the hydrogen peroxide found in the grocery stores, walgreens, big box stores etc all have various phenols added to them... these are not at all healthy to ingest.


you can get Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide which is 35% pure and then dilute it 11 parts purified or live water to 1 part H202 to bring it down to a 3% solution.  anything purer than 3% will burn through skin and other tissues like acid.


the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is available in the US through an underground... for info about its use and sources see books by Ed McCabe who has been writing about this for the past 20 years and is a pretty good source of clear info.


it is also sold by swimming pool maintenance supply houses... and is exactly the same thing... but of course by law this is not to be used on people or animals so this is just for your own information purposes.


however - when you ingest any form of H202 (and super diluting it will not make it work better but in fact will make it hardly work at all), it will release the extra molectule of Oxygen which is great because bombarding anerobic micro organisms with oxygen will kill them pretty well...


then your body has to deal with the dead micro organisms which can ONLY be done carefully with good detox systems.  otherwise this toxic material will settle in organs and create other types of havoc.


but maybe equally important is this fact:


when the H202 breaks down it does not always go like this


water (h20)                                 extra oxygen (0)


rather it will often break down more totally into 2 free radicals of oxygen AND 2 free radicals of hydrogen.  now the oxygen is good, it is ozone, it will look around for other free radicals, bind to them and turn them from potentially very harmful into totally innocuous combinations.


but sometimes the hydrogen will use up all the oxygen radicals taken in h202 and sometimes one or both will actually slip away while the oxygen radicals are dealing with other badguys.


hydrogen like ALL free radicals is tissue destroying.  you do NOT want free radicals of hydrogen running all around inside you at all.


there is a better way to ingest free radicals of oxygen.  Dr Blass developed products in the 1930s and they were used to cure mastitis in dairy cattle all over canada and northern united states.  they were used to cure cancer to the chagrin of big pharma and their govt lackeys. 


Dr George who used to come to our Gatherings often, whose full name is Dr George Freibott is the President of the IAOT, international association of oxidative therapies in Idaho.  he and the IAOT are both google-able.  He is the world's foremost expert on free radical oxygen.  period.  I know this because I studied under him which I did because I saw cures - miraculous cures- repeatedly... by the way he also used to bring his electric generator and ozonate our water supplies thus purifying them far better than filtration... the problem then was storage and delivery and so we determined that really good filters are better for in the field with ten thousand crazed hipp-eyes!


just saying


Water, Singing-on-the-Rocks

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Certainly - food grade is better - but be very carefull about the dilutions - as Water says, anything stronger can go right thru tissues.
thanks greatly for the added info about h202, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, best to get the whole picture for authoritive sources, have been ingesting 3% h202 (1 cap/qt. water) and have had a theraputic effect and other effects! would be best to get food grade than 3%, someone said that if ya have some 3% in a glass and it doesnt change color, then is ok, there was a 12% at health food store, about h202 going to 2h+ and 20- and other chemistry variations, would be better to find a way to oxidate other than h202, will research and post, thanks again for the conversation here
there is a better way. contact Dr George as I mentioned above. get Dr Blass's formula Homozone for oral use, Sanozone for topical use.

Homozone is free radical oxygen bound to magnesium... when you get too much magnesium you shit it out and actually that is a very good thing cause detox starts in the colon anyway.

Sanozone is free radical oxygen bound to sodium... only for soak. this product actually gets a bit expensive because the bottle size and cost is the same as Homozone but one bottle of Homozone will last 2 to 4 weeks. one bottle of Sanozone will last 3 to 4 uses.

both are crystal form that need to be put into water. then when an acid such as lemonjuice is added to it the oxygen immediately begins to release.

Thank You, Water. . .

I knew I was taking a risk using dilute H2O2 about ten years ago to kill the bacteria in my teeth.  I didn't know about the phenols, but wanted something to bubble the germs out of my rampant cavities, and stop the pain.

I used it as a mouthwash, getting alot of foam, and a fuzzy feeling afterward, but didn't swallow. . .Much.  It stopped the pain, alright, and killed the germs. I did it before sleeping, and kept my mouth shut to prevent introducing new germs.  I was on an all-out mission to A-bomb the germs. No germs, no pain. Also, a head infection could have been dangerous.  After a few weeks, the offending tooth, or teeth, being severely rotten anyway, came loose, and I pulled them out almost painlessly.

The H2O2 is also good to promote healing in areas of the skin where there is not much blood flow, to deliver the needed oxygen. Don't put it on open sores, even dilute, because it behaves like a base, (opposite of acid), which dissolves protein.

I'd like to check out this Dr Freibott, and see if he has good explanations.

Have you ever looked into "ionized" water? I think it's the same thing as ozonated, but there is an outfit selling electric equipment at a severe price, and using high-pressure sales tactics, along with a phony science rap. The resulting water might be fine and good for you, but they repeat set catch-phrases without underlaying understanding.


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