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About Me:
Hope you're having a 'lovely day'...

I am author, lecturer, publisher and conference videographer, I've traveled extensively, in the US and abroad, and enjoy getting out and about and seeing all that the world has to offer, even if it's only in my own backyard. I'm always looking for new areas to explore, physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Current projects include "The Theory of Almost Everything", a 25,000+slide powerpoint presentation...

I am also interested in the world’s ancient mysteries and enigmas, and am actively researching the mysterious, the metaphysical and the mythical. Born in Long Beach, California, I am the owner of a company that publishes, markets and distributes fascinating and educational books, videos and multimedia products to help inform, enlighten and inspire humanity.

Interests include Unlearning, Having Fun, Travelling, Researching, Reading, Learning, Understanding, Writing, Driving, Hiking, Walking, Backpacking, Searching, Exploring, Realization, Photographing, Videotaping, Watching, Dining, Vegetarianism, Napping, Camping, Activism, Environmentalism, Genealogy, Inventions, The Secret, What The Bleep, Botany, Biology, Fractals, Mandlebrots, Sacred Geometry, Fibonacci Spirals, the Golden Spiral, Bodes Law, Astrophysics, Space, Science, Earth, Trade Shows, Alternative Medicine, Mindfulness, Yoga, Spirituality, Health, Well Being, Raw Foods, Veganism, Intellect, Social Justice, Universal Truths, Graphic Arts, Photoshop, Sci-Fi, Anthropology, Archaeology, the Middle East, Egypt, Peru, Mexico, China, India, Ancient Mysteries, Buddhism, Kaballah, Comparative Religions, Natural Medicine, Bio-resonance, Epic Poetry, the Epic of Gilgamesh, Psychology, Parapsychology, Archaeology, Song and Dance, Sound, Therapies, Ancient Scriptures, Rainforest Foods, Kombucha Tea, Peace , Love, Happiness, The 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 'double-otts', Indigenous Peoples, Cooperatives, Consumer Advocacy, Unified Field Theory, Magic Tricks, Noble Paths, Quintessence, Exotic Matter, Dark Matter, Toroids, Vortex Theory, Klein Bottles, Resonant Fields, Accelerated Learning, Holography, Astral Projection, Tao, Zen, Esoterica, Christ Consciousness, Mysticism, Naturopathy, Hypno-therapy, Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing, Telepathy, Heirloom Seeds, Organic Gardening, Natural Agricultural Solutions, Sacred Geometry, Orgone, Tree of Life, Visionary Art, Famine Relief, Natural Sweeteners, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Metaphysics, Mysticism, Phi Ratio, Art, Golden Mean, Futurism, Negative Ions, Far-Infrared Rays, Vintage Sci-Fi, the Yellow Brick Road, Labyrinths, Kinestasis, Collage, Natural Hygiene, Archetypes, Ancestors, Platinum Group Ormes Elements, Hebrew Fire Letters, Deja-vu, Precognition, Coral Castle, Crop Circle Symbols, the Periodic Table, Atomic Theory, Crystal Skulls, Ica Stones, Ancient Artifacts, High-tech Bandages, Hatha Yoga, Edible Flowers, Shekinah, Sephiroth, Ark of the Covenant, Holy Grail, Manna-Insect Exudate and honey dew, Cymatics, Biogenic Fields, Zeolites, Kirlian Photography, Harmonic, Convergence, Concordance, Eclipses, New Paradigm Medicine, Phase, Conjugation, The Lost Chord, Verissimilitude, Phylogenetic memory, Non-linear Dynamics, The Black Pearl, Ancient Gravitics, Top-down View, Cross-vectoring, Wave and Particle Duality, Unity in Diversity, Jyoti, Essenes, Diatonic Scales, Cluster and Factor Analysis, Pyramid, Geometry, Funhouses, Wax Museums, Magnets, Bamboo, Hormones, Pheromones, Exorcism, Sustainability, Foucault Pendulum, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Subsistence Culture, Wildcrafted Foods, Sustainability, Brainwaves, Heartwaves, Metaphor, Synchronicity, Egyptian Djedi, the Jedi, Costumery, Gypsies, Snow Globes, Music Boxes, Stripper Poles, Optics, Special