I doubt anyone is likely to take things seriously enough to actually do this, but it's a thought. 

Been toying with the idea of it because I'll be travelling light and won't have the capacity for carrying a lot of tools such as shovels, hoes, axes, picks, saws, grindstones, come-alongs, steel digging bars, nails, brace-and-bits, other items a person mightn't need short-term, but would covet long-term if the need arrives alongside an opportunity to otherwise survive.

Finding an isolated place on public land, caching things too big, or too heavy to move easily at a location candidate for living could combine itself with some fun weekend adventures for town dwellers.


Once a location's decided, hidden spots scattered around, preserving steel and iron tools with cosmoline [parafin and motor oil] and protecting them with a covering wouldn't be too difficult.


Such a place could also provide for hidden storage of grain products, seeds, even shelter building needs [or enhancements]


I'll probably be the only person doing this, and I'm not even the sort of person described here by me.  But I generally believe I'm one of the microscopic percentage of the population who believes such a thing stands a strong enough possibility of being needed to justify doing it.  Lots of folks hanging around talking doomsday among themselves over tokes and drinks, but for most it's parlor chat.


The future's up there looking at us, gradually climbing down to us.  Maybe it's smiling, figuring on lightning-striking vacant gazes and blank smiles onto the faces of everyone on the planet.  If so, fine.


But the other alternative is that Mama Future's got a scowl and bad case of PMS.




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100% Right On!

Because of a few considerations, I am looking to move north of California because I think subtle changes in environment will burn out a lot of what is now arable land. If I was thirty years younger, I'd emmigrate to Canada and see about living in the Northwest, above Vancouver on the coast. Anything that is a desert now will just be hotter and dryer. Anything that is arid, will be desert. Anywhere that saw a dustbowl environment in the thirties will see it worse. That suggests life on a small scale may be sustainable in higher altitudes, i.e. the Rockies and northern Sierra Nevadas. Beyond that, unless you are heading to southern climes of South America, I'd suggest look north and coastal.

Well said JW


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