So ill start off by saying hello, much love and light to you!   I am just curious if there has been any mothers who have chosen to use cannabis during their pregnany? And how they used it, and what were the effects. I have chosen to use cannabis lightly  as in no more than 4 small hits off of a pipe a day, and not necessarily every day. It helps me to get a healthy appetite, and  sleep during the night.  Some times i get nauseous  as well, and the herb can provide much relief. So  just curious if theyre are other momas out there doing the same as me, and am wondering if it has helped or hindered. Or if the children had any seemingly positive or negative effects.

Much Lovin!

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Its not the herb you need to worry about my wife smoked with all three of our home birthed kids,and they are fine ,but energies swirling around you should be recognized,music is important ,the book messages in water will enlighten you on that, keeping loving positive brothers and sisters around you now is real important,holding that realization of co creating with the creator is a very magical shareing, one that shouldent be taken lightly.The herb in moderation is fine but the free radicals and other poisons that we all seem to forget about like flouride and chlorine are real problems,But dont stress relax and enjoy the miracle of giving life, the indigo children coming to us now are here to usher in a new way of living,and you will have one of those little angels to help you understand just how important you are,the poisons of the world are what the problems are , you just have a puff and hold all that bundled love in your belly waiting to come out and share unconditionally,exciting isnt it Love to you sis FwF


Enjoy this truly Blessed moment..

Peace N Love

I smoked lightly with my child. He will be 2 soon. Smoking helps to keep the stress level down. If you stay super stressed when you are pregnant, it will also over work the stress receptors your baby has. Babies that are born to stress out mothers seem to cry more. My baby was always happy only crying when he was wet or needed milk. He didn't have any developmental problems. By three months old, I had taught him how to hold his own bottle while I held him. At six months he was using sounds like "ma" when he wanted me and "ba". He has always been verbally advanced. He says phrases now, which is usually not common at his age. He says things like "mama be back in a minute". He didn't walk until he was 13 months old, which is kind of late, but he hit all of his other milestones early. Frankie said it right. There is so much more that goes into the out come of your child. Positive energy is the key. A happy mama makes a happy baby! Much love to you and your child!


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