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composting with kitchen scraps only

Started by little wing Mar 2, 2015. 0 Replies

We have no green matter to add to our kitchen scraps, our only compost.  And we get frequent visits from coyote; an occasional javelina party in our yard.   We are renting, so don't want to do too…Continue


Started by ☯ Firelight ☮ ♥ ☼. Last reply by ☯ Firelight ☮ ♥ ☼ Jan 4, 2014. 19 Replies

Like most other necessities power requires Green energy. $… It’s not so difficult to figure out. I have priced components (batteries, inverters, solar & wind generators. For about $2,000 one can…Continue

I'm selling home and leaving NY, going mobile to find or build a sustainable home

Started by Forest Jul 31, 2013. 0 Replies

Would love to tour communites and pick up what knowledge I can, final destination Wide OpenContinue

just joined the group and i know most of us travel

Started by josh foley. Last reply by Joanna Whitney May 16, 2013. 13 Replies

 I don't know if anyone is interested i own a garage in co, and i have been doing what Gm and Ford are doing now with the hho conversions if anyone is interested i can guide you through the set up or…Continue

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Comment by Joanna Whitney on May 16, 2013 at 5:43pm

So for Tom Ignacio - San Luis Valley, Colorado

for Brewcity - come see me I will be in Musical Veggie Kitchen and Serentea Ridge at the Nationals - we can talk then...

Comment by Joanna Whitney on May 14, 2013 at 11:40pm

I made a website for the land - and the project... 

Comment by Brewcity Drum n Bass, loven u! on May 13, 2013 at 8:22pm

oh yeah where is the san luis valley? California perhaps? name reminds me of san luis Obispo...

Comment by Brewcity Drum n Bass, loven u! on May 13, 2013 at 8:19pm

to Joanna, aftert nationals we'd love to see the land you have, by then our baby will be born and hopefully we'll have a better van to get around in as well.

Comment by Joanna Whitney on May 12, 2013 at 11:54am

this message is for Tom Ignacio - I am not sure what your asking for - I don't have more than $200 to my name but I do have 3.75 acres of land in the San Luis Valley. There is more land available there and it's cheap - but the water has to be accessed - it is possible to dig to the fresh water for a youngster with a shovel - but it is probably 250 feet down... or water could be brought in. 

I don't use doctors - since I am over 50 they suggest I am supposed to expose myself to radiation and all kinds of other bs but I am not doing it  - I use herbal medicine - I buy herbs with food stamps at health food stores and use the internet and books to figure out how to use them. I am trying to grow them this year.

I use barter and barter currency to get by. I do some graphic design for us $ to pay gas and car insurance but I am poor.

I am planning to go to the gathering - hoping my riders will help with gas. I have not worked in the system since 2008. I am not planning on going back to it but I also know living off grid is hard work! 

Comment by Echo on May 12, 2013 at 6:05am
For medical, try herbs. is a good place to start. Most herbs have an antiseptic in them; they are gentle enough for children. That site has storybooks that they call herbfaries. They are very instructional. I also like Rosemary Gladstar's books,Susun Weed, and Kiva Rose. John Gallagher, who started recently released a class that was hosted by 7 Song from CALM.
I'm not wanting to offend anyone, but one of the best home schooling texts is the Bible. Even if you're not a believer, it has good information on how to deal with other people and most any problem that comes up. There's poetry about the beauty of Nature and that everything is good. I'd add some Greek and Roman Era info to the mix, along with other histories. Add math and science and your good to go.
Comment by Brewcity Drum n Bass, loven u! on May 11, 2013 at 9:23pm

To Joanna, this is a repost from another page I blogged on. I really need some help here. Please read this and to anyone else IM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!


Comment by tim ignacio 57 minutes agoDelete Comment

this question is to Star Albright. I just read your post here it says you have lived off the grid for several year and even raised your kids that way. My wife and myself did this very well between the two of us. however, we are expecting our child in july and living off the grid is something we need to find a way to do asap. How does one have children in modern society and then disappear from the Babylonian limelight especially since were very poor, barely have a working vehicle and its sad to say we do rely on the government for health care and other state benefits. That said, I have no proble telling uncle sam to go smoke a pole but in doing soafter receiving benefits, jumping through their bullshit hoops a few shitty repercussions may come into play. At some point after receiving  benefits the gov requires us to work some full time job, while takin it up the backside from their social workers and their so called investigators and their appointed daycare programs. I guess in all fairness, sure workin that job is a way to pay them back. At the same time her and I will have to deal with their social workers. But, at some point we will definitely want to flip em the Dueces and hit it on them so My wife, child and I can return to living off the grid as we have always done before. So in closing how did you make it possible to raise your children off the grid? Home school? Friends and family helped with daycare? What about Medical? This blog may be long and drawn out so I do apologize but we are seriously in need of some help or advice. As always, Lovin You :-)

Comment by Joanna Whitney on May 11, 2013 at 9:10pm

I have land in the san luis valley... looking for others who would like to put their tipi up - I want to start a community...

Comment by Morgan on December 16, 2012 at 7:54am

A video catalog of edible wild plants:

Comment by Wajos Awasos"Mountain Bear" on August 9, 2012 at 12:48pm

 Very nice going you guy's ; only had a chance to read a little no time to write , more ... Having a Mid-West Rainbow Family Pot Luck Aug11-the 19th. expecting people soon ...... LOVE YOU ALL ! Be-Well


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