That means love, Divine,beautiful love is in you. I can forget thatevery morning, and wake up with worry,about what's going to happen next. (Which I do all to often). But thats why I love family..reminders..If you have good family around you, they remind you not to say anything negative! about yourself or others. Right now we are shifting to a higher vibration and anything you say, think believe, will appear very shortly, now these days. FAMILY! DON'T FORGET TO STAY POSITIVE AND REMEMBER WHY WE ARE HERE! TO CREATE...LOVE..PEACE..JOY..COMMUNITY!

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This is a nice reminder, Helen. Thank you :)...
amen Sister, got to let the positive flow. Fill the world. Loving you


Sometimes the Positivity is the most difficult part as we navigate through our Yin and Yang, but I believe the common love we share helps cushion those falls to where they create less damage in our hearts and souls and makes recovery easier without breaking stride.

Oh then we really can feel the joy, when we look back and see what we've been through, and to discover we not only survived, but we danced trough it with elegance and style.

Don't sleep my love, that is what She is telling you, be an insomniac......until she clears all the blocks to Her eternal voice/song.....I have seen it.  Food and sleep are highly overrated.  "The cup must be clean and empty for the divine liquor to be poured into it." - Osho      

May love and light guide you!!


A HO :):):):)

This is so awesome. Thank you. I'm going to say this every morning.
Love-In-Me. :)
Lovin' you sister.


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