If what's coming down the pike turns out not to be a smiley face and humanity getting raptured into the oft-stated utopian bliss, 2012 might offer some alternative surprises.  Among the possibilities is one that includes a lot of people wanting to get-the-hell-out-of-Dodge to somewhere they can form communities with others of like mind.


Such places will be a lot more difficult to locate by luck after things have gone to hell in a hand basket.  To offer the potential for success they'll need to be off the beaten track, have a source of drinking water sufficient for the number of people trying to live there, soil fertile enough to grow food, and something to serve as building material.


Everything I know about attempted communes during the 1960s tells me that it can't be done without a lot of heavy thinking up-front and a clear understanding by everyone involved that it's group effort, group responsibility, and group enthusiasm provides whatever hope there is for it. 


My gut-feel is that people aren't ready to think along these lines yet.  But events could change that almost overnight.


This group is for any discussions about locations where the terrain, logistics, ownership, and climate might cause them to be considered as possibles if such discussions find themselves wanting to occur sometime in the future.



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Great thought Jules! This is exactly what I was going for in a previous post. I couldn't quite put it together the way you did. You said it perfectly. There is no community where I live, but there are plenty of resources. I don't think there are very many rainbows in my region,  at least I haven't been able to connect with any.  I think the foothills of Kentucky is a great place to mark, after all, that is where the European settlers found their homes, when trying to escape the colonial life...just a thought.  If and when the proverbial "crap hits the fan" our land will be open to those that are kind and willing to work. Right now we are working to prepare for our immediate family, but more helping hands would provide means for more people.

Hi Brittany:  You might further the cause for a site in Kentucky by beginning some sorting around for potential sites you think would serve.  You could locate them on Flashearth.com, get a screenshot of the sites, along with the longitude/latitude coordinates, and post it with your reasons for thinking it would make a good commune site.


Just a thought.  Jules

Brittany:  Here's an example of what I'm describing.  It's a site I examined in 1998 as a potential Y2K bugout site.  An abandoned, deserted New Mexico State Park along the Rio Grande, working windmill, plenty of water for irrigation, not-too-far from Albuquerque and Las Cruces.  Just so's to provide an example of one approach to identifying possible sites.

Even though it's only a few miles from the Interstate it's not easy to find the roads getting there.  A person who didn't know it was there would never find it.


I think anyone in the region that is interested should send a personal message and I can give them the information. I don't want to post it for the whole world to see. I am afraid of those that would have ill intentions. 

Brittany:  That's the other approach, probably with equal validity.  Good luck finding what you're looking for and a community to go with it.  Jules


This is a link for S-tree towers and Turkey Foot campgrounds, and also a map for Little Lick Campground http://maps.google.com/maps/place?rlz=1C1AVSG_enUS464US464&um=1...

S-tree towers/Turkey Foot campgrounds are located near McKee, Ky. Little Lick is Near Somerset/London. There is also Bee Rock Campground Near Laurel Lake. All of these locations can be described as being remote, open to public, primative camping areas that are near water ways and other natural resources, with Little Lick as being the most primative. All would be good destinations should the time come for people to retreat to the land. All of these sites are within 25 miles of my location and of each other. 

The north west region of north america was a good spot for the hunter gatherers in that region. Much of northern Ca., western Or. and western Wash. had tribes that could eat well on 4 days out of seven hunting and gathering, not all tribes or all the time but if you had an area that provides naturally for 6 months out of the year half you work in this area is easier.

 A caution though, many herb growers in that area that are also preparing for the collapse and many are suspicious of new people coming in. Many have made extensive preparations for the long haul with solar, micro hydro, heirloom seed storage, and are well hidden. 

Brittany, I have friends (one extended family) and part of my family that I would guarantee as good neighbors in such a situation.  I would be thrilled to have your location (the creeks area) as a resource for them in such a situation.  Of course, don't post here; I'll contact you.

