it is too expensive to ship food, the first losers are us...hence my first preperation....have your chow stashed.

     A basic food stash will keep many of us alive when the chips are down, and BASICS if bought right now, will not put ya in the poor house.  Something o consider, dried rice and dried beans (Carbo's and Protien) are currently cheap, store easy and last. They are also the basics of nutrition. Not the whole deal by any means but in will keep yer butt alive. If you figure 2 oz dry of each, per day, pr person (including kids and babies as they will not be small forever...) figure a 50 LB bag of each/ per person to be aprox a years supply of basic survival rations. Obviously any other stashed food is a help, be it dried, canned etc. Those of you like me, omnivore, may want to consider hunting as as option as well.

     Another survival tactic, stash seeds. Any and all edible plants that you can put away seeds for will pay huge benefits in the long run. Store them in an air tight dry container. One note, if you can , get seeds that are NOT hybrids...try for old time or "heirloom" seeds. That is the kind that you can take the seeds from grown plants/ veg/ fruit and plant it. Hybrids rarely if ever have fertile seeds so they will not produce fruit in most cases.


     Any commentary? Rants? Ideas?   Please feel free to share

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Comment by Two Birds on October 22, 2011 at 1:10am

How to locate water in the desert....


How to get water by condensation....and by the way, this works as I have done it.


Edible North American Insects :  grubs; grasshoppers/ locusts (remove wings); non-stinging ants; bees (remove stingers and wings)

Comment by Morgan on October 21, 2011 at 9:18pm

Know that I'm not disagreeing with you brother Bear.

I'm merely taking what you ask, looking for answers, and saying keep the faith. It can work miracles.

Comment by Morgan on October 21, 2011 at 9:13pm

Agreed bro. It's asking the questions that shows us the way to the answers. Asking is our job.

Water will not disappear. It will likely be contaminated, and hard to find, and don't let em tell you hitting a rock with a staff works. But providence does provide. Just look at the way cosmic guidance has brought together a group here. Spirit guides, spirit provides, for those who walk in it.

If not do you think your seer/prophetess could have made any predictions? Fates are not sealed, but if we allow it spirit will lead us beside still waters, and she new that is the path laid out for you. You could have made different decisions and changed that path. You didn't.

As for guessing and reality, it's my belief that what's coming is not written in stone. Six months ago I thought it was. Six months ago I'd have declared humanity could not change it's ways, and I do believe the teaching that the actions and energies of humanity will determine what happens at the changing of the ages. Now I look around me and see signs that humanity has learned some lessons, and think perhaps they will mitigate the severity of the new age birth pangs. Masses of humanity are rising above their animal nature and manifesting their human nature- moving from the 4th world to the 5th.

I still believe we'll experience the passing of the Blue and Red Kachinas, but I'm not trying to guess how severe the effects will be. I still believe the old order will not walk away from their throne, but I don't try to guess how severe the resistance will be. I still believe we'll see some kind of WW III, but I'm not trying to guess how long it will last or how much damage will be done. I can imagine the possibility that those incidents will interact to mitigate the severity of the coming changes. I really don't know what to expect we'll be dealing with, so I prepare for all contingencies I can think of.

So we ask questions.

What I am certain of is that we are guided by spirit as long as we follow spirit, and spirit wants appropriate seeds for the new age. I don't expect we'll all survive. There will be casualties. But I do expect the family will survive as long as we continue to walk in spirit and work together.

Comment by Morgan on October 21, 2011 at 6:41pm

Take heart, brother. Those are a lot of worse-case scenarios that will not happen together, or with such absolute intensity.

Although any or all of those survival strategies may be called for at one time or another, Earth is not coming to an end.

I guess if you choose to believe those things, it's your choice. But I think I remember you saying you're here to live through the earth changes, so obviously it won't be as bad as all that.

Sure over the next 4-5 years we may see some version of any or all of those.The approach and near miss of the blue and red Kachinas, Elenin and Nibiru, are very likely to cause major earth disturbances. That's good news. It's the shaking off of the old paradigm. They will come out of their holes without power structure, or with weakened power structure at best. Their buildings will collapse- ours will not. Their food supplies will be dead, finite, stored on shelves- ours will not because we know gardening and foraging. They will be too busy trying to rebuild their culture and control the insurgents to bother with anyone hanging out in the hinterlands.

Maybe they will (or maybe they won't) try to regain control with martial law. Maybe sometime in the next few years they will throw a nuclear war. All of those things have been survived before. Several times over. Our job is to keep our heads way down and prepare to survive.

But if we're prepared for all eventualities we'll come out on the other side. Perhaps we need a cave, perhaps we have to go find grass and trees, maybe we'll have to filter the air we breath and purify our drinking water. For those who are following the path of light, it will work out.

We can do all of these things, and do them readily by working together.

And yes, many of us will survive... enough to seed the next age.

Comment by Morgan on October 21, 2011 at 6:49am

I would also suggest a distinction between preparing to survive the changes, and preparing to live well afterward. For instance immediate food/water/shelter stash versus seeds/water source/tools/living space.

Fate favors those who are prepared. I don't recall who said it, but i believe it.

Comment by Morgan on October 21, 2011 at 6:07am

Water, clean air, and shelter.

How's that for oversimplification?

I think they each deserve their own thread so things don't get buried. That will simplify their use for reference.

And what's the difference on this site between group and blogother than membership.  why choose one over the other?

Also, I'm quite certain it's when, not if. The uncertainty in my mind is how severe it will be, and whether there will be only one or several different kinds. The new age cannot be born without birth pangs. That's just my take on it...

Comment by Two Birds on October 21, 2011 at 4:09am

I am going to pose a question to all of you to stimulate some thought and/ or ideas for discussion here.

If by some nasty occurance, WTSHTF day happens (WTSHTF = when the shit hits the fan), besides food, what would you need/ want/ can't live without?

Comment by Two Birds on October 21, 2011 at 2:51am

I may be starting another blog that deals strictly with food preperation and storage. Until then, here is a video from the University of Alaska on canning GAME MEAT, so hunters, here is something to look at.

Comment by Morgan on October 20, 2011 at 6:19pm
heh- I looked it up in Wikipedia and then typo'd it
Comment by christine veazey on October 20, 2011 at 5:32pm
I found it in my spell check dictionary...spelled carburator. Thanks Two Birds for the videos on adobe...just what I needed.

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