Effects, Reverberating Chambers, Sweat Lodges, Teepees, Novelty, Behavior, Feathers, Wings, Embossing Inks, Glitter Glue Pens, Linen, Rough Silk, Prisms, Rainbows, Feng Shui, Constructive Interference, Over-lapping Transparencies, Mobius Coils, Exotic Dance, Mozart Effect , Pattern of Signature, Cetaceans, The Lone Whale, Golden Principle, Natural Law, Ethics, Management, Whirligigs, Twirling Sticks, Piezo-Electric Effect, the (Townsend) Brown/Biefeld Effect (Anti-Gravity Effect), Superconductivity, Schumann Resonance, Stereograms, Mah Jong, Dreamcatchers, Quartz Crystals, Multiple, Dimensions, Golden Rule, Speed-reading, Photoreading, Sprouted Breads, Manifestation Techniques, Dowsing, Mind Maps, Precession of the Earth, 26,000 Years From Galactic Center, Overtones, Bees, Bee Products, Metronomes, Spirograph, High Tea, Drum, Circles, Antiques, Primitives, Rustics, Rainsticks, Rattles, Sistrums, Space Cadets, Holistic Health, Scrapbooks, Cryptograms, Self-Sufficient Systems, Full-Spectum Lighting, Mayflies, Fireflies, Mineral Sources, Selective Uptake, Acid/Alkaline Balance, Chemical Sensitivity, Sensitive People, Empaths, Remote Viewers, Connected Breathing, Pranayama, Mind Over Matter, Food, Seed Storage, Detoxification, Pole, Shifts, Mars Colonization, 2012 Prophecy, Aliens, Area 51, Alien, Abductions, Time Shifts, the "Shift," New Hope, Dan, Burisch (google him), Mayan Calendar, Asteroid Deflection, Alternative, 3, 4, and 5, Peiadian Contact, Alex Collier, John Lear, Talmud of, Jmmanuel, Jesus in Islam, Sufism, Quran, Sufi Masters, Rumi Poetry, Sufi Dance, Islamic UFOlogy, Master's Gallery, Black Gold, Mantauk, Project, Lacerta Files, Ovnis, Majestic 12, Shadow Government, Cracking the Code, the Anti-Christ, William Cooper, Artificial Intelligence, Crop Circles, the Hollow Earth, the Expanding Earth Theory, Cloning, the Bible Code, Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Spiritual Teachings, Akhenaton, Persia, America, Stargates, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Yasin, Karma, The Law of Time, Ptaah, Tall Whites, Alien Agenda, Dulce Top, Secret Base, Black Triangles, Alientology, Archangel Michael, Ashtar, Command, Rules of Contact, Walk-Ins, Orion Technology, The Rabbit Hole, Phil Schneider, Bird Flu, Count St. Germain, ET Civilizations, The Multiverse, Dimensionality, Black Holes, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics, The Heliopause, The Accutron Watch, Venus Transit, Coral, Castle, The Golden Spiral, Sacred Geometry, Priesthood of Egypt, Accretion of Planets, Gravity, Coriolis Force, The Carbon Cycle, Thermoclines, The Great Salt Conveyor Belt, Centrifigal Foce, the Foucalt Pendulum, Shadow Interference, The Penubra/Umbra, Particle or, Wave, The Nature of Time, The Atomic Clock, Time=Space, Doppler Shift, Wormholes, Gravity Wells, Gravity Waves, What the Bleep Do We Know, Grand Unified Field Theory, Einstein, Faraday, Maxwell, Bohr, Rutherford, Philo T. Farsnworth, Molecules and Atoms, Quarks, Neutrinos, Proton and Particle, Accelerators, Neutrino Detector, Global Consciousness Project, Random, Number Generators, E=MC2, Nuclear Fission, Roswell, Phillip J. Corso, Trinity Site, Hiroshima, Dead Souls, Death Portals, Soul Collectors, Dimensional Portals, Extraterrestrial Exposure Law, 70-80 Species of Aliens Visit Us Regularly, Prime Directive, the Dulce Wars, Underground Tunnels, Tunnel, Network, Electromagnetic Weapons, Reagan's Starwars, Deep Black vs. Black Budget vs. Grey Budget vs. Congress, Scalar Weapons, Space-Based Lasers, Particle Beams, MASERs (Microwave Amplifification through the Stimulation of Electromagnetic Stimulation), Zecharia Sitchin, the Anunnaki, Immanuel Velikovski, Mass Extinctions, Cosmic Dumptrucks, B612 Foundation dot org, Corso and Time Travel, Space-Time, Time Lines, Parallel Grooves, Parallel Timelines, the Dropas, Space Time, Stress, Time Dilation, Divergent Timelines, The