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Comment by Valterra Blue on March 7, 2011 at 11:51am

Us Remembering Us


...pixel by pixel


De-programming the Illusion

Alien Serenade


We can repair the torn fabric of space & time~! stitch at a time

 we're still discovering the clues

\!~//Terminal Awareness~//!\ saves 9 billion Light Years

& the ancient journey to the new planet


Source...Return to Source// 

static illusion Zentrifigal  forces go here~!


Push Alien Push~!


return to Thank You, we love you Forever,

Cradle Thy Spark


Alien masquerade

celestial tapestry

Multi-dimensional Lullabye

Rock Us Space Vixen~

Natural Born Universe Shakers


The ALiens are us....we ARE the Aliens


...from the Future, coming back to share our Love with our children


Thrilled a Spider, you got caught in the cross fibres

Now we're all right,  How We missed you, One Strand at a time~!

going grey 


 ...said it backwards so you'd catch it forwards


total lunar eclipse goes here~!

Only one direction we know

 -sideways under the free way

over pass over, just past the upside down kids

it's so easy to trip over someone else's shoe laces



Just take a moment,  Classical disaster ...

cute as a button forwards after glow worm 


these creatures, they're living inside my radio!

still working out the sonic kinks

the signal is everywhere!

Your Love is purring like a kitten~!

I know you've been Hi-jinxing~!

You're Love is the Crusade!

Like a crimson shadow cat dancing

Romancing Heart trancing~ violets are so Blue~!


you're coming through, you're coming True 

now your satellites are spinning

a 1000 rainbow light prisms a second


The whip behind the carriage

the spark inside the flame

the Wish inside the candle

like a snake in the grass


just listen to it the roots beneath the trees


microsmash~ sideways driving

it's a hit and Pun- Don't jump the Sun~!


Celestial Secrets- 


I'm an old young man; the best kind of Man~!

Keys & Doors are in my heart

I keep the Moon in my pocket-


us celestial addicts 

I believe if we can get over ourselves we can change this Universe

one rainbow centipede at a time!

Now don't tell anyone you didn't hear it here, last, Celestial Kittens~!


Comment by Windwalkers on December 18, 2010 at 5:28pm

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and Positive Vibrations.

Comment by Valterra Blue on November 21, 2010 at 9:44am
Hey NIghtshade~! thx for sharing that- nice wordplay~!
Comment by Nightshade on October 19, 2010 at 10:20am
I'm a junior linguist who likes to rebel, that's what inspired me to write this. Not much value is placed on traditional Latin grammars these days (rightly so), and allotta people now don't even know what a split infinitive is--but if I'd written this in the 19th c. I prolly woulda been arrested!


In order to fully comprehend what we are doing here,
We first must be prepared
To mercilessly reject all that we think we know;
To not blindly follow teachers and grammars,
Anals who hold no answers.
To desperately ask is to gradually receive;
To earnestly seek
What's to ultimately be found.

And once we indulge the freedom to often
And accordingly speak as ourselves--
To onward push,
Not to hitherto advance,
To boldly go, you know where,
Or "to him advise" as Brut might say--
The moment we begin to suddenly recognize
What we ought to intuitively see,
Then we'll be able to whereby go and to likewise do;
To proudly and decidedly affirm
Not 'to be' or 'not to be' or even 'to be not,'
But 'to not be' it is, or 'not to not be,' indeed.

Then and then only, the ingrained ability
To unitedly upright stand in the face
Of the arcane, rote-learned language will thoroughly awaken in us;
We will know that now is the time to just let it all out--
To finally, without a doubt, and at the top of our lungs
Shout that we are the ones sent to righteously undo
All that's been done.
And to henceforth know through time and space,
The long and short of it, thick and thin, tit for tat,
The pleasure that accompanies knowing full well how to--

Brutally, brazenly, ruthlessly, shamelessly,
Full-heartedly, forcefully, coarsely, remorselessly,
Craftily, tactfully, artfully, dramatically,
Unabashedly, unequivocally, undeniably,
And as many other adverbials and adverbs
As will fit in your arsenal,
And will blow them away with a curse and a smirk,
With a "in-your-face," and a "kiss-my-ass,"
"Rulers be damned, Bishop Lowth too,"
Truly, greatly, deeply,
"This one is for history"--

Split the infinitive.
Comment by Valterra Blue on September 17, 2010 at 4:26pm
Welcome to the United Space of Andromeda~!

