I am going to be attending the Gathering for my first time this year starting in Ocala and following it out of Florida. I am expecting April 1st (although I don't expect to actually last that long, I'm sure it will be some time in March, hopefully not February), and I would like to have the baby, if possible, the "au naturel" way at the Gathering. I am trying to reach out to any midwives who will be in Ocala and/or Acola who would be able to help me, and explain to me how the process works with giving birth at the gathering. I am expecting a boy and would like him to be circumcised if thats feasible. I also wanted to know if it is necessary for me to go to a hospital afterwards or if it is/can be all done at the Gathering as well. This is my 4th child (my other children will not be joining us this year), so I know pretty much the procedure of having babies, and I know he will be a little earlier than the others (my last was at 37 weeks). I was also hoping to get my tubes tied in the process, but if thats only possible at the hospital than that can wait. If someone can let me know soon, I'd like to be as prepared as possible before we get there. We should be in Ocala no later then February 10th. We are planning on staying with the gathering until at least Minnesota, and most likely after, so I need to make sure I know how everything works first. Thanks! :)

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the ocala gathering is scary dirty and over run by gangsta hippies if ya wanted to know..yes ani do mean drainbows to the highest level of drainage. just thought you should know

Thank you. We will most definitely keep that in mind. I would like to be prepared tho, if I go and end up in labor. I'm hoping someone can tell me when CALM is there and what all I need to do and what they help me with and such, before we go. I'd be so bummed to get there and find out I might have to leave the Gathering for days to have the baby in a Hospital :\ Plus, I want to make sure I bring the right supplies. So far I think the only major thing we're missing is a vehicle, which is another thing I'm hoping can be helped if need be.....


I am a Licensed Midwife in Ocala that has a homebirth practice. I would love to chat with you. My number is 352-286-7681. My website is Amy@apeacefulbeginning.com .

Thank you, Amy, . soooo much for making yourself available.  Did anyone ever contact you from the Ocala Gathering?  Did you go there?

Sooo Donna - did you have a good birthing?  By now the child is a few months old?  Hows it going?


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