Philadelphia, Experiment, Montauk Project, Tesla's Egg (Egg of Columbus), Ghost, Ships, Poltergeists, Crop Circles, Crop Circle Time Markers, Roswell, Rods, Photon Teleportation, Quantum Entanglement, Moore's Law, Peak Oil, Hubbert's Curve, Abiotic Oil, Exxon and the Tsunami, Water Injection Wells, Pacific Tsunami Warning, Galactic Explosion, Cosmic Radiation, Earthquake, Faults, Magnetic Reversals, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Sinewaves, Maxwell, Tesla Patents, Wardencliff Tower, Tesla's Earthquake Machine, Mechanical Resonance, Tacoma Narrows, John Worrel Keely, Michael Faraday, T. Townsend Brown (and Paul Biefeld) Effect, The Anti-Gravity "Lifter", Area 51, S-4, The Sport, Model, Bob Lazar, STS-48, HAARP, Termination Shock, Geo-Engineering, Chemtrails, ChemFibers, Morgellens, Chinese Nematodes, HPV2, EBOLA, SARS, Hanta Virus, Sudden Accute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Visna, Virus, West Nile Virus, AIDS, Karposi's Sarcoma, Hepatitis B Vaccine, Prison Experiments, Green Monkey of Africa, the Strecker Memorandum, Swine Flu, Influenza, Avian Flu (Bird Flu Will Kill Us All), Chicken Slaughters, PETA, Mad Cow, Alzheimer's Disease, Downer Cows, Mad Deer Disease, Fort Detrick, Maryland, LSD Experiments, GMO Herbicide, Oakland Spraying, "Renue", Biowarfare, Malathion 50, Nazi Chemical Weapons, Sodium Fluoride, Timeline of Human Experimentation, Mind Control, Voice-to-Skull, Jose, Delgado's Bull Experiments, Ritalin, The Mind Controllers, Lockheed, Helendale, Cell Towers, Entrainment, CIA and Drugs, Mexican Shamans, Remote Viewing, Spiritualism, the Oracle, the Integratron, 9/11, The, Pentagon, Capital Vagina, Abrupt Climate Change Scenario, Lake Erie, Dead Whales, Rand Corporation, Aliens Creating AIDS, The Arrival, Not By Fire - But By Ice, Human Carrying Capacity, Project for a New, American Century, Alternative 3, Cabazon Indian Reservation, P.R.O.M.I.S. Software Scandal, Spyware, Danny Casolaro, The Octopus, B.C.C.I., Fractional Reserve Banking, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Gold Standard, the National Debt, History of Assassinations, Jerry Falwell, JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, Malcolm X, Ronald Reagan, Marconi Scientist Deaths, Microbiologist Deaths, Paul Wellstone, SoyTruth dot com, Canola Oil, GMO Foods, C HOPKINS Café and His CuZn Molle (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus (K)Potassium, Iodione, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Calcium, (Fe)Iron, Copper, Zinc, etc), Dead Doctors Don't Lie, Hyperbaric Oxygen, The Rife Machine, Hulda Clark, Herbal Cleanses, Dr. Emoto, Dangers of Cosmetics, Anti-Bacterial Soap, Tesla and Local Power Companies, Tunguska and Tesla, Prosecutor's Resource Office Management Office System) PROMIS, PROMIS and HUD, PROMIS and the Banking System, PROMIS and Bin Laden, Tesla and Westinghouse, A Sovereign Planet?, Our Overlords, Game Wardens, Greys Help with Genetic Engineering, HAARP and Ground Penetrating Tomography, Trades with MI6 and CIA, Yakuza and Scalar from Russia, KGB and the CIA (Where's my In-The-Know 'Cush Job' Guys?), Greys want Mars - We Keep the Earth, Greys Came to Us (the Tenants) to find, Landlords of the Planet, the World King, Geronimo's Skull, Microwaved Water, Microwaved Food Study, Blackwater Security, Wackenhut, Oxygen as a Poison, Cosmic Dump Trucks, John Lear (Soul Collector on the Moon), Dan Burisch, Serpo, Ozone, Therapy, Free Radical Damage, NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, Implant Technology, Mind Control Patents, David Koresh (CIA Safehouse), Dangers of Coffee, Lone Gun Men (Premiere), Navy Sonar Killing Whales, Ascension, 11:11am, GMT - December 21, 2012 --->> Black Holes, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics, The Heliopause, The Accutron Watch, Venus Transit, Coral, Castle, The Golden Spiral, Sacred Geometry, and so much more...,