Star Creatures~! Time Spinners~!

freedom is just a breath away
weightless mirror
low frequency thrills

Space Pilgrims traveled here; planted us Seeds of Faith

sexy shrieking rainbow notes

unreal relaxed courage

Wild Love Sea

buried deep in us all,
find the Spirit Keys & use them to unlock
the mysteries you seek

the Forest is our cathedral

some of us may be deep space sleeping
on the seemingly forever journey...

choosing to be players in the grand Epic Emotion called Earth

just wait till you wake up and you're almost Home~!

Welcome to the United Space of Andromeda~!

We Love You~! Through & Through~! Thankyou for being so True!
Comment by Valterra Blue on September 15, 2010 at 12:36pm


make like a tree and leave!

Be gone~ Get Lost! Disappear!
Never to return again!

Wizard dust / crossroads spiral
down in the gut-less realm
kickin' some dust

Let's get together somewhere/ some time &
have a cup of some kind of Chemisty~!

I'm not a killer but I'm a good pretender
I guess everyone was waiting...
seasonal misery can't go on without ya!

You still trying to pull the cool wool~ves over our eyes?

Jinxing the pistols?
Minxing the whistles?
drinkin' the crystals
down in the cellar

Go paint your wagon!

Ye Ol'e Weasel~!

SKIDADDLE~! Vamoose!
Scat Cat Scat~!

The wind is getting rusty
Comment by Valterra Blue on September 15, 2010 at 10:47am
Rhyme Traveler, Rhyme Traveler

traveling at the speed of Fae
with the pixie Love dust sprinkles...
can you spare a stranger a Day-
Glow yellow Night spiral peace of mind, Hey!

She's so sweet & crazed..CrAzed!
She's so Hot & bothered, she's my spacey vixen..
space eviction... everlasting

Our Love's like two comets
crashing together with our hot & bothered Hearts!

Perception is a multi-faceted Journey
Chill winds creeping, Fallout Queen; bringing us back around
from our meanderings again

for our Earth, for our Children, for our Peace of Heart & SOul

...still pushing for a commercial-free society, a chemical free society that we've got you all razzed up~!

Are you ready for One minute before Midnight?
...followed by more lackadaisical moments before our return
to the the day after the day before Labor of Love Day

Come share your Love and Wisdom
as we pass the feather
around the circle of sapphire
Words on a Wire

Balance act, suspension craft
Wind is rustling, calming, heliotropic seduction

Glassandra, hot elixer
rainbow chrome rose serenazia
lover's...keys & title

psychedelic horror rock?
heed the warning..
wear psychedelic horror rock ear protection~!

creatures of habit
tendency to thrive
High handle bar bicycle ryders these days
just around the mental block
Deja Vu

Com'n back now for another round for
the unconscious harvest of precious experience

never convenient and very indiscreet
yet always accommodating it is
in all ways, for it just happens
to be the one True Purpose

we are constantly judging ourselves
twisting our Fate
all creatures listen intently...
such a casual fool, eventually
will come walking the road of trials

...and our name is Child
are we well to come?

the route that we've charted
makes no promises of comfort waves
deaf constant weary of travel?
rest for a while in your tavern of exile

absolutely frothing, my dears~! wanderers of the summer cycle,
our relays have made the switch...
the switch to a new chapter of Freedom

Safe Travels, Space travels
Love is a Free Spiral
We need more Sexy Pyramids!

When you find your wind, will you raise your sails?
Journey to the Witch's Castle
cold, forewarned, banshee wail

she is breathing dark blues into your parchment Sails

L' Chrona Loch-Less
out of combinations
out of curses
out of crone-illogical Creation-

Easy as Pie...
lemon merangue

just one yum! & an exclamation Joint

Rhyme Traveler, Rhyme Traveler
Can you unravel these shrine-less shrines?

mysterious times
glove glow
hysteria hysteria~!
Gloxina!~ trumpet flowers
Day Glow Yellow
just one glimpse of
that limp lyric monster

Frenetic September Angel
Faeries sweet grind
back to ashes, dust & wind
enchanted Forest of triumph & serenity
Fire & Love flames that dance as one

Cloudy orbs cure, arrive by Dawn
Survive till the end of the song

Wayfaring Soul & Happy Beginnings
dust & Rose thorn Sun wind memories,
un-hitched, clear distance from the Summer Festival that never ends

and you had so many more miles yet to burn~!
and now all your rusty pages have ceased to turn
False vision has been scorned

yet, still... Love lurks in the most unlikely of faces
Deft with desire as we gaze through the rain
too cruel for words and resentment

World of constant struggles- Are there no safe harbors?
No sanctuary's that do not leave their scars in return for their healing?

She's so Sweet & CraZed... Crazed~!

