This only applies to those who haven't gone completely off the radar, who are attempting to survive inside the current, fluid societal environment with all its gradually developing constrictions resulting from governmental activities.


As one who bet everything on Y2K and lost everything I had without any regrets afterward, I've been living on the fringes for more than a decade now.  I've discovered a lot of subtle places the tightening of the system's making it a lot more difficult than it once was.  I assume that will continue, filling in the holes through anonymity and off-the-radar living.


Here are a few of the things I’ve learned over the past decade about how to keep the door from closing behind you and ending up on the street:

If you deal in anything besides cash it's necessary to keep a bank account open at your last location, even if only a minimum of $.  By not doing so there's a middling chance you mightn’t be able to get one anywhere at your future location.  From the position of not having a bank already the acquiring one can become a near-impossible task.


The times have progressed so's it's almost an absolute a person needs to always have a local physical address [even if it's a storage locker unit] or you can’t get a Post Office box, license tag or driving license.


I discovered it's wise to keep at least a minimum of liability insurance on the vehicle, even if it’s not running. Otherwise, if you go to apply for a policy the insurance company mightn’t even be willing to insure you, or will place you into a high-risk slot so’s you pay a rate that has nothing to do with your clean driving record. Or you’ll have to go to a high-risk-insurer company to get any coverage at all.


Life’s become a computerized data-sharing wing-walking act. You gotta have a foot firmly implanted on the next wing before you lift your foot off this one.


At least until you're sure you've arrived in a place where you can permanently fall completely off the radar.  Once you drop off the radar, getting a toehold back on it is not easy path to find your way through.  Jules

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Practical perspective indeed.

It's interesting to see how tightly the noose is drawn against those who don't maintain an appearance of normalcy.

Hi Morgan:  The planet earth, in general, and the human species, specifically, could never be accused of an unhealthy tolerance for non-normalcy.   I'd guess the noose has been fairly tight as frequently as the normality-definers of populations have been able to get a firm hold on it and pull.


You and I just have been blessed to have lived in a time and location when a loose noose appeared to be normal for a while.  It's not easy to reconstruct the mindset [of mine] that took for granted it would remain loose simply because that's how it's been throughout the duration of my personal experience this lifetime.


The escape tunnels are smaller and fewer now because of computers and data sharing, than they were.  But I don't believe the fence-builders necessarily have the motivation, animal cunnning and imagination of the tunnel-diggers they'd like to build their fences around.


Not yet, anyway.  Thanks for the reply.  Old Jules


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