I hope the stars and moon dances upon your life...


Eat Yur Veggies, Folks!!!


33.3N x 109.5W, CA Republic, North American Union, Plan't Earth
My Website (like Facebook, Instagram, etc):

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Welcome to QUEEN CALIFIA-ORNIA- The Legendary Black Death Warrior Goddess Who Builds Cities by the Sea

Posted on August 19, 2009 at 9:14am 0 Comments

Welcome to QUEEN CALIFIA-ORNIA- The Legendary Black Death Warrior Goddess Who Builds Cities by the Sea

Watch out, she's a hottie, rrrrr...…


+ Pathways to Higher Consciousness - Understanding the PINEAL GLAND and the Development of the "GOD HELMET" by Tedd St. Rain +

Posted on May 15, 2009 at 3:28pm 0 Comments

+ Pathways to Higher Consciousness - Understanding the PINEAL GLAND and the Development of the "GOD HELMET" by Tedd St. Rain +



+ "I Just Don't Know" - by Daniel Pinchbeck +

Posted on March 16, 2009 at 3:57am 0 Comments


Daniel Pinchbeck:

Recently, I have taken as my personal mantra the not very transcendent phrase, "I don't know." The list of things I feel unsure about seems to be steadily increasing. For instance, I don't know if our solipsistic* species will survive much longer, and sometimes I am not even sure how much I care. I don't know if Barack Obama is a warm- hearted leader who will unite people at a time of adversity, or the most… Continue

+ Join me in the Black Rock Desert for BURNING MAN 2009 - EVOLUTION - Tix Onsale Now +

Posted on March 15, 2009 at 5:19am 0 Comments

+ Join me in the Black Rock Desert for BURNING MAN 2009 - EVOLUTION - Tix Onsale Now +

be there, or be square...



++ Wisdom Disguised as Madness - The Story of "Lear's Fool" and the Total Perspective Vortex ++

Posted on March 3, 2009 at 10:31am 1 Comment

++ Wisdom Disguised as Madness - The Story of "Lear's Fool" and the Total Perspective Vortex ++

The Total Perspective Vortex

Most people think of the "mentally disordered" as a delusional lot, holding bizarre and irrational ideas about themselves and the world around them. Isn’t a mental disorder, after all, an impairment or a distortion in thought or perception? This is what we tend to think, and for most of modern psychology's history, the experts have agreed;… Continue

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At 4:55am on November 7, 2014, Andrew said…
Hit Tedd. Don't know if you still get on here or not but I would like to get in touch with you asap. I have some questions about what's referred to as the God helmet. I'm really curious and would like to find out more. Maybe even try one out. Asap? Thanks. Hope to hear back from you soon. :)
At 9:06pm on August 24, 2010, Peace_pype gave TeddsAdventure a gift
Peacefull greatings to one and all! Love u all precious family :) Keep on shinning :)
At 9:22am on November 29, 2009, ☯ Firelight ☮ ♥ ☼ said…
:-) Hey Brother, interesting I have to say.
At 7:56pm on July 7, 2009, Star-light said…
thanks for the comment gotta love those stars
At 9:22am on May 27, 2009, hippiejohn said…
thanks brother for the information its good to get deeper into the things i couldnt find peace man happy thoughts and love vibrations
At 7:47pm on May 8, 2009, Mandy said…
Wowza you have a lot of interests! =]
At 6:33pm on May 8, 2009, Old Hippie Dave said…
Thanks for the invite,Hope to meet you in N.M.
At 8:51am on May 2, 2009, sus said…
Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.
Martin Luther
King, Jr.
At 6:08pm on April 10, 2009, Samadhiatman500 said…
Hi I love the stars and moon, and they are always aligned for me.


At 3:47am on March 7, 2009, gratefuldon said…
hello my brother, i hope this message finds you in good mind and spirit. thank you for the beautiful photo you sent me of the crescent moon island. i live in boston in the northeast, and to see something that sunny and warming put a big ol smile on this hippie boys face. may the green grass always tickle your bare feet, and the warm sun play upon your hair! peace and much love my brother -GRATEFULDON-

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