Well, during the end times we will be having lots of earthquakes (check - just look at Oklahoma?!). Also, we've had several blood red moons and blood red tides (all apart of Biblical prophesy). I'm just biding my time. I think that love and Christ are the only things that can save us.




When black hole sun comes along - I'll REALLY be paying attention then.

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It is uncanny how many similarities are to be found between Hopi prophesy and the Bible. Wow.

I agree the bible prophesied these things; and they are happening.  And while love and Christ can save each our souls (imo, other good beliefs as well), there are many things we can do to save our species and so many others.  First, as your article reports, human fracking is causing so many of the earthquakes.  Fracking messes with our water supplies, and that is bad enough.  But when it gets so bad people object to dangerous earthquakes, that is the only time the companies (usually natural gas companies, though now they are fracking )for other mineral uses as well) stop the fracking in a locale.  Then you hear about earthquakes in another state.  The sooner people make a loud noise about it, the sooner they stop.  And that needs to happen everywhere this occurs.

The blood moon foresees bad storms, as coastal sailors have always known.  And red tides are a result of less oxygen in the water.  If there is a "fish kill", is actually a die-off of fish from lack of oxygen, people must stay away from that water or get ill until it is re-balanced.  Many things can cause a red tide; some natural causes and many man-made (like industry spills that often go unreported).  The phenomenon is not new; it's occurred, though now more often, since biblical times at least.

Because the bible predicts these things perhaps does not mean we can do nothing; are somehow exonerated of responsibility.   Perhaps warnings are given to allow a chance to fight the good fight against the evil men do.  At any rate, the hippies I grew up with felt this way; and we have a solid reputation of standing up for what we believe is right.  We stand for simple living; learning the skills our great-grandparents had to be self sufficient because we know that growing our own good food (for instance) supports life instead of death.  We stand for valuing each other over acquiring things (love vrs. babylon) because we know we will be fulfilled thru our love, not our possessions.

I'll bet you are already doing some of these things, Jennifer.  I'm just looking at the proverbial elephant from a different angle.  Yet we are looking at the same things!

Love and hugs!

I pretty much agree with everything you've said (:

Love and hugs!


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