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Comment by Valterra Blue on August 23, 2010 at 10:44pm
space mirror blues

deluxe sound boost~listen 2 Muse~ Keep your fishin' 4 evolution Heart
mobile Balloon in Tune 2 the Heart Beats of Musi-ic
nothing spelled backwards is something
star violet dust flame~ Horns of Space

dusty guitars, rollin' Trains Journey
Chameleon Moon, I hear your songs on the Wind

Like dream Faery Leaves, Spirits of the Air
Flesh to the Earth as the Similar Eons watch us
convert cataclysmics, Followers to Legends of the Street Kids Hustlers
at the Center of the MilkyWay
space mirror blues, we're reaching through you

Dead Mouse on the intersection, you know he never made it all the way
Layin' down, beside the curb- Traffic keeps movin' ain't no prayers
I know he's got the blues, I got the blues for that mouse

Workin' class maid, she just makes ends meet, keeps her boys fed, under a safe roof, still wearin' down her achin' bones
for the Love of each, coming Home
you know she's got the Blues

If you're still searchin' for the the Rainbow Keys- the Mystery Keys? History of the Spirit Keys?

They're at the intersection at Wildt/Summit
Where the Festival never Ends~!
Cherry Springs running through the Valley , Ancient Willows
Strong Dream Magic

Your Body is your Space ship , You're already in Space~!

Heavy Heart in Sea of Despair, Poor Girl, All her wages for her engine, just so she can get back 2 work again~!
Ain't got no money for a guitar...ain't got no guitar for the blues...
Don't worry, 'got your Blues Wish~!

Old Man, decomposing slow motion' better Chase the kids away.. let their teeth rot out, who needs 'em anyway?
Obsessed with End of the World scenarios, weather, and politicians

Us Watching Us, a 1000 years ago,
through the Space Mirror Blues Show!
try these licks~!

Magic Alive Passion Drive- Sonic Elixer infiltration
Lightness.. oh the Unbearable Lightness of Being~!
& well ,it must be bearable, 'cause we're bearing it!

Pollen Pheremoans, Earth scents, desire propulsion- resonance
the journey of sunlight

the blessing of Burgeoning Joy Ride Sequence goes Here! violet Dust Flame Horns of Space
I got your bluest Wish, Space Mirror Blues,
Blue Mirror Blue, I'm lookin' through you

try Spacewalkin' in these shoes...
Comment by Windwalkers on August 21, 2010 at 9:15pm
Sacred Path - Windwalkers

I am a wander of the path of sacred footsteps
A Listener of the beat of the native drums
My breath comes before me in small whispers
I smell the world upon the wind
Great brother wolf guide my path
Great sister Owl keeps me safe

They bring me to a silent stand still
I hear the call of the ancient ones
I listen to the rivers call
And the song of the falling leaf

The sacred message is before my eyes
To understand it, I just need my belief
Below my hair that is wet, from spirits breath
Small drops of crystal sweat sit upon my brow

The old one tell me to let myself free
Shackle me no longer, break my man made chains
To open my Chi

A rain drop message sent from up above
Down to earth with the force of love
Wet forehead, sticky eyes
I awaken on the forest floor, listening to my fading dreams
Crackling fire, I can feel the warm
Surrounded by many faces unseen
Old yet friendly hands wipe my face
Whispers, greetings, in this sacred space

Welcome home child, welcome home brother
I smile inside, and take the hand
Standing up as a new man

Clearer now it does seem
I sit by the fire and wonder later
Was that old life the dream?
Comment by Valterra Blue on August 21, 2010 at 3:47pm
JellyBean Jean

Where have ya been, Jeanie?

Still wearing out those old blue jeans
Wouldn't believe what I'd seen

Your Love Bursting apart at the Seams!

Nectarine, tangerine, out of ink again, Jean?

Heads up! Your Tail's in the Air!
Do you need a pickup line?
Here comes the pickup line....

Read the headlines, Baby
Maybe your Love can save me~!

Too many Jaded beginnings
Truthless endings, we're so far
from that kind of scene
Comment by Valterra Blue on August 19, 2010 at 10:48pm
Hi Rhyme MoonShine~! lay it down, Brother Neil~!Keep it going~!
like a Jester jumpin' out'a the Box


Connect a Lot of Words & you get Surreal
Connect a lot of Surreal and you get Neil

Just keepin it Real~! Word~!
Comment by Valterra Blue on August 19, 2010 at 10:01pm
Dream Mask by: Chameleon Moon aka Taya Lee

these leprechaun aliens induce a heavy catatonic dream state to mask their presence & secret violations of our essence

Are your dreams masks?

Are they harvesting our Mojo? Planting Seeds?

In a Strange house surrounded by Strangers
All right, Look Now...Bring it In. Let it back.

Thank you for the Good Spirits and Cheer~!
Emily wears a deep scarlett dress that embraces & accentuates her ravishing dimensions and her once skinned head is now medium length dissarray Punkish jet black fronds

Her Lips seem as sweet as a crimsonVelvet snakeskin petals
Her Smile is the Love of Life
& she moves me.... stolen glance
Comment by Valterra Blue on August 19, 2010 at 10:22am
Paradise Collision by: Chameleon Moon AkA `Taya Lee

Like a RainbowAngelFairy risin' from the Night Cellar Ashes...
Free Form Sonic Thread, thy Maiden inception Beautiful Journey
of the Glow Swan "lectric Dance Channeling Neo~Classical Faery expressionism~ Rock & Roll 4ever Fairies~ Brass on Brass on...
triple hi~brass surgery, you can drink this tonality
Sonically abstracting, of course~!

I gotta L.I.S.~ P. Laughing In Space PuNks
C.O.N.E. *CruShed *Origami *Night *Escape ~~~~~~~~wisdom!
AfterGlow Emissions CandleHatMIssion, recharg'n our Space
BloodStream Elixer Rhythm

always been a WordSmith-..
-splicing them like Centipedes and Fire Flies-
lighting the Way, sParKs of Night-

Well..she's the Whip of the Cream, she's the Crop of the Field
Baby likes to keep it concealed

Lick that Cream from your Little Saucer of Secret Dreams~!
Saving all Our Precious Mojo- for the Hard RHymes Society~
Never say Easy, just stay True 2 your Valient Ear~
Right next to Grafitti Heart Street ~ a Preservation Society
The free-est Form of Family; everyone you never guessed you'd meet

Lock & Chase Logic~ Emergency Exits Go Here!
ChasingLogic with the Cheshire Cat's~
drinking Mad Unicorn Wine... Ha ha Ha Sha- Ra!
~Such Magic Hat Laughter, ghosts of Everywhere~!
Magicians & their assorted random Insurrections
Scattered versatility, Remedy's and reflections
Does anyone have any directions to
some kind of Fairy Angel crash landing on this planet?
Who could have planned it quite this way

Alice Ecila Alice Ecila~ All this Mycelia, All this Mycelia~!
Stellar Stellar~! I JUst got the joke Alice! Us Laughing at Us~!
Us coming on Us Over & overagains

They still call me Mr. Mysterious-
when I'm not playful I must be serious-
Dungeons & Dragons, advanced questions?
Count your arrows before Exit~!

over under backwords
remembering the Spirit Phases
trying to get back to the Original Source-
Waking up the Divine Tragic Comedy -
It's such a carnival of emotions ~changing of the Seasons
Slight decay, slower Death & Faster Fairy SpARks of new awakenings

Glow Worm Maiden, channeling...

Like an Angel Rising from the Cellar
Hatching new planets for the Paradise Collision

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