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music from the rainbow ... S'more Leftovers 2008-10

The Spring of 2011 is on the loose.. Mud & Rain... An opportunity to dig through some recent recordings I made from…


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Washington State


So at first, my boyfriend and I were going to walk there from Augusta Georgia.

We found a better idea of how to get there, JobCorps.

Yes, lying to my blood relatives to get to rainbowland. (it completely works for me for many many reasons)

Its not that I don't want to go to JobCorps, its just that its the opposite direction I wanted to go with my life.


I've heard my calling, regardless of how stupid some people may think it is, I know what I'm…


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Back from the void

Good to be back brothers and sisters! I am still in Iowa for the ime being. Looking forward to a move to Santa Rosa end of the summer. Would like to get in contact with the family out in Cali. Life is what we make it smile and love one another! Peace, Van

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Peace all

 Forgive me I don't get online much. I really like finding this site and all of you. I envy all of you who well be able to go to the gathering. I hope to make next years though.

 I haven't been to one in over 20 years now.  That one has been a cherished memory of mine sence. Along with the dream of going again. Both to the national and back to Sams Knob. Blue berries forever! And the best tasting vegetarian food I've ever tasted.Beautiful place and beautiful experience.

 Oh I…


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Stubborn as a Mule

This happened during Thanksgiving Council for the 1985 Missouri gathering.

Daryl had a mule named for the black eye it gave him the first time they met, Shiner. One icy day we tried to teach Shiner how to pull a sled. We had all of the harness on her, everything except blinders. They were nowhere to be found. We had an old car hood for the sled. Daryl and I held her by the halter while three other people got on the sled. We kept our grip on the halter and let Shiner get started.…


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Shanti Sena

This is from the seed camp for the first Missouri Rainbow in 1985.


I was sitting on a hippy bus with about twenty freaks in the middle of the national forest in Missouri. It was pouring rain, an honest to god torrential downpour. It was raining so hard that another bus had pulled in that day. It was full of canoeists from the University of Missouri, unable to float because the rivers were unsafe. Two of the students were over partying on our bus.…


Added by Peaceful Valley Walker on May 5, 2011 at 7:29pm — 2 Comments

Peace Pole Pilgrimage to Big Mountain 1984

It was David Crocket Williams Jr. who planned the 1984 Arizona Peace Pole Pilgrimage from Cochise Stronghold to Big Mountain. Wave was the other primary organizer. We all got together in March of 1984 at a regional Gathering in far Southeast Arizona. The plan was to carry the Peace Pole from Southern Arizona to Big Mountain to expand…


Added by Peaceful Valley Walker on May 5, 2011 at 7:15pm — 3 Comments

My Rainbow Story

Posted this on hipforums with no response, figured I'd post it here too.



Hey, y'all. (:

My Rainbow name is Green and I was on the road, I think end of 91-fall of 92.

I was already hanging out with a group of very awesome friends in college, and one night we came home to my brother and a bunch of his redneck friends talking about some "fucking hippies in the woods," and we all perked up. Really?

So we loaded the car with blankets and…


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comet news

In regards to the link I just posted "Comet News" 2010 Elenin X1 update.ok this intresting news article points out a few things. #1 How detailed the information space programs have on small astroids and comets exc.. #2 that they hold back data on lots of things or just do not include it because someone is working on the data and want to be the one to plublish the findings. #3what are they not telling us about with regards to the comets passing earth this summer/fall.

a clip from the… Continue

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Searching for history of bus

I have been told I may have a Rainbow Bus.  Any suggestions on pursuing the history of same would be appreciated.



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Yeah old news. But so fresh right now.

Rainbow pulls me in. All the pain must be healed. I've decided to live, i think. Feeling is coming back to me, the power of joy I can sometimes feel wash over me for life. But, the shadow of death isnt that dark anymore. its looking better and better as every day that drags me along with it goes by-in alcohol and anger. Well, my friend, You knew me as a rainbow. Id told you all about it. You even had to go check it out for yourself, and was amazed by all the beautiful souls you'd found. You…


Added by Amber Waves on May 1, 2011 at 2:54pm — 9 Comments

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