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Childrens Peace Oracle

Kwee is a friend made from our Language symbols into a glyph . With a voice of two flutes , Kwee sings the stars to be .

Singing into all creation

All of…


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Im Neil new here looking for Gatherings and Family in Ireland.

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The Ego or Shadow of Dream


The Ego or Shadow of Dream


 My home is the dark place, I cannot see, if light was to catch me I’d cease to be.

I am but a shadow appearing to be actual, while all I can do is conceal what is factual.

You can try to destroy me with all your might, never do I respond to any such plight.

Kick me stomp me and shoot me too, immune to it…


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The Pearl

The Pearl

“The Person seeing Perfection is the Master.”

(LTM Vol. 6, pp62,63).

 This is not a teaching—it is merely a joyous Self-portrait.




I AM never involved in teaching or healing endeavors, for I forever see and know only the glorious Reality of the Divine Immutable Perfection and all-knowing…


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So Totally Groovy Is Our Divine Movie

So Totally Groovy Is Our Divine Movie

Truly, all things- events and circumstances happen for a glorious divine purpose. 

Appearances seem to loudly declare that our earth-life path is as a training ground or laboratory in which we seem to be getting important things figured out—remembering that which was forgotten, etc.    The so-called Spirit life seems to be a process of elimination where one is progressively dumping old habits, thoughts, beliefs, etc.…


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How does my Family Tribe feel about:

LENGTHENING OUR NATIONAL CELEBRATION TIME FROM ONE TO TWO WEEKS?  Some of us are talking about this and very desirous of seeing our National Celebrating time together thus extended. 

Of course, we know that eventually we will be in joyous celebration 365 days yearly-no more planetary boarders!!! YES!!!  This will indeed be the completed mirroring forth (within the illusory earth-matrix) of Our Ceaseless Eternal Family Celebration that Always Is in the Realm of the Real- Our true and…


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continuance in Our blissful I AM Eternity, where the fun laughter and magicalness of Timeless Life ceases not, and where nothing ever gets old but is forever NEW and exciting!

I love you beautiful Divine Rainbow Family,

Your ecstatic Self,

Crys I AM

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Lincoln, Ne

Hi everyone! Sending peace, love, and good vibes from the heartland! We just landed in Lincoln and are trying to make our way to Oklahoma City. We made it all the way from Eugene, OR starting last Friday and have had nothing but blessings along the way. We sill need to make it a few more hours south. If anyone is in our area, headed our way, please let the sun shine in! The weather is supposed to get cold!!!

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Does anyone know Skylar "Sky" Gregory Peterson Tosic?

Heyas all!  

I'm a new member and I was hoping that someone here might be able to help me.  My best friend and roommate is Cassidy and she is Skylar's childhood best friend.  I heard that Skylar might be attending events with the Rainbow Family and I was hoping someone might be able to get a hold of him for Cassidy and I or if anyone can confirm if they have seen him?  

There is a Facebook post created for Skylar which has a picture of him and that can be viewed here:…


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Phil Lesh

Phil Lesh of the Dead announced today that he has bladder cancer and is going through Surgery and treatment on the 24th of October.

PLEASE keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Added by Two Birds on October 17, 2015 at 9:26pm — 1 Comment

India 2016 ... gather in Ganga and Yamuna rivers to demonstrate for the environment respectfully in love

any news so is our love to share     Om tat sat …


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John Lennon

John Lennon

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand…


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lovin you from arizona

i made it to the gathering in the black hills i had an amazing time and i will go to any and everything rainbow related that i can get to. i got a copy of all ways free and have been trying to contact family from the emails and phone numbers but havent had much luck im looking for any family in az i would like to find out if there will be a regional here in az anywhere.  hit me up if you know of anything please 

lovin you,


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I know you kids are hip to the latest groovy sounds trippin'their way out of Frisco so here's a riddle that's pert near as timely as me--What's purple, weighs 15 tons and floats in the ocean? Give up?........MOBY GRAPE! I got lots of laughs at the last acid test with that one...Speaking of which,when is the next test? Been a while...

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Good morning Family!I just want to celebrate another day of love and life. Despite everything the Earth is still wide and wonderful!Why do anything less than rejoice?Flowers still bloom,birds still sing,the Earth still spins and the sun still shines.

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Why should we care?

Society has brought us to this place where we think we need to care about things that do not matter. Like the way we look, how successful we need to become, how much money we should make. When really who cares. All of that shouldnt effect someones happiness. Happiness should be full of loving your self and everyone around you no matter what we look like or how much money we make. I truly believe im here to love. To look past all of that. NO judgement. Just love. Just loving unconditionally.…


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getting ready to travel a couple months, any rode dogs out there that want to meet?

my wife and i just want to be free for awhile and just go camping and have fun for a little while. Im in northern cal. I will probably stay a 200 mile radius. just go have fun!!! I have a 1997 expedition and everything i need like tent two burner Colman lanterns

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Vision Council, We the People and where will We go from here

regardless of which specific Rainbow Gathering any of us went to this year - when the Great Spirit in infinite wisdom decided to break us up into a group of mini-Gatherings so our prayers could be heard from many different locations and directions all at once...…


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2015 washington reginal

looking for washington reginal when and where can not find anyone out there know please post,thanks love and peace. lynda

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Broadway Villa Post Acute

Thursday, July 16, 2015

This is the ongoing report of my Dad's care. Several days ago he was moved from the VA Hospital in San Francisco, Fort Miley to a rest home in Sonoma CA called Broadway Villa. It is right next to the Sonoma TrainTown grounds and, Dad loving trains, he can hear the lonesome train whistle all day long. I will be going down to see Dad on Saturday and Sunday with Mom and, I hope, my brother Tom. Ever since he has been transferred there Mom and one of my sister have…


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