We're none of us all that wise, including those of us who believe we are and devote energies to explaining how wise we are to others.  That process of explaining often takes the form of predictions involving generalities and future events.  But the history of human attempts to predict future events doesn't glow enough to earn the word 'checkered' to describe it.  Especially when specifics are involved.


On the other hand, the human experience does include a connection to a particular piece of time, or metaphysics, that can offer hints, general personal guidance, selection of one path over another when the two appear equal.  Provided the person doing the looking is the same person as the one doing the listening.


I'm inclined to use an oracle and a particular mode of half-trance 'listening' as a means of establishing the connection referred to above.  It's served me well for a number of decades, and the choices I've allowed it to help me make have usually led to outcomes which, though frequently surprising, were worthy of a level of gratitude I mightn't feel if I'd made different choices.


But as a means of prediction of general outcomes, such as 'earth changes' and 'changing times' oracles evidently are too individual specific, have always been too individual specific, to provide guidance.  History is full of examples of individuals consulting oracles to predict outcomes for large events looming, only to find afterward the predicted outcome provided by the oracle applied only to the specific life of the person doing the consulting.


My thought is at a person attempting to fathom general events and changes currently building around us might be far better served listening for guidance involving personal directions, paths and choices.  Knowing the big events probaby couldn't give us much help, overall.  They're run by forces beyond our ken, our control, our understanding.


But where we each position ourselves within the context of those events can be of overwhelming personal importance to our lives and growth.  As well as helping us be at the right place at the right time, avoid being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  The Coincidence Coordinators don't need much help from us, but listening to them, acknowledging they're there, pushing and nudging, whispering, can make the process of inevitability a lot more palatable, or less painful.


I'm not evangelical about whether anyone is better served by listening to oracles, but if I were, I'd suggest it's a good time for each of us to be doing it.










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Very well said, bro.

Especially your summation in the last two paragraphs.

The state of awareness you've described was what I was hoping to instigate when I started this group.

I believe that's what the Hopi's referred to as "walking with the spirit".

Hi Morgan:  I knew an old water-well, healer dowser once who carried around a discarded pair of glasses prescribed for someone else he used to get into the state of awareness he sought for dowsing.  He was good at most healing and a lot better at finding water, so I suppose it worked for him.


I used to rib him by saying the reason it worked was because the person who wore the specs before he got them was a better dowser than he was.


I've never tried the method, but it might be a way a person could train himself/herself to induce the right place for the mind to be if other methods didn't work.

   You do not want my opinion , You will not want - or - like what I have to say on this subject : ! 

I won't be NICE  or  Sugar coat anything .  We had a chance in the 1970's to see what was coming ; We could have changed it then . Instead we increased our use of OIL & COAL ; Solar Energy was put on a back burner along with all of the other alternative renewable possibilities we could have had . What could have been done was not !

Where would we have been in 40 years ? That's how much time there WAS . FAST FORWARD 40 YEARS ; TIME IS UP !

 The future is to have your home in-ground , grow your own food , because if there are survivors this is how it will have to be NO CHOICES . Consider a life without a computer or cell phone ; most likely there won't be any. 

 The First shake up won't measure up any where near the second one 2 to 3 years latter ... 

  Believe me you will be just as freaked out as , I will be too . 

  The reality is NONE of us are ready for what is to come and that is the fact of the whole matter.

I can give you hope .  Your chances are better than most everyone else . The simple fact that you are aware and have done a few things to become ready . The first step was to join this Rainbow Family , having an awareness of the world around you .  It Is alright to feel fear , but face it ; let the fear pass over you and keep your head clear to what is next to do ... to survive . I don't care if you have to eat bugs... Two birds did something on that here as a topic . Morgan put up a site called EAT THE WEEDS  ... The biggest thing is to tell yourself it is only bad for the moment ; the moment shall pass . This is how you will truly survive .

  No I did not sugar coat it ; just keep what I have said in your mind and you will do fine , your chances to survive will be much higher in the end . IT'S ONLY BAD FOR THE MOMENT ; IT SHALL PASS . LOVE YOU !

Ada/Wajos Awasos "Mountain Bear":  Your opinion's your opinion, which is to say I don't have an opinion about it.  I've no reason to like it, nor any reason to dislike it.  Whether you're 'right' or wrong.


I'm almost 70 years old, living under roughly the same conditions you are, if I've read your posts correctly.  I was a true enough believer Y2K was going to happen to cash in two retirements for two careers and spend almost a building a cabin, setting up a refugee camp as fully supplied as I could make it in the middle of nowhere.  Lost everything, and though I wouldn't swap it the experience, one thing it taught me is my predictive capacities are roughly the same as those of everyone else.  Which is to say, not anything to get worked up about.


Mostly I'm as ready as I'll ever be.  Part of the reason is that I just don't much give a damn.  Another part is that life's an adventure no matter how hard it gets, and I wouldn't consider it worth the effort of doing it if it were otherwise. 


I didn't need Rainbow to get me there, nor to make me aware.  And I'm no more aware today than I was the day I became a member here.


Nothing much freaks me out, and I don't expect anything's likely to.  We live and we die.  It's all a part of the same package.



I like that; well said.  Star



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