Personally, my ears perk at the NM site you suggest Jules, as my husband and I have been looking at NM for some time.  Water availability and quality (with all the mining, especially gas in NM) have been concerns.   Also, have been advised to pick a spot with both ground water and not too deep for well water.  Rivers change passage; and get used up by cities before they reach you.   Of course, if the river moves or dries, so does the underground water.  So not sure about such advice.  What's the elevation of the area?

Little wing:  The groundwater at that site is, I believe, relatively shallow where the windmill's positioned.  Mostly gravel overburden, and so near the river I'd want to get a chemical analysis before I trusted it, thinks I.  MSL altitude's probably not much higher there than the surface level of Elephant Butte Reservoir spillway.  Maybe 100 feet or so.  But the location would have to be a strictly bugout alternative.  It's on land belonging to NM State government.  And the river's definitely contaminated, both because of the mining history [mercury] and because a lot of the flow has gone through the Albuquerque Wastewater Treatment System.


I think if I were considering buying land in NM I might be tempted to look more up in the area southwest of Magdalena in the valley running down toward Monticello.  There's confluence of runoff from two mountain ranges in that valley and a property located on a fault line ought to be a good possibility for relatively shallow, clean, dependable water.  Just my particular thinking.  It's a remote area and a long way from town, though.  Hope this helps.  Jules

I edited too late and it got lost, I reckons.

The area I'm referring to as one I might consider if I could buy land in NM is the two valleys running generally southeast.  One between the Magdalenas and the San Mateos to the Rio Grande, the other with the Lueras on the NW and southward bounded by the San Mateos.

I wanted to take some time to respond to this in depth.  Those who know me, know I have been in Arizona since the Hanagans Meadow Gathering in 1979.  I live and work in the back country.  Jules mentioned a point near Magdelena, NM that is off the beaten track with a windmill.  I would say, there are many such forgotton locations in AZ and NM.  In terms of places for people to go,  THINK  BIG.  No single place is capable of holding the numbers I anticipate showing up.  Think LANDSCAPE.  There is no one place to go, but there is one hell of a big landscape to Occupy.  I am reminded of a sister named Osha  who traveled with us to the 50th anniversary of the United Nations in 1995.  She was nearly blind, but one of the remarkable things that she accomplished in her life, was to follow the San Franscisco River over there in NM.  Become the river.  Its going your way.

This is true over in Arizona as well.  In terms of general places to go, are the old Gathering sites at Hanagans Meadow and Greens Peak.  Both these areas have burned over in recent times, but that makes the tourists stay away and the soil fertile.  There is water and fish and game in both places.  But think in terms of movement across a landscape.  If you follow the “old roads”, you will inevitably wind up on the best land with the most water.  There are two main trails I want you to keep in mind should you come this way.  The Arizona Trail runs from the Utah Line to the  Grand Canyon (right past my house), runs south thru Flagstaff and the Verde Valley, to Lake Roosevelt, Tucson and eventually the Mexican Border.  You can google it.   The second trail is Crooks Trail (Graywolf’s Trail) runs from near Prescott and Camp Verde to Fort Apache, into the Blue Range, and then on to Magdelena NM et al.  These two trails effectively quarter Arizona.  Graywolfs Trail follows the Mogollon Rim.  Most of the water comes out of the Mogollon Rim. Get ye the heck out of your cars and start walking.   Its all forest land, so it already belongs to us.  Don’t think in terms of one little place; think in terms of one REALLY BIG PLACE.  Camp Everywhere.  The Land Belongs to the Living Generation Standing in this Circle Holding Hands.  By the Authority vested In me by my Grandfathers, I grant you the right to live upon this land in Peace with each other.

With that I can say, I have a particular place where I would take my family when things go south.  I won’t advertise where that is on here for obvious reasons.  If you follow these directions, cryptic as they may be; you’ll eventually find us.   Bless you and Keep you and may you all find the way Home.


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