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I've been waiting for this for years it seems, and now it's almost here, and I find I have no idea what to do, where to go.  Yes, I have my water filter and stocking up on non-parishables, etc.. But...I am sitting close to the New Madrid Fault, don't feel very good about this.  I watch the earthquake activity around the world and have concluded that there are very few 'safe' places.  Community will be needed I'm sure, hopefully on a more Tribal basis, so where is everyone gonna head to when the shit hits the fan?  I think that we need a meeting place and a destination, but have no idea where this should be.  I am looking on the west side of the mississippi, simply because there is more open space there to avoid the fallout of babylon.  Anyone interested in getting busy on this?  Or are there some of us already on it? 

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Near water is important of course, but i am concerned about the projections of the rising water...some authorities have the entire mississipi valley under water. Looks to me like western Missouri has some possibilities, and west to somewhere in Colorado, north in that stretch looks ok, but i am convinced we need 3 growing seasons to be realistic, and warmer weather towards the south makes things alot easier for practical purposes.  There is some earthquake activity in Oklahoma, but not much...

We need a dozen or so folks really interested in surviving what's coming at us to put our heads and resources together.  For instance, i have the VW camper van and water filtration for one for about 6 months....working on medical supplies and non parishables....thinking of buying several big gas cans and having some extra fuel on hand...tools etc.

we really need to get ready to mobilize, meet up and be ready to head towards our destination, with supplies in hand.  Anyone ready?  I know I am not and that having like minded family will be essential.

Also should be thinking of plans and routes just to get out of Babylon if/when it starts to get ugly...don't want to end up in one of those fema camps...

Family, it is high time to be on this....if you have land  and are already thinking of this, or if you have no idea, it dosen't matter...we need to be the ones to survive all this, so we can start over and do it right this time.


Thanks for your replies....now what? My schecule is awful...bit mybe we could schedule a time to meet uo here and do a group chat for some brainstorming? Mondays are always good for me. But am off today as well if anyone is interested. If you are listening to your gut, it is probably tied up in knots now, i know mine has been for a while now. planning is what we need to do and soon. I also have one gas mask, a big tent, propane heater, and lots of knowledge of wild edibel and wild medicinal plants. I am also a nurse, gardner, can do some plumbing, carpentry and a electrical work. Lets pool our skills and reaources and aee what we can come up with?

I am just accross the river from there over in south county.  feel free to give a hollar and maybe stop by.

Sure, just call. I am always off on monday....otherwise, leave me a message or something. Agree, there is much to discuss. Surely there are others who are concerned as well.
Sorry about the typos, also have a solar shower and cooking utensils and basic hand tools

The Age of Aquarius may still be coming; it may be a name for the Mayans and Indians (India) next "yuga", or era.  I don't know how, exactly, they measure an era; but they seem to be in agreement with each other about that.  But Age of Aquarius may not look like what hippies saw in the 60's. It may signal an ending to babylon's way of life; and a nasty fall.  It may look more medieval in character.  Thus the gun craze to arm everyone against everyone in our country now.  (The US has always had that tendency; now a reason?) 

Personally, I will be among the very surprised if one major incident marks the ending of 2012.  (My imagination fears Yellowstone's supervolcano if there is one.)  But the fall of civilization, over a period of time, will, imo, indeed occur.  A place to go; and preps for that place; and people to be with is indeed in order.  Maybe we are to set it up for our children; our children's children.  At least that's how I see it.   A similar discussion of where to go in an emergency is also current in the Signs of the Times group:  http://www.rainbowgatherings.org/group/signs-of-the-times-they-real...   look for "pre-planned regional bugout locations..." discussion.  Actually, since we know there will be more disasters; and don't know which ones where; regional, or many locations are certainly in order.

Hugs to you all.

Good summary, LW. I too think it's a transition that takes place over time- it did start in the 60's, and they weren't that far wrong, just way ahead of their time. After the transition is when we see the true age of Aquarius. Or perhaps, as you said, our children's children will- (maybe the Moody Blues had it right all along).

I have reason to believe you are correct- slower decline in civilization fostered by various "disasters", both natural and man-made. How low we will sink before we start rebuilding, I think, depends on possibly undetermined events that will manifest according to variables.

I think we start the descent with economic/political upheaval and global conglomeration of political power (think attempts at a global 1984) which, in my opinion, initially puts non-conformist communities at risk unless they can put up a good front (at this point resistance really will be futile). The counter to this could be a natural catastrophe that would drive the power structure into survival mode, leaving the outsiders to fend for themselves. This could put isolated communities at risk from militant raiders.

Eventually, I do think communities will coalesce as we find each other and bring our knowledge and crafts together and start rebuilding. I have no concept of what the time frame might be, but I've seen it happening. I also think the groundwork is being laid here as we learn where communities might exist later on. If we get to the right areas we'll find each other.

On the other hand, maybe I've just been watching too many sci-fi movies.

I have thought about this time and again, and it is my opinion that the best place to go in N. America is Central to South Florida because this may be the only place with a year-round growing season and abundant fresh water. I've surveyed areas all around this region. You should research Plant City, FL and see what is going on there. 


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