I'm currently living in a falling-down cabin in Central Texas, but I'll be moving westward in a 1983 Toyota RV within a couple of months. 

My thought at the moment is [though at my age I'm not inclined to make firm plans] that I'll winter somewhere in the Deming/Lordsburg area, though that might change.  Down around Carlsbad has some appeal because of the proximity to the Guadalupe Mountains.

But I'll probably drift north as far as Santa Fe come spring because I'd like to attend a couple of performances at the Santa Fe Opera during the 2013 season if the world hasn't collapsed by then.


I'm not much interested in 'gatherings', not particularly interested in whether a person calls himself a 'Rainbow' or doesn't, but I am interested in encountering solid, more-or-less intelligent individuals at least somewhat enlightened, imaginative, innovative, possibly nomadic.  It's not impossible a Rainbow-self-identifying person out there could incorporate these traits.  If so, and if you'd be interested in sitting down with an aging hermit/nomad for a cup of coffee over a campfire, or in a cafe, send me an email at josephusminimus@hotmail.com.


I spent a lot of years boondocking in the backlands of New Mexico and if you're a boondocker we might find an exchange of information about places interesting or useful, even if we've nothing else in common.  Which seems more than likely. 

I don't wear tie-die, try not to make spiritual pronouncements and lofty clich'e assertions.  There's a lot of love in my life, but it's mostly directed at my four aging felines.  What's left over finds its way to friends I know and trust a lot more thoroughly than I'm likely to ever know you.

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We are in NM, but headed to central Texas in a month or so, until January, then headed to points East. We will be boondocking our way across the country.

Kom-E Ron: As I recall you're located south of Belen, maybe in the village just west of the Bosque south of the petrified wood outcroppings. I've noticed your posts occasionally, mentioning you were heading out. Sounds as though you have a plan. Here's wishing you whatever you're wishing for.

We are in Roswell in an RV currently with nowhere to go, need to fiuure something out needin any ideas from family!

Look online for work camping at farms and campgrounds or just email one you think you'd like to stay at a while.  I'm heading back to OR as soon as I can get out of the TX Panhandle.  I do love NM and CO also.

 Lovin You 


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