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Emerald Valley Potluck

Stopping for fuel at Diamond Lake before heading down the mountain.

I spent a couple of days in Eugene, Or with Good Medicine Woman and Diamond Lake Chuck. We had a good time at the potluck. The weather was wonderful and many folks gathered outside of the Growers Market Building singing and dancing in the sun.

Although some members cautioned that the good weather may not last, the circle agreed by consensus to hold… Continue

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Traffic cam shows nesting bald eagles

February 19, 2009

A pair of eagles sitting on three newly laid eggs are the attraction on a camera erected by the California State Transportation department (Caltrans) near Redding.

The eagles have fledged eaglets in the nest near the Sacramento River and State Highway 44 for the last three years.

According to the Modesto Bee, Caltrans installed the camera last fall so scientists could monitor the eagles, which built a nest close to construction of the Sacramento… Continue

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Howdy Folks!

I was cruising down the internet superhighway with a brand new laptop sporting Vista, when things started to slow down. I closed my apps and rebooted and nothing happened. I jumped through all the troubleshooting hoops with no success. So I started hitchiking and got picked up by an Indian woman driving an old Dell with Windoze 2000. She said, "you meet the nicest people in the slow lane."

When she asked me where I was going, I said anywhere peaceful. She dropped me off here. I saw… Continue

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Pieces of the Puzzle

How about mulling over all the aspects/sides of the fence, line, etc., about the poisoned fruit of the garden and what kind of god would have a garden like that.

Perhaps god has several gardens, humans a test subject of each. My thought is to opine that I wasn't in the vegan garden where our will or resolve was not tested. What a waste, in my opinion, to tempt obviously a bit backwards, morally less than silly, intellectually inane just starting out human beings.

So, then the… Continue

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How to Begin a Better World....Part 2

I have a PhD friend who is very supportive of vegan life...and we talk a lot. She has enabled me to keep a keen happy eye out for all the progress a vegan lifestyle provides to my body soul and mind.

When vegan, things can only get better.


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Gender, Parental, Living Issues

Judge Not for if you do, You Will Be Judged,

by Eric Ekstrom 12/21/08 for New Year's 2009

Folks! We have to live with ourselves 24/7, friends, lovers and family take only a portion of our time.

I hope someday you will see how natural it is to fight for one's right to choose the right sexuality, the right foods for sustenance, the right path of life to dream about, live with, talk about and have as a guide for each following moment, footstep or thought process and all that comes… Continue

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I appreciate a lot about this group of people. I appreciate the compassion and acceptance and peace that is present within this group. I really do feel at HOME. We are all truly ONE, and I feel true oneness, and connection with my rainbow family friends................Peace always, Tysha… Continue

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What I am appreciating....right now.

Hi everyone,

Chris and I are sitting here, in our RV. The dogs are all exhausted, and all 5 of them are napping. We ran them really hard this morning. We're staying on the lake created by the dam in FOLSOM, near SACRAMENTO. The resovoir is dried up so it's basically a big empty lake. We take the dogs there for a long run each morning and most nights. It's nice seeing them play and makes it easy because they're tired all the time,… Continue

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I in my life am a Teacher (Mentor) to many and a servant to them at the same time!

1. WHY?

The reason “why” I teach the teachings of the knowledge and Understanding is so that others can find the Truth and to know the Truth about everything. That is a process to becoming really, really free! Compare John 8:32.

2. What does my family mean to me?

My family firstly, is my own wife and children. They are my own gene… Continue

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Living the Dream!

Forever Green Lifestyle Tour, Frequesea Go Forever Green ForeverGreen

That's my new truck and trailer. For those of you that haven't been follwing, The 40 foot RV we were travelling in for the Forever Green Tour was hit in San Diego and is…

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can anyone tell me if there is a shawnee regional gathering this year where and when? thank ya very much

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The Farm Sanctaury: My New Video

farm sanctuary, farmsanctuary, vegan, vegetarian, animal rights, animal welfare

Your participation at makes a difference. The more people that create profiles at the more money we make from advertising. 100% of all revenue genrated atthe site goes to hlp animals.

This past week we went out to the Farm and the Manager, Leanne Cronquist, introduced us to the… Continue

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Forever Green Tour! Yosemite National Park

We left Mariposa (see last video) and drove through Yosmite. We went from one end (CA) to the other (NV) and came out on the other side.

Next video is our road rally in Truckee and then we're on to Portland for the main event!

Road Rallys are way we stop and see people on our wayto a mian event. At a main event we spend 5 days in a city and create a monthly volunteer day, community potluck and more.

I am very thankful to allour sponsors… Continue

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Meet Zattva: My Travel Partner for the next 15 Months!

Forever Green

Zattva, the little guy above, is a 4 pound chihuahual He's 3 months old and will be arund 8 pounds when full grown.

This weekend I leave on the Forever Green Lifestyle Tour! I'll be touring the USA and Canada for the next 15 months- in an RV-… Continue

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Seattle Times: Rainbow Family Gatherings

After Katrina, amazing grace

By Elizabeth Mehren

Los Angeles Times


Days after Hurricane Katrina hit, they began cooking together in a parking lot: evangelical Christians from Texas and Rainbow Family flower children from all over.

Soon they were serving up to 2,500 free meals a day at their cafe, housed in a domed tent. Side by side, this improbable alliance worked nonstop, helping the people of Waveland, once a scenic beach… Continue

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A Mayan Misconception

It is easy, for some, to dismiss an entire culture of people as "mystics", "radicals" and "savages". Indigenous tribes all over the world like; the Mayans, Hopi and Maori, for the last hundred years or so haven't spoken a word to anyone outside of their "family" for that reason.

Which is why I find it interesting that so many people believed that December 21st was the end of the world and that Crystal Skulls are a hoax. Who told them that?

Firstly, the true Mayan Skulls are…


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my journey since july 1st

Hi everyone!

I sure miss being in touch with folks. I left florida at the end of june to go to indiana to help my elderly mom out with some family issues. She had a horrible accident on oct 1st. She had gotten up to pour herself a second cup of coffee and her heart must of stopped. She fell and on her way down hit her head on the solid wood table. It has been a crazy journey for me. My mom is now in a nursing home. I have zero winter clothing and no job as of now. My aunt is poa (power of… Continue

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Astrology Bio

February 28 1968

11:32 AM Time Zone is PST

Hawthorne, NV

Rising Sign is in 22 Degrees Gemini

Extremely active by nature, you like to get around, meet people and do different things. Very restless, you just can't seem to stay put. You need to be involved in several projects at once in order to keep your mind stimulated. You like to read books and to write letters and to talk -- constantly. Seemingly ageless, you will always appear to be much younger than you…


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