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I started the Single Mammas and Poppas group

Welcome home, family...hey, I decided to start a single mammas and poppas group because we all know how messed up it in our society right now and the single parents do NOT get the support that they need (we are ostracized, actually) SO LET'S UNIFY AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER IN THE RAINBOW WAY!!!!!!!

If you happen to know of any other single parents, please tell them about this website and this group.






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Hello family,

I am looking for family members who are planning to travel this summer.

I have no one destination in mind, I just want to hook up with family and visit some festivals this summer. I can pay my share of the expences. Wanting to go to the Rainbow gathering for sure.

Added by Ambrose on March 23, 2012 at 5:16pm — No Comments

To all family please help

I need to find a gathering right now. I am starting an unhealthy and unproductive lifestyle and I need to get out of my funk and back with my family. If you guys could let me know whats up as soon as possible that would be cool. I'm on the west coast right now so the closer the better. Lovin you family!!!!!!!!!

Added by Loki on March 17, 2012 at 11:16am — 3 Comments

Where and What is Free Will?

Where and What is Free Will?


The profound uniqueness of the Play Divine has it that at role termination stage one the True Master which has Eternally Existed just behind the veil of dream commences to manifest within the dream context—even in the not yet ascended dream body.  This means that such an entity is no longer performing in a scripted manner in his or her activity on the earth stage.  In other words, one having…


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Sciences of the Dream

Sciences of the Dream


The subject of astrology is a fascinating one.  I am aware of this consideration very thoroughly, but just do not have a focus regarding it in my current involvement here now.  Truly, many roles are highly involved in this Play art in the form or performing readings or chartings etc, etc, or merely seekers of such.   It can truly be said, that this is among the sciences of the dream in which all…


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The Blessed Story Being Told on the Earth Stage

The Blessed Story Being Told

On The Earth Stage


Although all are indeed on their journey to role termination whether they realize it or not, I feel it’s healthy to keep a focus on the fact that an incredibly wonderful Story is being told which depends in a sense, on every single role that's being acted out upon this earth stage.  And therefore there is incredible significance to every detail and every event transpiring here. …


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Self-realization in the Dream

Self-realization in the Dream


It may be noted how very unique it is that the mind-human cannot allow for or easily deal with the notion of the elimination of a someone to 'get there' or 'become awakened' or evolve out of the dream of the earth play to a happy and endless existence beyond.   Someone must be weaned from something. (Blessed Sri Ramana!  He did that role unto perfection).  So attached is the dream-self to its…


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i miss my family-tea time-nerf

hello my name is jerry i havent been home in 7 years my last gathering was in west virginia my dad use to take me too the beatiful drum circles and pray for peace with the krishnas i miss the spiritual quest for light anyways id love to connect with any old family -nerf -tea time

Added by jerry muuray on March 10, 2012 at 6:30pm — No Comments

Lost: Rainbow husband. Last seen in Ocala, FL Feb 20-25 2012

Lost: Rainbow husband. Last seen in Ocala, FL Feb 20-25 2012 with medicine bag and his grandmothers ashes, Has a black tooth, and a beautiful soul. If found, please contact Nereida Tenderfoot Mosey-On

Added by shisha alisha on March 5, 2012 at 6:52pm — 2 Comments

Jesus Camp...

Chris Ward Jesus Camp was started by Brooke Padilla, Brother Ray Padilla and Brother Coop. Brother Coop went to Jesus in 2011. Brother Ray is retired and living on a mountain in Colorado. Sister Brooke is a full time grandmother...There are so many Christains in the Rainblow Family that it almost seems redundent to have a separate Jesus Camp. I know that Logos is still supporting the Ocala Gathering and now this week we have started support for A Cola Gathering. Logos Christian Fellowship…


Added by NormaL T. Joey on March 2, 2012 at 9:12am — 2 Comments

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