CLose this group also- Lack of interest~Thx!


CLose this group also- Lack of interest~Thx!

when they're good, they're Good~!

a good Story is worth it's weight in gold

 A good film with passionate believable players brings the Story alive on many dimensions- 

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Comment by Bubbling on December 24, 2012 at 10:53am

Just saw a good movie called Fisher King

Comment by Bubbling on December 24, 2012 at 10:53am

Just saw a good movie called Fisher King

Comment by space dust 777 on July 16, 2012 at 9:59am

just watched: Blue in the Face- a movie centering around friendships, dreams,  and everyday life

this movie is really funny- with excellent casting- lots of crazy cameo's- good cheer kinda vibe- 

Comment by space dust 777 on April 17, 2012 at 4:36pm

just watched: El Norte    (Spanish) 1983

when a Guatemalan Village is attacked by government forces-  a sister and brother flee- journeying through Mexico towards the U.S. - the movie shows the hardships of finding work- staying safe- in a dangerous World- avoiding the Immigration Service- & more- nicely told storys- great actors- passionate- good cinematography

starring: Zaide Silvia Gutierrez, David Villapandi, Trinidad Silva, Ernesto Gomez Cruz

...During 1983- 86, I grew up as a young boy in San Pedro, CA- & Redondo Beach- where I had the good fortune of experiencing 1st generation Spanish crossover Culture- being a close family friend of a poor Mexican family- who taught me the true value of Family- as they practically adopted me as an orphan when  Dad was in jail and an abusive alcoholic-

They had 4 kids- a small house- they were barely surviving- but they always shared with me- they knew i was mis-treated and half starved- I will never forget that family~! The Esparza's-

Well- this movie has character with similar strengths of family bond- integrity- and good moral Soul-- I hope Mexico can sort out the current drug cartel violence and Gov't corruption going on over there-

Comment by space dust 777 on July 20, 2011 at 8:32pm

The Magic Mountain (German/Russian) No info on back of box- but don't miss this Epic- 5 hour 2 disc set- Filmed in the early 80's-


it all takes place in a sanitarium retreat deep in the Mountains- Hard to compare this to any other movie- because it is is essentially 100% original- and groundbreaking~!



the characters are endearing as we watch them go through changes- BEautiful Classical Score- excellent Visual creativity- but the core of this movie is the Super insightful Script relating to the Human Condition- Philosphy/morality- etc-  

Comment by space dust 777 on July 20, 2011 at 8:31pm

Ridicule :  French - 1996- nominated for an Academy Award

- a well crafted film that delves into the many facets and forms of Wit- often testing the meddling of Emotion, Heart, and Soul

Comment by space dust 777 on July 20, 2011 at 8:30pm

the Dreamlife of Angels-   1998 winner of Cannes Film Festival


this is good movie- on one level- A girl moves into a vacant room- reads a diary the girl who lived there before her- ( she's currently in a coma) the new girl- is intrigued- goes to visit the comatose girl in the hospital- on a regular basis-reads to her=-holds her hand- & more excitement - for sure~!

Comment by space dust 777 on April 20, 2011 at 8:15pm

Claire's Knee- by Eric Rohmer


1970- French- this is such a delightful character development filmand wonderful Summer tranquility scenes-


I especially enjoyed the Brunette leading Lady- she plays a writer in the film whom the other key character confides in - they each play off each other- but she is by far much more intelligent and emotionally clever- 


This actress's name is not listed on the back of the DVD- but she's amazing- Love her Earthy voice- and old World joyful facial expressions and mannerisms- hard to explain- you watch her performance and tell me how she moves you~!


very ironic ending- 


Coco Before Chanel   2009- by Anne Fontaine -This is wonderful film- with Lovely endearing performances- Nice Soundtrack embellishments-  Audrey Tautou

- from Amelie- plays Coco Chanel- *Stellar Actress* Folks~! Must see~!


This film is not to be confused with the mediocre film: Coco- Chanel & Stravinsky- (which was a completely alternate depiction of the Famous Female Pioneer /Designer : Coco Chanel- that film's ok- but falls through at the halfway mark-




Exiles  by Lubna Azabal  2004 directed byTony Gatlif 


this is really believable travel film- the characters are from Paris- with Middle Eastern roots- journeying to Algeria to see the homeland- and I love this film all the way through- At the halfway mark- you'll encounter a way cool Authentic Flamenco Club group ensemble performances- Amazing!


at the end of the Film- A true Spiritual re-awakening- Connection Scene under the hypnotic trance of *dare I say it? of the most Memorable - Drum circles/ Chant/Dance Ritual scenes in FILM HISTORY!  You watch it- and tell me it doesn't resonate on a super Cool transcendental Level of some kind~! 



La France by: Serge Bozon    starring: Sylvie Testud



this is a cool- slightly Quirky- French film  The lead Lady is a prisoner it seems in her own city- the Military tell her she can't leave- so Sh lops her hair off- and dresses like a Man and goes underground- meaning- she escapes the city - joins up with a wandering WWI French military troupe and has strange serious-whimsical experiences- Riveting performance- I skipped over some of the frivolous musical acts- 


The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 1972by Luis Bunuel


This is a aristocratic insiders intimacy film- to the private luncheons- dinner society- very articulate - cultured use of the French language- and Manners- I like this film- it captures what the title says- the discreet *Charm* of the Bourgeoisie (whatever that means) Lol~!)  It's especially funny when you realize these seemingly honest hi-society aristocrats are also a secret Cocaine smuggler/using - kinda relations



the best for Last- …i never saw this version until recently- and although it has several slow boring scenes- the Cool scenes- and conversations are NOT to be missed~!  ok- so what infamous film are we speaking of?  


Alice in Wonderland- English- B&W 1966  by Jonathan Miller


Anne-Marie Mallik as Alice- a completely un-conventional -original- Charming- slightly brooding - English Actress- One of the best Alice's I've ever seen~!


Ravi Shankar composed some of the Soundtrack- awesome Tablas- Sitars & instruments I am not familiar with arranged in wonderful compositions 


my favorite scene? Alice is chasing the White Rabbit through an old Tall ceilinged castle-like building with flowing white curtains billowing in as she pursues-


Gotta love Black & White when there's a master at the Director Wheel- Very well thought out and executes scenes- I also like this version - of Alice in Wonderland- because it does not rely on special effects or elaborate consumes to wow the spectator- rather it's heart and soul revolve around strong performance and well thought dialog- 





Comment by space dust 777 on April 16, 2011 at 7:41pm

Queen Margot-   Italian-a film by: Patrice Chereau


First off- the dialect and inflections of the language alone are superbly Old World - Absolutely riveting~! 


Next- the movie itself is Stunning in all aspects-

...all the way down from the Grandiose Period correct Royal Costume/design- - to the Breath taking Ancient Castles- and labyrinthine passageways through the Hi- tempo set of the city-


the actors are of the most proficient- and passionate-


* very graphic moments* & heated sexual scenes- When you see a movie like this- you realize how important the Casting truly is- and the characters have to believe they are who they are playing- & they made me feel as if I was not watching a typical period flick- but rather as if I was witnessing the Real Thing~!

Comment by space dust 777 on March 25, 2011 at 7:40pm

The Secret of Roan Inish (Irish Film) W/ Jeni Courtney as leading Actress


very mystical Sea Side Village- The Ocean- Wind- an Old Wise Irish man telling tales to the young Children-  


Very believable- great acting-feels like you're there, running over the wild emerald grass grey wind whipped clifftops-lovely Earthy Escape- with Lush vibrant Irish music here and there in well dashed soul communicating video revitalizing sprinkles~


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