We're heading for Andromeda..nothing's gonna stop us now!

a beginning with no ending

May the Spirit of sexy as a pyramid in September
dance through your inner Being

sweet Surrender
Comment by Valterra Blue on September 9, 2010 at 10:07am
got these rattle shake skin
rainbow chameleon jazz friends again

Listen very close... back in the studio

Star Creature Marvins sentient purrs..zzz
Gracious GreyHaven Gray
guards the entrance door with his
way big, sea emerald prisms

Sassy Miss Cassy marmaLady
rollin' on the sun stones out back

Valterra Blue strutting his electric notes

All's well that begins Well...
still making the rounds, turning the keys
catching up with the Past
is such a breeze

got those rattle shake skin
Jazz chameleon rainbow Blues again, friend~!
Comment by Windwalkers on August 28, 2010 at 5:32pm
We will long remember when the Rainbows gathered around.
They walked along the forest paths and slept upon the ground.
They'd stop at camps and kitchens, and A-camp by the gate,
And if you were there, they would play music and stay up very late.
At Welcome home, they'd sit for awhile. Telling tales that they’ve heard
Along their many journeys, upon the road. Smiling at every word.
And they had many stories of why they'd walked the rainbow trail.
But, they kept a watchful eye for lawmen, for family hates to go to jail.
And though they live upon the road, they were the happiest people you’ve ever seen.
Because they live a life created out of the peaceful scene
I wish you Peace and Love family, good vibrations, and don’t give up the dream.

Comment by Valterra Blue on August 25, 2010 at 10:59pm
I tread sweating alleyways with a Princess Mage

We are wild vines writhing into dusty attics
mystic wine of dreamers- sweet sometimes bitter
Exiled into this enchanted dream come reality

N' a horizon- pilgrimage
Smile for Destiny!
Marching out of our Furry Tails
resonant, trembling, directly in cadence

Sail East? trust her waves
More murky wilderness, rose without a view
Lost my way with candles hovering near her
Trailing gowns, flowing myriad clever green sparks
& she is pale again, alone with the castles
that sing languid contrast

like heavy bronze incense ensconcing the moment's bliss
the cabalistic allure of her unvoiced thoughts
pushing through the foundation, bury these naked thoughts nine centuries depth/ in the womb

Bloom! with sudden purpose- mysterious familiar
try on another head here, this one feels just right!
Asail, aboard a levitating disc

traveling through Time and mirror of Space

Psychic Hearts dream galaxies betwixt/ satellite screams
stranded in strange pHases

Moonburn finds Starwater bathing in irredescent pools of blind impulse, cascading from somewhere and her Fairies
as she strides through the charged particle delusion

...if we can penetrate these slow lovely emotion's; androgenous impulse

So wild and yet uncalibrated yet faster than Syntax out of quarantine
Just listen, blind pussy, catch a Dream Nectar!

Wet Jeans and fire Earth, Ancient Trees
Naked please, so verile electric deadaliveghosts
of jellyhorse fish galloping huge and silvery luminous veils
Such lovely dances/avoid shifting snorting trunks, always!
Trailing mane receptors unaware of their immaterial psyche's
and this forest harbors eerie magnetism locked
in sensitive bubbles of balanced synergy

'tri-prisms detaching'

Cloudy bronze stare/ an elusive species
keeping white sin in unison with a prominant air,
& these bubbles often collide, sharing their secrets
for the dream of one Entity

It is the ancient presence & starlight is perpetual!

All the marbles, all rolling, prisms in the dirt silent
Dirty virtuous amber and the dream pastures
So very very deft!

Filter through~ Filter nine/-.?- infiltrate amber
In her slow tide- grave sigh rise back to Life
Incise behavior lately it must navigate sexy pyramids...

Nerve Stricken at the Heart of Insanity
Breaking nine centuries Depths and their Chains!
The infiltration will always be sensual ambiguous elation

Such languid bottle cloud eyes...
they dance to exist

mushroom golem gesticulates

Come one, Come all, come witness the evaporation of reality's suffering
your ego is melting before your eyes...

Incumbent ALora
she of obtuse misconception
& as her lurid blue eyes glare
such vapid breaths of spectral air
All surrender to soft despair
Sapphires eclipsed, they dance to exist

Just like those rainbow tears against the dashboard of my mind

We are the rambling painting souls
of the old farm house stragglers, the last of our kind
We are the free lost souls, the roots of Night
We are the walking trees , Earth's true children
Integral guardians of Love and Serenity

until one day, when we will have become
the Song of a long dead Star

the Recycled Enchantment

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