I fear that with the coming changes we will not be able to reach out to our brothers and sisters when the time comes. I fear that we will not have access to the interenet. I think that we may have access to telephones, maybe cell phones for only a short time. I think that the government will use the internet to seek out people that are trying to make it on their own. My father has a large amount of land, that could be used for sustainable living that has been in our family for over 100 years, and the bank can't touch it. We have a small 16acres, but the bank still owns it as we have not paid it off. I think when the changes come, all places that have mortgages on them will be taken over by the government. We do not have a large rainbow family in Kentucky that I am aware of. I am the only person that I know that  connects with natural living. But I would be more than happy to make connections here so that we can help each other when the time comes. It brings both excitement and fear to me. I am preparing to ask my father if he would agree to welcome people coming out of the cities onto his land. I know that everyone involved would benefit from a community like this.

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Good thinking Brittany. That's definitely something we need to do soon.

We all need to have connections we can rely on when things start to fall apart.

In addition to this group, you'll find people who are preparing on:




I know you're in some  if not all of those groups.

It sounds like what you have to offer is a good place to land for any who have to bail from metro areas, and there are a lot of us. Those arrangements are not something to be made in public, though, and this site is public access. In fact Rainbow Family tends to attract agents and shills, hopefully in a small number. I would suggest contacting people in these groups personally by message because those who are thinking along these lines are showing up here. There are still many who are unaware and unprepared, even in the family. Attracting the wrong people will create an unhealthy situation. I'm sure you've seen those concerns discussed in the "Conscious Communities" group.

Then, once you've connected with someone, take it to private messages to avoid revealing too much info.


Also, you no doubt have friends who have not joined these groups. Inviting them to do so might be a good way to find out who in the Kentucky Family is looking in this direction.

That's funny, Bear. I was about to say the same about your comment.



I believe this is an awesome Idea! That being said, even if you do put it out there (Wide Open unlike what Morgan is suggesting) I still think you will be disappointed by the response. People do not like to change. Even when confronted face to face with devastation and destruction they still cling to the old ways in hopes of a better tomorrow. If you are really wanting to be a safe place for others, then start preparing for it.... when it comes you will be ready. Spirit will provide you with what you need along the way. There are a lot of things to consider, and it definitely takes a village.


When it comes to buying property and taking property, If your note is fixed, the higher inflation goes the less expensive your land will be, thus easier to pay off. I also would not register your 'farm' or anything else as such.



Thank you Morgan, Whyt Mountain Bear, and Gr33nM1nd for your responses. Winter is upon us, and unfortunately due to illnesses in our family, we were not able to grow a garden, although this is the first time in years that we have not done so, we are surely feeling the effects of that now. Over the winter, we plan on building a shelter in the hillside for food storage next year. I apologize for getting off topic, as this would have probably been a better topic for the sustainability group. My family has got a late start on preparing, but late is better than never. I think that I will hold off on trying to establish any sort of community, until I make better connections with others that are near bye. My heart is open all people who are willing to help, but have no where to go. I was nieve to think all people here have the same goals.  Thank you Morgan bringing that to my attention. I am sure there are wolves in every group and they would be the first to come with an invitation. I beleive the people that are active on these forums are mostly good, as they are trying to help each other make difference.  Much love and thank you all.  Peace  

I think I can speak for all of us when I say you're most welcome.

We're always glad to share perspectives.


A root cellar!

This is the second time in a week I've heard it mentioned.

An excellent idea that needs to be brought up in the sustainability group.

hmmm... I heard it takes one to know one, brother.


Brittany, you'll find the HexaYurt and lots of other good housing ideas, ranging from simple and easy to complex projects in the "Space Containment and Housing" group.

Just be sure what the building codes are where you are.

Thank you Whyt Mountain Bear! We are fortunate that we already have an active spring and spring house that my family has been using to meet all our water needs for over 60 years. It is located on my dad's land, that is where we will eventually live. On my maternal side of my family there have been many what we call "water witchers". It seems to be a natural talent, although I have not tried since I was very young. I veiw almost all the posting on the self-sustainability website,and survival tactics. I have been urging my husband that we need to invest in alternate power sources for our home.

I am very fortunate to have grew up farming and living the simple life, although I have a wealth of knowledge, there is alot that I have to learn. I am greatful for everyones posts and sharing of knowledge. Not only does this widen my knowledge base, but it nourishes my soul!


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