As those of us know who have been on the road for awhile...

At first it seems as though you need all these worldly possessions to survive..but you will find that you need much less than you had previously thought..we can give advice on what you "need" and do not need..but we can only give advice..I know that it is hard to take that advice sometimes..because we all have our own ideas of what is important..and even those ideas change over time..

You may think that you must have all the latest items, like a brand new backpack $400, new innovative sleeping bag $50, and you may think that you cannot just go..because you have to have money to buy these "new" items. But really if you trust in mother earth and her awesomeness and that she will provide..then even a blanket you will not need.

If you need help in changing your life, in creating a new life, in finding the power to "just leave"..or if you need help in transitioning from Babylon to freedom..we are here to help you..please ask any question..there are no dumb or stupid questions..only the ones that are never asked..

I am here for you as are many, many others..We are you sisters and your brothers. You are our hope as well as we are yours!

If you need a place to "hide" for a while, you are welcome here are our farms. Any day, any night, any time! For as long or as little as you need.

Also if you are in need of things that are worldly please tell us what you are in need of..there are many who come to this site that may have what you are seeking...

May the light shine upon you in your time of need..

We Love You!

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Oh starlite! I feel your pain..When I left(I will make this story short) I had somewhat of a stalker for over 4 years. He would threaten my life. He also had my child. There was nothing I could do. So when I left and I think this is the to stay extremely low for a couple of months..I found a friend and stayed in his apt for 2 months. I didnt leave that apt..not to go outside and check the mail..nothing..this was the hardest thing i have ever done..ever!! But I did it and I am glad I did it.

I didnt know what to do either. I was beyond scared..I would cry everynight and everyday. I made absolutely no contact with anyone I knew...they thought I was dead..which was better than him knowing where I was..I still have to be careful..but I am not as worried as I was before..It has been almost 2 years since those days...and so long as I am very careful when going into and near certain towns...and I dont tell the directions to the commune online..therefore I must first trust the person who is comming then give them the directions.

Fly here, I will hide you...noone will find you here and you wont even have to hide in the house for 2 months. Email me and tell me your experiences..let me know whats going on..Loving you so much little sister!

Let this be a soothing for your mind too..even if they receieved these messages and got my IP address..then came here..I have another property completely off grid that cd use a womans touch. They would never find out where you are...and I sure as hell wouldnt tell anyone!

We will give you a new i have a new name for this purpose and because i was reborn into a rainbow.

Loving You Little Sister!
Ali you are such a beautiful light. Keep on doing good things. Your presence in this world is much needed.
starlite, I am in the same boat as you. I am 19 years old and i still live at home with my mother, and older brother. My mother does not agree with, or understand, the lifestyle i want to live. If i speak of living this way my mother quickly cuts me off and tells me that people shouldn't live in such a way and that i am not aloud to leave...this makes me feel guilty because sometimes she gets very emotional (even to the point of tears!) and i feel like i'm being a bad daughter for wanting to leave. I feel this connection to mother earth that I cannot ignore any longer. Does anyone have any advice for me? i feel lost, and i feel as though i will be stuck here for far to long...

love you all!!
Maddie & Starlite... I hope to soon go to Roundhouse and I encourage you guys to come with me! It's time to follow our dreams!
Ill come and bring in whatever you may need as weel just tell me. as soon as you give me the info im on my way

My story is very similar to sister camomile's.  I am living in an apartment alone and its keeping my family happy but not me.

Lookin at the date of some of these posts makes me wonder if yall still out there. Me and my wife to be are lookin for some help. message me, add me, or reply to this post. any help would rock! btw... her and i are experienced travelers. but need to settle coz shes pregnant! Loven you


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