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RISE UP!!!!!............................................................1/11/04

And the world turns and the tidal wave of misery came

Close my eyes to only find loneliness hides there too

Wondering about life and if the pain is all worth it

Wondering about life and the lesson learned today

Somedays, most days are better than a few

Stop and think "what the hell am I gonna do?"

I can lie down and take it all away

Or I can RISE UP! to live yet another day

These bones are tired of running from these thoughts in my head

And my body… Continue

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The Selling of Our Souls........................10/18/04

So, we've sold our souls for riverboats and casinos

Sold our souls for satellite stars

Sold our souls for treeless wastelands

Sold our souls to filter our waters

Sold our souls to pollute our air

Sold our souls to put our children to war

Sold our souls to invade other peoples lands

Sold our souls for a false drug war

Sold our souls to prescription drugs

Sold our souls to be made out of… Continue

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When are we gonna stop sayin "We should go do that?" was fun but yet we never return. Is it like the Great Land of Oz? You never return cuz good things only happen once? Is that it? We use the excuse we're getting old but yet we're young. Why is it we wanna grow up so fast? But we never want to grow old? Stop for a short time just to pick up change. And why is it if we hear a voice we assume its ok? You carry me, and I'll carry you. Please don't throw me and I won't shove you! And what… Continue

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King of the Hill......... 9/16/02

Up and down the hill I ran...slower each time getting further from home... Ran away just to run back and each time I'm getting older and fading away...Grew up in somebody elses eyes...Never perfect, there's no such thing... Ate many a words with a full belly...Sometimes misunderstood... Cried in the rain most of the time but always came out dry...And the nose grew but never got too big...And all those words that went out that ear, caught up with me and reminded me of my Grandfather each and… Continue

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Short Poems......

Life.... 11/6/00


use to be a tree

And I,

use to help you breathe

Everything has a place

Can you breathe human race?

Took my roots by the head

Soon you'll all be dead



and you're turning blue

I wish I could help you

Save me....

I use to be a tree.

the end.


Hello Purple Jello and Bumble bees

Magic Mushroom Trees

Silver stones

Slivery… Continue

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Alright folks I'm gonna talk about depression. Most likely you all have had it one time or another or maybe even now. Winter blues? Love lost? Loved one loss? Just not going your way?

I'm gonna tell ya about my years of depression. Not to brag in any way. I just want ya all to know I'm here for ya and I've been there more times than I'd like to admit.

I first got depressed when we moved from Wisconsin to Indiana at age 14. Tough time. Was a popular kid played football and other… Continue

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Hmmmm.............. 7/15/02

I know you've seen those big ol' solid colored Xmas tree bulbs on the Xmas tree haven't you? What if I told you I lived in one? I'm not this big for nothing you know. That's right, that's right...yep! That's me!

What do I do? What do you do?

I jump from skyscraper to skyscraper,cry paper to paper for all the TREES,PLEAS AND HEMP HOSPITALITIES oh let's not forget the blueberry peas and yes, I'm the magic in Jack's beans, the places you forget, the sundanced flowers that shoot in the… Continue

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Good Morning! 6/02/02

I stood up and looked around.

it seemed everybody was passed out and laying on the ground.

The daze that clears and the soul asks why but you just can't find the answears so you don't reply.

I step over the lifelessness and ponder my everyday accurances.

I think to myself "What ever happened to mothers everyday assurances?"

Running through mazes, crossing bridges, painting white pickett fences, falling off that broken ladder,screaming on the rollercoaster gettin… Continue

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Running Threw.... 10/14/01

Running threw

ups and downs

try to find another


feels the same way

There's something more to life

then all of this destruction

terror and death

As the trees fall

I'm jumping off that wall

Begining a new day

of passion, relaxation

Bless you for coming with me

Try to follow....

take a swallow, swallow this, this is magical,botanical,moonbeam made of dreams you now what I mean? diving into a clear splash of you, turning… Continue

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