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Update on the Roundhouse Community

Boy oh Boy Do I have alot to tell...but I will try to keep this short..

We have more members...Besides Day and I we have 3 more

permanent members. And several other family! Just the other day we had a

head count of 14 brothers and sisters!

We are working on building more beds. We have one built that is in the living room it is a bench/bed/table...3 more to come soon in the upstairs.

We have been doing alot lately...

We have atleast 6 plots… Continue

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Simple Living and Living in the Now with a Toaster

Life can be hard especially when you racing against time and everything is going by you so fast. If we take a moment to breath and to think about where this life is taking us...Slow down and take a moment and ask yourself, "Do I really need this Toaster?" "Is a Toaster necessary?" Not hardly. Can you carry a Toaster on your back? Maybe, but would it be comfortable? Probably not. WIll a toaster help you when the world is black and there is no electricity? I highly douby it. So remember, leave… Continue

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Illusions and Fantasy

In "The Matrix" Morpheus says everything is illusion. As may be; but even so, the illusion exists, has some degree of reality, inside the mind. Which is exactly what Bengalese Saint Ramprasad sayd 200 years ago. In the same way, Morpheus, Ramprasad, and myself, all exist as patterns in the mind.

What else is in a mind but the illusions, the images, of what is outside of it?
In any case , or in my case, its been a pleasant fantasy.

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Legalizing Medical MJ in Arkansas

Hello everyone! We are working as a group to get Medical mj decriminalized then completely legalized but it is going to take baby are the minutes I took while at the can email me if you have any questions or if you would like to contribute to our efforts!

I. Present and Accounted for:

Christine Beems

Marjorie LeClair

Robert Reed

Tommy "Toad" Cauley

Day Brown

Ali Shanti

II.… Continue

Added by Alicat Shanti on January 28, 2010 at 9:19am — 2 Comments

How do we survive?

I am sitting on top of the mushroom where the caterpillar once stood smoking his pipe...Looking out apon the world that Alice once knew..Wondering about the world and our selves. How can we better our life and the lives of others around us...How can we become unselfish? How does anyone? For we are self. We look upon what we do..ourselves and we wonder was it right what we did? How do we better the right? So many questions about life and self..I am sure you all ask yourselves many questions..How… Continue

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Urgent must be read and told! Marijuana Trial

This is about a man that is the best friend a rainbow could have and he has been the best friend that I could have asked for! He is facing a trial for marijuana. He is 71 years old polio victim. He was growing marijuana. He has been fighting them for over a year and a half now. His preliminary hearing is tomorrow Monday Jan 11th. They have been putting off his trial for over a year and now his actual hearing is Tue, a 2 day trial. He is looking at 5-10 years at the age of 71 he will be lucky to… Continue

Added by Alicat Shanti on January 10, 2010 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

Filling out information for the welcomehere's new site...

I just filled out my profile for welcome here's new website...I decided to leave a little message about what I me this is a very disagreeable thing..

Hey, I think the only thing that i dont like about it(welcomehere site)...that you have to give your sexual preference..when i filled out this join me crap...i felt like i was joining some dating site...i def do not want ppl contacting me for those purposes! Some information should be able to be kept private! People on the… Continue

Added by Alicat Shanti on October 21, 2009 at 7:27pm — 3 Comments

Living the Good Life is my Destiny!

Well since the "crash" of Welcome Here...yeah so it wasn't a crash per feels like one to me...

I had some posts up about my Uhaul that is here in Arkansas..well the land that it was on..we have now acquired. 22 acres with a 3 story house and barn with 2 full creeks and natural swimming holes. We are looking for tight family who want to work towards self sustainability. We have 4 permanent members ATM. We also have goats(mohair), chickens(eggs, meat), rabbits(pelts, meat),… Continue

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