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Comment by space dust 777 on January 6, 2019 at 4:24pm

i just wrote this spur of the moment- Jan-6th

Mountain Crown

where the winds whisper sweet cyclones of delirium

and the trees dream cycles of mysterium

and the little creature minds  drive their songs into dust

and the isolation sings ancient magic to your heart

and the fairie streams circulate the choreography

of our dis-content

and the weathered stones million year old stones speak in secret languages

that only ghost children can hear

we'll always be here

waiting with your mountain crown

even when your down

the forest nymphs will cheer you up

with songs of  elemental traffic and timeless hours

time to put on your  mountain crown

Comment by space dust 777 on February 17, 2017 at 1:12pm

Blue Hat Wizard Blues\\

blue hat wizard breath

smoke dragon Love quest

searching for clues

blue hat wizard blues

read your mind almost anytime

hum an ancient melody

walk right into the invisible world

speaks to elf fairies - and ghosts

conjure gentle forest dreams almost any rhyme

blows purple and green smoke don’t confuse

blue hat wizard blues//

Comment by space dust 777 on July 31, 2014 at 4:25pm

only Time will tell... even if you don't ask-

i'm not saying that we all have the same amount of time-

some of us- less and some of us- more, yet still,

precious & pure -

never simple & fairly rainbow complex- time-

ever expanding, sometimes demanding

epic majestic type writer emissions

desperate glimpses of awakening

whispering voices, serpentine and centennial-

immaculate annals of atoms smashing

into a machineless collision of orgasmic time

vintage silver threads ...

Sculpting mountains from myth and dreamers from reality-

Time: a measurement - a duration or a comparison of distance-

elapsed - never simple- time 

Comment by Boone on April 28, 2012 at 3:26pm

Clear pearls

Bouncing softly on the sprawling vegetation, sprawling

in the early hours

Cool tears

Drip to tongue and soil

Life itself from god to man

Warm mist

Rise from the earth

Greet us again

and again.

Comment by space dust 777 on December 31, 2011 at 10:36am
Don't feel too alone where-ever you are- there are pieces of the ...forever *big Bang~* moment 2 moment celebration - (living & dead~ constantly oscillating as our Heart & Spirit
dance the dance of existence, sing the ancient song of angelic resurrection- rise from the pre-mature grave of false triumph and journey within the calm surface of tranquil sapphire
elementals & the limitless potential as we skip that first stone- that first thought- that first power chord over like diamonds and tarot cards- caught in slow motion - of a multi-vers~itile symphonic movement,

spiraling into the tapestry of space & Time & the recycled enchantment of sonic convergence & the rainbow collision of a melting hot sonic wax Eye to the Divine kind of moment -

...Taya Lee- the Rock & Roll Chronicles- Ch. 7
Comment by space dust 777 on July 25, 2011 at 12:52pm

MicroSize Me~!


everythings getting thinner!

everythings getting smaller~!


living like high royalty -baby, you had everything

Now that rice and beans have become your royal jewells

& modesty and humbleness have become your way of Life


smaller smalller~! everything's getting smaller~!

timing belts getting tighter- jobs & honest work are getting harder to find

you may find desperate minds in survival situation kinda times


once upon a prime, your mojo was charging like a white buffalo

Dwindle, dwindle,  still dwindling- as the winds of time carve your soul away


i am mesmerized by your symphony 

as you become a mountain of non-existance


MicroSize Me~!

Comment by space dust 777 on July 9, 2011 at 8:10pm

I'm a headcase


Spindles of Love & Light bear Witness- 


no stories have been written if no adventures have been lived

no Lovers ever snorkeled in the enchantment of a kiss

i can hear that mystical melody pulling me in again...


i'm letting go of everything that owns me

i started with nothing and have just as much left~


I'm a headcase- 

un-raveling like  a  ball of multi-colored yarn

dashed with some good violet cheer 

can't keep my shoelaces tied- but i'm alright


my walk is strange

Comment by space dust 777 on July 7, 2011 at 9:04am

Hey- NightShade~! love your poem:AWARENESS -especially 

 the line: "Of twelve undying Cosmos- shifting like jaguars on galactic boughs" 

Comment by space dust 777 on April 27, 2011 at 4:30pm

Knock on Wood


it's like Rocking on Wood-   if you would- Feel so good- rap your knuckles on the wood- someone's at the door- can you hear the  chime?  your just in time- for Tea and cakes-  for the hand that shakes the sonic dream~escapes    - the birds are singing and the trees are waking~ it's a sudden break from the melody- spirit  chase- follow thee- for an April spell- then May returns to wish us well -


it was a long hard Winter- you made it safe- now Let's dance on our grave for all the love we never saved- we gave it all away- knock on wood- if we could- hear the whispers of a song- the seasons  phase- the beginning of Days~


knock on wood, if we could-  what goes in must come out- try to pretend- we never had a doubt- left 2 rust - 9 centuries deep & the promise of Trust- take it easy- take it hard- just like  a feather on a stone- what goes up must come down- now you're bringing it all around~!


please be sure to sprinkle some Joy~!.knock on wood~!

make this World a pleasure to Enjoy-


Capture your heart - that's a start - break your Heart -

now that's a Tragedy- in the Stars- Pressure building- gotta release-

let the Balance be restored- 


feeling empty- feeling lonely- time to break away from the  silence-  making the rounds- complete the circuit- there's a fire still burning deep inside- try not to lose your head- dissolve your ego , let it all go- catch a rise- feel the wind-  ask a question- just say when-  break the chains- rise from the cellar- taste the Sun -

all your thoughts are on the run- 


Salvage the Present- say a Prayer for the Earth and her Children-  submerse your spirit in the abyss of the moment- let it carry you as far as you're going- to travel light- you're to travel heavy- just ask the  sorceress- she's pretty as a changing season-


bring it back to Life- polish  the surface - reach inside

dance with the guts and glory- re-emerge-

like a ancient vessel- your cup was never empty-

your cup was never full- 


the  Illusion can be so cruel- Rise above-

stand your ground- make a Splash-

Salvage the Dream- just like old Iron Sides- brave and True- 

searching for clues...............


Knock on Wood...If we could....

hear the gentle Chiming of our Heart Song


Comment by Nightshade on March 8, 2011 at 1:53pm

The journey within
Lit by perception
Eternity inside a seed,
Flickering deep, the ancient darkness
Pierced by effulgence
Of twelve undying Cosmos,
Shifting like jaguars
On galactic boughs

Flame borne of Air
Created by Space
And Time, her loyal mate,
Engenders the water
To mold the Earth
Whose crystal heartbeat
Pulsates in Life,
Filling with harmony
Those who listen
And peace for those who feel

A Love Goddess found,
She burns like the serpent
Then quenched by the cooling drops,
The inner moon
Beaming lucidly lingers,
The same liquid light of warriors laden,
Dissolving the spectral doorway

We are all a dream of God
We are all of One

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