Here we can discuss all things spiritual as it pertains to Cannabis.

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Are there any here who actively engage in meditation(S) while consuming cannabis? 

*is a pagan, partaking in the herb and warding Paganism from 'satan' (this term doesnt even belong in this faith lol but ppl still use it, from the demonic but not all horned folk, everything is the Self, but not in that way, plus its a corny aesthetic, also wards paganism from Christ, this is not evil, but christ is just not wanted here bad feng shui*

*sees all as celestial, divine, angelic*

are the rainbow family actually the boredoms? rainbow family is a mandala
that can go in so many directions
if it seems like to much, maybe dont think about it
the true rainbow family is hard to comprehend
because it was before the expression rainbow family
and goes against concepts which later reveal themselves to be stereotypes
of what tao is
fractals will grow, fractals as living beings, see all phenomena as fractal
as infinite, its too much to comprehend complete freak out mysticism
totally unprovable, protect yourself from the scientists
protect yourself from categorizing people
egalitarian and non-hierarchical, its like one of those communes
from the beginning of existence, before something huge and psychedelic happened
it doesnt really have the effect you thought it would, its some kind
of psychedelic yoga
more like making your own entheogens, than anything else,
the gatekeepers of reality reside there, speaking a fractal language
of vibration, we lose our roles,
many have experiences of communication with the rainbows, weaving
themselves into our dreams
in many ways, they are the Goddess culture, matriarchy, from the
beginning, the basic elements
that make up the senses, and attune us to new paths in life and the
magic of creation
every color represents a world a frequency and when they come together
this amazing celestial kind of music happens
this is totally healing, and totally far out, deep in, and is the
essence of the spirit
the dance of the soul,
we may find we have always looked at rainbows in one way, but then
sometimes colors change and grow, or we realize we only looked
at one branch of the rainbow tree and not all of them,
visions of a rainbow flame, and rainbow water, these can be totally natural,
they were not always omens of evil, total transcendence of
consciousness, and peace
end of associations that dont serve the truth,
rainbows exist in the moment outside of the ego, they can restore
something, much of the old recorded history
doesnt serve the truth because it seems polarized but it can be
restored, we can remember, this magic of the senses
has always been with us, without the camera draining the colors,
without dogma to seperate us, judging us and destabilizing our natural
spirit wisdom
this vibration this ancient present of wholeness spreads forever in
every direction
and we reconnect with wanti, with all time all worlds and experience
oneness and wisdom
we know all is alright, things work themselves out, you start to
understand why hippies act that way, its like you can talk to anything
and understand and be understood, Binah, through senses
the rainbow language is the language of sensing
the sensitive

arcanum, animal rights, spirit rights, consciousness rights!

Often. Herb has blessed my practices in more ways than i can imagine, much less count. She is an ally, friend, companion, teacher, and so much more to me. 


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