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Artical about things that are important to me :-) Love thy wolf

In what wildlife conservationists are calling a dangerously unprecedented move, Montana Representative Denny Rehberg introduced two separate bills aimed at removing wolves from the endangered species list. This would enable the wolves to be hunted at will across the country -- and biologists say that it could "set the stage for nationwide wolf… Continue

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Do you like to play Tabla?

If anyone who is near my city Glendale, AZ, likes to learn how to play Tabla (Indian Drum) I can help. The Northern Indian music mainly involved two persons with two main instruments which called Tabla and Harmonium. The person who sings usually plays the Harmonium while the second one on Tabla follows him or her. My brother and I play both while I sing and lead the group.…


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the Great Spirit does not need us to report on the dirt in the world, as the Creator thereof S)He is well aware of its existence;


we were sent here to search out the jewels hidden in the mud, clean them and polish them until they shine.  and when we bring them to HaShem (means the Name in the Hebrew language), the angels make a crown of them saying, "Look what Your children have made for You out of the mud".

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2. British Rock Meeting in Germany - May 1972 in Germersheim - with a gr8 WOODSTOCK FEELING

Hello to all music lovers - i am searching for people who where at the festival, i remember there also where a lot of GI's. would be gr8 to exchange good memories.

the festival started on a long weekend on friday, ended on monday - the highlight for me was PINK FLOYD !!!

i still…


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2011 Nationals care a van from UT.

Hey Family lov n u !!!   I am looking to put together a care a van going to washington for the Nationals. I now have a motor home that will be open for riders. Get back with me if you are interested. loving u Milkman

Added by milkman on January 21, 2011 at 10:01am — 5 Comments

MY HEART IN A BAG.-----David Giardinelli



          "I woke up this morning with my heart pounding and that same feeling in my stomach that one gets when on speed or E. As I forced my self to take deep breaths I thought about the dream I just had.


           I was going somewhere with someone, I don't know where I was going or who I was with, but in the dream I did. I knew where I was going, and that the person I was with was no stranger. As I was walking to my car small blow-darts started hitting…


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Jonesing for some good energy.



Before I ever went to my first (and the last) rainbow gathering,

I wasn't a plesant person. Sure, I had friends, but those who weren't I showed very little, if not that then none, respect.

The way I inturpeted the energy from rainbow gathering, was that there is…


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Howdy, want a place to rent.

Want to rent a place to rent. Anything really. (Classified adds would be good for this) Remember, love and kisses make harpoon misses.

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getting ready to travel

well it seems the 1000 mile walk to washington will be beautiful . leaving april 1st. see you'll on the way up. lovin u

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running in circles

I want to travel to places I've been before and rediscover the beauty of the nature surrounding me. Smell the wet earth in the air after a rain. Feel the wind blowing in my face after crossing over fields of grass in the prairies. Visit wounded knee and and absorb the spirit that surrounds my mind. Seeking peace of mind only available in the empty highways.

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what to bring to Nationals

I often get asked what to bring.  It is a funny question to ask a rainbow because the answer is yes.   bring it.  Some bring a little and some bring alot.  what you want is a gig that will stick out in the crowd.  A funny hat an umbrella anything cool or interesting.  Nothing heavy and don't try too hard.  Try to stay warm and dry.  Bring lots of hugs and brotherly love.  You won't need a watch nor a phone or computer.  If you have money keep it private and put it in the hat at circle or a…


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My New Life !!

I have been away for months,so sorry I haven't been here to enjoy all of u.I now reside in the mountains n have been very busy with my job...I am a mid-wife n many miracles nightly (mostly) have kept me very busy,I just love miracles....keep spreading all that beautiful positive energy n I will be praying for all of u my Spirit Brothers n Sisters...sending all of u lots of love n light with much harmony !!!! Hope to be here more often,I miss u all....Grasseyes

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If I were a blues singer I would be screaming my lovers name.....Eugene!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My lover is a state. State physically and state of being.Ihave rented a room in a large country home...It is awesome. Out in the sticks, on a hill called Gimpl....I love it.



my dog loves it... everything is kosher in my world. Even the things that seem like trouble are my friends...


The soothing greens...dark oak trees.....pines cedars...and the…


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   Howdy folks, I would like to start a discussion in the attempt to overstand what is happening in the name of "Rainbow".  I have personally met quite a few folks who are claiming to be "rainbow" but have yet to ever go to a gathering or they have attended a gathering in the capacity of an observer or "weekend warrior".  I am of the vision that we all have the propensity to take the role of "rainbow warrior" yet I have met a lot that of folks that claim to be "family"  and do not…


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420 Gathering

Magic Bowl Bob 

Hi all my family out there.  I have much time this spring so I am going rainbowing in march and won't be done until fall.  I invite all who would be moving toward the Washington National to stop in and rest their bones visit and council.  I will be in Utah until mid march,  I have called a 420 Gathering to be in southeast Oregon.  Please plug in if you want to help make it a big success.  Stop in and rest and visit.   lovin ya all




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From Tumbleweed to Acorn Sunbeam, Alicat Shanti, AlmaHawk, Blaze Morningstar, BrotherUncleand 78 more

Sent Jan 4

Family Please Forward to Every Possible Lead: S.O.S. to all Traveling

Kids and Rainbows---from The Ave Street Family, U-District, Seattle to

everyone but especially to anyone headed to California, Florida,

Tennessee or Back East

Listen, one of… Continue

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To the family who taught me to love and be present in the light of love and truth. Wishing you joy on your journey, love to all

To the family who taught me to love and be present in the light of love and truth. Wishing you joy on your journey, love to all Continue

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Devotional Moon

ah, moon, did you think i forgot about you? opposite staring me down was the sun. it burned my body alive so brightly for days. glowing.  then melting me away when it rains. i remember you. looking up at the stars, cold tears down my cheeks, then sleep.

the earth is spinning so fast and you're still looking at me, dizzy and laughing.

i'm still awake and slowly returning to your schedule. optimistic. forgiven.

my lover, my moon, my shadow, my eye. where i belong is in…


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Earth, Here I am, wrapped up in your weather, your beauty, your breathing love

Xperiencing myself through others and your living nature, taking in what I can all at once

In love with this vision, detached, something in me is wild with you

Sad and sorry to learn as I grow…


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