Wow, what a beautiful idea for a group! This saved me from having to compose a blog post that might have been lost to obscurity.

Back in the day when I was young I considered myself a hippie. As a high school student we had sit-outs and protested school policy and actually caused effective change, we found our voice. But my stint in the ARMY and years of higher education and working in Babylon had changed me into one that sought comfort, money, and things. That’s not so bad in it’s self but it was my stuff. That’s how I looked at it; these things were for my pleasure and me.

I was deceived and ripped off in a very big way that left me broke, possession less, and homeless. Early in 1999 I found myself at my paternal brothers house (David) known as Wrongtree in the Rainbow family. He introduced me to his group of friends (Rainbow Family) and I found them gentle, caring and likeable enough. Just being them selves was not what impressed me though. They had a circle on Sundays at the time and what they would do every Sunday was discuss what events had happened during the past week and how they would effectively make the best of things. Several instances stood out in my mind that attracted me to this Family of individuals. First they were an entity as a whole. And second they took care of their own. A sister with a child was going to have her power turned off soon, so they passed the magic hat and collected enough money to keep that from happening. Then someone brought up that a brother was very sick and two of the attending sisters volunteered to take him food, see to his needs and clean up his house. These meetings were direct and to the point (Focused). Afterwards they would have a drum circle where anyone that wanted to could debate philosophical and other many facetted issues. In that way the events (circles) didn’t go off focus. I fell immediately in love with that family. I also fell in love with a sister from that family and followed her on her journey, traveling around the country feeding the homeless & Rainbow family for 5 years with our mobile kitchen.

Now this next part is important, while in Humbolt county Momma had the idea to have an ice cream kitchen at the Idaho Nationals and we would make Tortillas for the main circle so the bliss ninnies without blisswear could have a plate they could eat at main circle. (We had often seen kids saying “just put it in my hand” around the circle). So we took 30 hippies from Arcada into the National forest to have a test run for Kitchen crew. A local gave us a 5-gallon bucket of Grass and we were off. After 2 weeks and all the smoke being gone, half of the crew left back to town. I myself went back for supplies. The beautiful sister gave me another 5 gallons and I had a very good laugh at the kids that had abandoned us. Two weeks later we left caravanning with a SOLID crew of 10 not counting Momma and myself. The message I always pass on to my crew is this. What you learn along the way you need to take home with you, make your local family strong and teach them as well.

An important lesson I personally learned at that gathering I’d like to pass along here as well. We wound up being main supply from Family donations at the front gate and the clean-up kitchen for the weeks after the gathering that year. Half our crew would feed the family and the other half would work out in the field cleaning up. We alternated from day to day so everyone would be involved in the clean-up process. It was my first time cleaning up and when I came back to camp I told Momma I couldn’t believe how the Babylonians had come into our gathering and trashed it. Momma said that wasn’t Babylon that was family. I had a sudden revelation at that moment. We are not a Counterculture… We are a Subculture. The Rainbow family is directly connected to Babylon. The pot you use was made in Babylon; the food was bought or donated from Babylon, The tents, sleeping bags, etc. The ultimate truth is:

“Babylon in its entirety is Rainbow Family. It is our duty to learn and teach our brothers & sisters our ways. We are each and every one of us emissaries and ambassadors. We must remember the prophecy we clammed to hold so dear. When the earth is ravaged and dying a new tribe of people will come; make the earth green again and be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.” Make your Family strong….

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wow that was a beautiful read, and quite a revelation about ultimately being a part of Babylon
thank you for sharing your story brother Lightweight
xxx sage
Thank you beautiful sister. Glad to see someone read it at last. I like to think along these lines, Hold it up to the light... see if it shines, dances, sings, and is real. Then again watch closely to see if it runs back into the shadows. (hope you understand what I'm sayin) Remember as family, we represent.
I hear ya sisiter there can be so much ego with the "I'm rainbower than thou" folks.
I work in babylon and I hate all the chit I have to swallow to get my green energy.
I went to a little rainbow get together and dropped off like 50 bucks worth of supplies at a kitchen and all I got was a smug look and a "set it over there". I didn't want a million pats on the back or 17 virgins, just a handshake with a smile and maybe a thank you. I also drug out and busted fire wood with the rest. Still because I didn't have dreds and drove a decent car I wasn't "one of them".
I know all rainbows aint like this (it mostly the younger crews) the "old heads" seemed way more excepting.
I know that everybody should contribute what they can and nobody is anymore important than the other with us rainbows I just wanted to be treated like the rest of the folks thats all.
Kudos to you guys. yes everyone is equal and deserving especially of a thank you and some love shown in return. Some try our spirit, others lift us up, but we teach each other as we go along. I often thought "what use are the bliss-ninnies" but they teach us how to teach and and humbly watch our own selves in dealing with them. Remember the prophecy? We are to be the teachers so we have to learn how to teach. Dealing with Babylon and Rainbows together for 2 years after Katrina was a huge lesson for me. It's best to remember to do the right thing simply because it's the right thing to do. Even if you don't personally benefit from your actions. And we have to be our strongest when we are our weakest. I've never found it written anywhere that being a good hippie (or a good example) was an easy thing to do. Make your family strong, start with your mate.... expand to your little ones, then your brothers and sisters. Be the light!
Wow..that was an amazing read. So true.
Yea,,very good read,,I hope to one day be able to help and learn,,kinda bogged down for awhile,,but it will pass,
still got alot of work to do on myself..Anyway,,thanks for shareing good stuff :)

Wow...Lightweight!  I just now finally read this.  It couldn't have come at a better time for me.  It always amazes me how stuff like this drops in my lap just when I need it.  Thank you so much.  Loving you!

Great story and a great read Lightfoot, I plan to attend my first gathering this year in Wash. I have seen what you talk about in your beautiful story of people loathing "Babylon" yet wanting their food stamps. It is a necessary entity,( I do not use the term 'evil' here), and we would all be hard pressed without it, unless you can create all the things you need including the tools to build them with. The evil is the greed, which even this family has members with that disease, which is what makes Babylon look so evil. I look forward to this gathering and meeting family that I have always been in tune with but never encountered.

Peace and love 


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