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How to have a 'Vegan Day' for the rest of your life

So, I made up my own vegan shrine, and then thought to get more images off the net so that there would be some variety. Can't post those images here, but they're out ther on the net and I think it's important to remember that body pictures of vegans, no matter if on a 'path' are person. Shrines depicting an entry way into vegan freedoms of life that we have, are the best for us, so that we can keep an even keel focus on life as we evolve and work toward world-evolution.

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The struggle is thick, in the desert. The inhabitants, both human and otherwise can be as cruel as the relentless sun.I struggle against conditions too harsh for me to last much longer.Who treads wat…

The struggle is thick, in the desert.
The inhabitants, both human and otherwise can be as cruel as the relentless sun.
I struggle against conditions too harsh for me to last much longer.
Who treads water in the desert anyway?
My son, the blessing of my life was born homefree!
Now we are homeless.
I have found the healing I sought here, desert medicine is POWERFUL.
Now it is time to go.
Too much medicine, becomes poison.


Added by Amber Thiel on August 28, 2010 at 12:17pm — 1 Comment

Dream Journal entry 2

Aug. 25 2010

I cannot remember alot of my dream last night. I remeber there was a women who hated me. And I had to walk across glass (broken glass) to get to her front door when I wanted to leave, and for some odd reason she was watching my cat "Sweet Pea" but I remember thinking as I was wlaking across the broken glass that I have to get Sweet pea cus she might walk on the glass and cut her paws. I walked around this strange house looking for my cat and in every room was…


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Computer Eyes....

A Conundrum: If a philosophical computer sat mahat how many Indians might pass through the pristine meadow unharmed? Answer: Probably none, since meditation encompasses steps, all thoughts higher order and not in any accord of denial.…


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Dream Journal Entry 1

Aug. 24 2010,

Dream # 1

Today I had a dream that I was sleeping and the Grey's (aliens) came into my room while I was sleeping and abducted me. It was a very graphic and realistic dream. The dream took place over the period of a week (dream time) and all 7 nights the Grey's abducted me while I watched my dream self. It was scary because at first I was completely paralized and could only think. I could'nt blink or even breathe. I somehow snapped myself out of it and was able to…


Added by Peace_pype on August 24, 2010 at 9:51pm — 4 Comments

It's been awhile....

I've been so caught up in everyday life. My health has been problematic but I am here, aren't I?

I finally got my hair long enough to donate to charity. Wigs For Kids. Now that it's short it is really easy to care for but being curly means I have to wear it in a pony most days. OKAY enough about my stupid hair! LOL

My son has become a little terror but I love him even more than I did last time I posted. He's so handsome and sweet when he wants to…


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Victory for Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park & Reef System

Victory for Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park & Reef System:

Thank you all for your support in signing the petition and sharing it with your friends.

For those who can read…


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Mountain Trip.......

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back here,I have been at our Family cabin in the Smokey Mountains,a much needed trip.Alot of meditation,flute playing and major chilling....jusy trying to get the word out to everyone who left something in my box....peace be with everyone,I promise to be more prompt next time..............much love,light and harmony,Grasseyes namaste

Added by Paula Grasseyes Reed on August 14, 2010 at 10:59am — 1 Comment


Hello, all, i ONLY have a few mins befor this ill i noise library auto boots me off.

if all lgoes according to some destinal plan not my own, or maybe mine, who knows, I am heading back to the homeland of waupaca by monday.

look for me then, at the waupaca library, or chez marche'...

love n light,



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Camp Second Helpin’

My mate and I spent 2 years in Waveland MS. Just after Katrina, I made many close friendships in the General public, Mayors office, Fire department, I stand witness to both the good and bad that can happen to, with and after a large scale disaster. I have seen the joy of grateful mommas and poppas, and blessed with almost daily miracles. Smiles

where there was once sadness, witnessed the Good works as well

as bungling of Babylonian &…


Added by ☯ Firelight ☮ ♥ ☼ on August 11, 2010 at 8:18pm — 2 Comments

Location for aug 25-sept 7 WA gathering

Me and my friends are going to go to the washington gathering for our first time this year. We are all really excited but are having troubles finding any information about the location. From what i have gathered it is believed to be at power lake in newport, it seems logical being just under 10 miles from Usk.

Please message me with information on the event.

Much Love


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The Phantom Tollbooth

It looks like a bucket of water but from an ant’s point of view it’s a vast ocean, from an elephant’s a cool drink, and to a fish, of course, it’s home. So, you see, the way you see things depends a great deal on where you look at them from.

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i keep having dreams that i'm going to a gathering, and the journey there is an edventure all in its self as it usually is but when i get there everything is wrong, people have buit walls and it looks more like a mall then a gathering with shopping, and in the dream all i can think is "wtf happend? how did everyone sell out?" i've drempt this atleast 5 times now and everytime it's totally diffrent with the same basic idea

Added by sherry on August 4, 2010 at 1:18pm — No Comments

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